7 Facts About Jasmin Walia: Star of “The Only Way Is Essex” and Artist Behind Hit British-Punjabi Singles “Dum Dee Dee Dum” and “Bom Diggy”

Jasmin Walia

Jasmin Walia is an English-Indian singer-songwriter, TV personality, actress, and entrepreneur. Born on May 23, 1992, the 28-year-old is most known for her reality show appearances in The Only Way Is Essex, The X Factor, Desi Rascals, and Dinner Date. She is also the voice behind the hit British-Punjabi singles, “Dum Dee Dee Dum” and “Bom Diggy”. These are seven facts about Jasmin Walia.

7 Facts About Vaughn Evelyn Levesque: Daughter of Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon, Granddaughter of WWE Chairman & CEO, Vince McMahon

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, born on August 24, 2010, is the youngest daughter of former-professional-wrestler-turned-business-executive, Paul Levesque, and business personality, Stephanie McMahon. Born into the biggest wrestling family in the world, 10-year-old Vaughn is the youngest grandchild of WWE chairman and CEO, billionaire Vince McMahon. These are seven facts about her.

7 Facts About 50 Cent’s Baby Mama, Daphne Joy: Model, Actress, Fashion Designer, and Entrepreneur

Daphne Joy

Daphne Joy is an American actress, entrepreneur, and model. The 33-year-old is most known as the baby mamma of rapper 50 Cent’s child, Sire Jackson. Joy started her career as a model and quickly transitioned to acting, making appearances in movies like Frankenhood and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She is also a fashion designer and an entrepreneur and owns her own line of fashion wear.

7 Facts About Ice-Hockey-Player-Turned-Actor, Evan Roderick: Star of Netflix Drama, “Spinning Out”

Evan Roderick

Evan Roderick is a Canadian former-professional-ice-hockey-player-turned-actor and musician. After an accumulation of injuries caused him to retire prematurely from ice hockey, Roderick became an actor. He is most known for playing Officer Nick Anastas in the CW superhero series, Arrow.He also recently starred as Justin Davis in the short-lived Netflix drama series, Spinning OutThese are seven facts about Evan Roderick.

7 Facts About Rachel Brosnahan’s Husband, Jason Ralph: His Career, Net Worth, And Movie & TV Roles

Jason Ralph

Jason Ralph is an American stage and screen actor. He has had a career spanning a decade and has been seen in such TV shows as The Good Wife, Gossip Girl, and Madam Secretary. He is most known for starring as Quentin Coldwater in the SyFy fantasy series, The Magicians. He is also the significant other of Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress, Rachel Brosnahan. Here are seven facts about Jason Ralph.

How 100-Year-Old WWII Vet “Captain Tom” Tom Moore Raised Over $40 Million for NHS Relief Efforts During COVID-19: His Life in 7 Facts

Captain Tom Moore

Tom Moore is a British Army veteran who served in the British Army’s Royal Armoured Corps during World War II but recently has been making the rounds of the Internet as Captain Tom, the man who raised over $40 million by walking a hundred laps around his home on the days leading up to his 100th birthday. These are seven facts about “Captain Tom” Tom Moore.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is Married to Lauren Hashian – 7 Facts You Should Know About Her

Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian is the wife of former-professional-wrestler-turned Hollywood-titan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and the mother of their two daughters. Born on September 8, 1984, the 35-year-old is the daughter of late “Boston” drummer Sib Hashian. These are seven facts about Lauren Hashian.

7 Facts About Nepali-born American Idol Season 18 Runner-Up, Dibesh “Arthur Gunn” Pokharel

Dibesh "Arthur Gunn" Pokharel

Dibesh Pokharel, better known by his stage name Arthur Gunn, is a Nepali-born American singer-songwriter. He was recently named the first runner-up of the eighteenth season of the reality singing competition, American Idol. Here are seven facts about Arthur Gunn:

7 Facts About Darren Le Gallo, Amy Adams’ Husband, and Father of Her Daughter: His Age, Net Worth & Career

Darren Le Gallo

Darren Le Gallo is a German-born American former-actor, artist, musician, and rally driver. He is most known for being the significant other of actress Amy Adams and the father to her child. Born on July 21, 1974, in Landstuhl, Germany, he has been seen in TV shows like Six Feet Under, Living in Your Car, and Then We Got Help!, and movies like Date Night, Broken Kingdom, Trouble with the Curve, and Lullaby. These are seven facts about Darren Le Gallo.