In a world of stressful and tedious people, some comedians sacrifice for their joy to make the world a good place for all living beings. Not to mention, everybody likes comedy shows and all we have to accomplish is comedians and stand-up comedians; they try very hard to entertain and make us laugh.

In this tabloid, we will be going to talk about Affion Crockett, the one who is famous or appreciated for his outstanding comedy. Further, the guy enjoys giving his hands to the underprivileged ones, which brings him joy of happiness on the faces of people.

Moreover, an accomplished TV star has established himself as a comedian-musician despite life’s sheer hardship and trouble; he even built an audience on the Internet as Oskamill.

In contrast, the chocolaty man is one of the prominent and versatile actors, writers, comedians, dancers, TV producers, record producers, and rappers best known for his recurring roles in Wild’N Out, The Wedding Ringer, and Haunted House 2.

Additionally, Mr. Crockett appeared in 1996 on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. In 1996, he stepped into the entertainment field to begin his onscreen career.

Besides this, the actor earns a big chunk of money via his multi-professional career as a singer, comedian, rapper, and musical artist. So, being such a multi-professional man, how much does he make? What is his net worth?

If you are one who is digging for the 90’s star desperately, then here is your chance to learn more about him. First of all, let’s start with his personal life in the section below:

Is Haunted House 2 Actor Affion Crockett Single Or Dating Now?

Like his childhood, the dashing man Affion also had a complicated dating life. Well, the forty-eight-year-old man had affairs with A-list celebrities. In this modern era, not every piece of information available on the Internet must be true.

Likewise,  Crockett is an active social media user. Following his latest posts and stories, we can assume that the marvelous musician is leading a single happy life as of June 15, 2023.

Millions of fans and well-wishers adore him because of his incredible performances in T.V. shows, concerts, and music videos. Some also love or like him because of his exceptional personality.

Observing his I.G. post, there are no cozy pictures of him with any lassie. Instead, he keeps posting photos of himself with his official co-stars related to his projects. Nonetheless, the star has also recently been seen in several romantic sitcoms.

Mirror II Society: Affion Crockett producer Affion Crockett’s amazing picture with his co-star an American actress Essence Atkins for Album covers, Movies posters, Essence.
Image Source Pinterest

Till now, the good-looking man hasn’t opened up about his current relationship status in any of his social media posts; the hunk seems to be a private person who barely talks about her private life.

The actor also stated that he was dating someone out of his cast and added that the dude wanted to influence other black men to do so.

Though the fellow gushed about equality and dating, Affion didn’t uncover the identity of his new partner to the public. Alike, it is not sure if his date is one he is echoing as a wife by getting married.

Besides this, the dude hasn’t been spotted with his girlfriends yet. Well, Mr. Crockett does not have any publicly known partner.

Without any doubt, whoever will be dating him will be the luckiest girl in the world. Overall, the entertainer has mentioned that he is not so well, so his health may be the main reason behind his singlehood.

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Who Is His Partner In Crime?

The Hollywood Award-nominated Affion remains mouth locked when matters come to his personal or love life. So far, the musical artist has not disclosed when and where he met his first love.

We can believe that he is trying his best to develop his further career in the music industry and has maintained privacy regarding his private life.

As a professional or gifted comedian, his buffs and supporters assume that possibly no moment spent with him would go without a smile and a big laugh.

It is also still anonymous whether the two are still together, as they have stopped posting pictures of them together at the moment. Because of it, followers believe that they have already broken up. However, we can not ensure it until and unless the rapper does not officially announce it.

Hence, we wish him that he finds a lovable partner who will surely help him in the coming days; the singer could search for a perfect girl who would fit to be his future wife. At the moment, the chap is managing his single life without any rumors and controversies.

Equation with Friends

Soul Men actor Affion has millions of fans worldwide as a public figure, but the comedian never wrongly uses his fame. The enchanting performer is always down to earth and shares a friendly equation with everyone, especially his friends.

Observing his Instagram page, most of the posts are dedicated to his friends, either partying or having fun with them. Most importantly, he never misses praising them plus expressing their importance in his life.

Wild and Out actor Affion Crockett with his close friends.
Image Source ALT AZ 93.3

Being a real comedian and manufacturer, Mr. Crockett pockets a huge quantity of money out of his career. Let’s know about this now:

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What Is The Net Worth Of Affion Crockett?

As we already know, the Blokhedz Mission G Animated Web Series star Crockett is regarded as one of the most prominent comedians throughout the 80s and 90s.

Furthermore, the TV personality made a lucrative salary but, he remains tight-lipped. But, we consider that he earns a six-figure salary.

Reportedly, stand-up comedians make roughly $35,000 to $800,000 per annum in the United States Of America. Thus, we can assume his yearly salary is higher than the average due to his experience in the entertainment field.

In addition to this, the skillful artist makes a fruitful sum of money from his other works, including advertisements, endorsements, and many other ventures that make his net worth plentiful. In contrast, he sells merchandise, including tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts, and many others.

Dashing man Affion Crockett’s stunning photo on the cover page of Lapalme Magazine.
Image Source LaPalme Magazine

Besides this, the musician often travels to many destinations for his work and has a residence there. Further, the dude made a substantial leading light in the entertainment field, which helped him to gain a good sum of money.Also, Crockett has appeared in numerous shows and is credited in many movies, adding to his total wealth. Some sources even briefed that his net worth might have touched millions.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, she holds a staggering net worth of $6 million, and he has stockpiled such decent fortune throughout his long successful multi-professional career as an actor, dancer, writer, singer, comedian, rapper, record producer, TV producer, and musician. Similar to other comedians Santo Cilauro and Fortune Feimster.

