Leslie Hamel, best known as the daughter of her father Alan Hamel and her late mother Marilyn Hamel, is a costume designer for celebrities. Her father Alan Hamel is a Canadian producer, entertainer, and television host.

Since her birth, Leslie has gained a huge reputation because of her father’s name. Despite having huge connections and a reputation, Leslie decided to follow her dreams and she has now become one of the prominent costume designers in Hollywood.

Leslie Hamel holds Canadian citizenship and has her passport from both Canada and The United States.

Even though lots of people have eyes on Leslie, there are so many things people don’t know about her. For instance, her educational qualification, the actual year of her birth, her marital status, etc.

Furthermore, She was born and raised in Canada alongside her brother Stephen Hamel, who works as a writer, and producer. He has worked on the films such as Siberia, Replica, Passenger, John Wick, Henry’s Crime, etc.

Let’s continue to read the article to know about Leslie’s childhood, family, parents, education, profession, net worth, married life, children, social media, height, weight, and other facts.

Leslie Hamel Wiki and Bio

Leslie Hamel was born in Toronto, Canada. So, she holds Canadian nationality. Her birth date is October 9. However, there are no details regarding her birth year. She was born in the 1960s and is probably around 60 years old

Her parents are Alan Hamel and Marilyn Hamel, a former Toronto-based fashion illustrator. They divorced in 1971 and she was raised by her father.

Leslie Hamel
Leslie Hamel’s childhood photo
Source: Instagram@hamelwood

She was born and raised alongside her brother Stephen Hamel. Both of them attended the same school and enjoyed their childhood together as much as possible.

Leslie later studied fashion at Otis Parsons in L.A. and Parsons in Paris.

Her brother has gained a huge name in the Hollywood industry as he has worked with Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence followed by Keanu Reeves, Chris Pratt, etc.

Furthermore, she also has a half-brother named Bruce Somers Jr, who is also a writer and a producer. He is happily married to his wife Caroline Somers.

Leslie is a Fashion Designer

After her graduation, she even designed outfits for Madonna in a series of Japanese TV commercials.

Leslie later launched her outfit line Leslie Hamel Jeans, a line of ultra-high-end up-cycled denim. Moreover, her designs have been featured in TV shows, museum fashion exhibitions, fashion magazines, Christie’s Pop Culture auction, and news publications.

Besides, she has also started another venture named Leslie Hamel Atelier.

She also designs outfits for her stepmother, Suzanne Somers which she has displayed in TV and live shows, red carpet appearances and award shows.

Who is Leslie Hamel’s father?

Leslie Hamel was born to Marilyn Hamel and Alan Hamel. Alan Hamel is a Canadian entertainer, producer, and television host. He was born on June 30 1936 in Toronto, Canada of Jewish descent.

Childhood photo of Leslie Hamel with her father Alan Hamel
Source: Instagram@hamelwood

Hamel co-hosted the Canadian children’s television series Razzle Dazzle. The show featured a talking turtle, Howard.

In the late 1960s, he hosted two syndicated game shows that aired on all the ABC-owned and operated TV stations as well as others: Wedding Party and Anniversary Game, where he first met Suzanne Somers.

Suzanne Somers is the second wife of Alan Hamel, whom he later married in 1979. Hamel has two children, a son Stephen and a daughter Leslie, from his first marriage to Marilyn Hamel.

He met his current wife, actress, and author Suzanne Somers who is ten years junior to him.

Leslie Hamel and her stepmother Suzanne Somers

He also has a stepson from Suzanne’s first marriage. Hamel and Somers lived together for about ten years before marrying. A rabbi and a Catholic priest officiated at their wedding.

After working in an industry for so long, Alan Hamel is able to accumulate a total net worth of $100 million as of 2022.

Is Leslie Hamel married?

Leslie Hamel is living happily with her soulmate Andrew Parker. They seem to be in so much love. Before Parker, Leslie was in a relationship with a guy.

They even have a daughter named Daisy. Hamel has a daughter from her previous relationship but with Andrew, she shares no child.

The power couple has been together for a very long now. However, there is no information regarding their marriage. They might have tied the knot or not. She has yet to make her marital status public.

Leslie Hamle
Leslie Hamel’s partner Andrew Parker
Source: Instagram@hamelwood

Furthermore, they share a dog named Rusty, who is of a pomeranian breed. Who needs a child as long as they have a dog? Regardless, both of them seem to be very much in love.

And who cares if they are married or not what matters is at the end of the day both of them are happy.

Leslie Hamel, Mother of a Daughter

It’s very hard to believe that Leslie has a grown-up daughter. Leslie seems to be of such a young age. However, she does have an 18-year-old daughter named Daisy Hamel buffa.

Leslie Hamel
Leslie Hamel with her daughter Daisy Hamel Buffa
Source: Instagram@hamelwood

She grew alongside her two cousins Camelia Somers and Violet Somers. She has a band named DAISY, which is composed of Daisy Hamel Buffa, Alex Kasvikis, Maxx Morando, Matt Fildey, and Ben Roswell Salk. Their genre has been described as “loud jazz” and “R&B punk.”

Also a Celebrity Daughter: Chloe Wojin- Daughter of Billionaire Ex-couple Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki

Leslie Hamel’s social media

Even though Leslie does not seem like a person to share her private life, she promotes