On the other side, he also earns a big chunk of money via advertisement campaigns, guest appearances, concerts, album sales, theatre plays, screenwriting, producing, films, and many other ventures that make his wealth plentiful.

Hence, there is no denying that the prominent comedian relishes a lavish lifestyle on his own.

Journey To The Stardom

From an investigation, we got to know that Tab Time star Affion has been passionate about acting since an early age, and later, the guy made his love his major profession. The celebrity found his interest in acting when he was obtaining his primary education, so the performer joined the acting class early.

Mirror II Society: Affion Crockett producer is a talented, versatile actor. So far; he had his acting career in 1995 but became remarked after performing the lead role of Ernie Flint in the series The District. Additionally, he gets full support from his family, friends, and relatives.

Then after, the professional dancer illustrated many leading roles in various movies, short movies, and TV series. As a result, the fellow became a well-famed T.V. series and movie actor; for the good development of his on-screen career, he even worked in many musical shows and theatre acts.

Until now, the dark chocolaty man has not won any awards in his career; however, he got a Hollywood Award nomination for Baggage Claim in 2014.

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How Many Movies and TV Series Does He Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Varnel Hill Show actor, Affion, has appeared in numerous films, TV series, TV shows, theatres, musical videos, and more.

Moreover, he was earlier featured in many short movies such as The Substitute for Love, Robot Chicken, Compton Cowboy, NBA, Disco, Pickle and Peanut, Blokhedz Mission G Animated Web Series, Rocket Power, and among many others.

Being a popular TV actor, Crockett portrayed many roles in numerous T.V. series including Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’s Sclopio Peep, The Varnell Hill Show, and Welcome to Flatch. Besides acting, the hunk also produced some fast motion pictures and T.V. series in which he worked.

Similarly, the talented man also performed in many T.V. movies performing different roles, such as Freaknik: The Musical, Home Game, The Wedding A Haunted House 2, DeTour, Twas the Chaos before Christmas, Sherman’s Showcase, plus Legends of Chamberlain Heights.


Additionally, the dude even wrote, directed, and produced many short movies and T.V. series such as Mirror II Society: Affion Crockett, The Wedding Ringer, Lost Shot, Sketchy, Endless Bummer, and Fifty Shades of Black.

In addition to this, Affion was too a cast member of the game series Wild’N Out, including Jena Frumes and Nick Cannon. Also, he’s featured in The Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart, Soul Men with Samuel L. Jackson, and Pixels with Adam Sandler.

Apart from this, the gentleman seemed and made his sketch comedy series on Fox called At the Flow, and Jamie Foxx produced the series. Some other projects include Fifty Colors of Black, Dance Flick, Family Guy, Baggage Claim, and many more.

Early Life and Childhood of Affion Crockett

The Wedding Ringer writer and producer Affion first stepped onto this planet on August 12, 1974, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in the United States of America, under the Leo birth sign.

Regarding his heritage, he is American and belongs to the mixed ethnic background of African American and Trinidadian.

Currently, 48 years old musical artist grew up in Germany and Fayetteville, North Carolina. However, he has not yet revealed any detailed information concerning his siblings, family, and other relatives.

But, after analyzing, we know that Crockett was raised with his family and his baby sister, who first stepped on this planet on Mother’s Day.

Further, the internet sensation shares a strong bond with his family and parents; the guy seems to be maintaining privacy regarding his personal life.

An American actor and television personality, Affion Crockett’s childhood pic with his family. Image Source Facebook

The Wedding A Haunted House 2 actor is well-trained, hardworking, and well-educated. In the same way, he used to participate in many programs and stage shows organized by his schools/ colleges/ universities. Anyhow, the megastar has not unveiled any details regarding his primary education.

Though talking about his high school, the singer completed his high school at Westover High School, a public high school in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Just after completing high school, Affion enrolled at Fayetteville State University, a public historically black university in Fayetteville, and completed his graduation with a mentor’s degree in Business.

Body Measurements and Social Media Profiles

Fifty Colors of Black Star Affion Crockett stands at a height of 6ft 1inch (1.85 m). And he has a moderate body weight. Moreover, the guy has black hair and black eyes in color.

Furthermore, there are no other details about his body measurement. But he has a muscular body, and his skin tone is chocolaty. Moreover, get more information about the American comedian Ed Kavalee.

Not to mention, Crockett is an active user of social media, sharing content and interacting with fans across platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, but he isn’t active on Facebook.

He has amassed over 1.6 million Instagram followers, and 506 posts, and goes by the username Instagram account, from which he presumably summons some money.

On Twitter, he has a username @AFFIONCROCKETT with 4,965 followers and joined his Twitter account @AAFIONCROCKETT on May 2009 with 278.5K followers plus 1070 followers, but isn’t active on Facebook.

Multi-talented Affion Crockett is one of the most accomplished TV and internet sensation. Image Source @affioncrockett

Likewise, the guy has over 165 thousand subscribers on his personal YouTube channel joined on Apr 1st, 2006, which can be found under the username @affioncrockett. He shared the short reel of his professional work and podcast there.

As per, he earns around $7 to $109 as an estimated monthly earning making $81 to $1.3K per annum. Until now, the hunk has uploaded 179 videos and 58,055,596 video views. Riley MandelAndi Rock, and Aniya Wayans are some other popular actors, rappers, and comedians.

Besides this, the multi-talented man Affion also has a TikTok account under the username @affioncrockettcomedy where he has more than 324.7K fan followers and more than 1 Million likes.

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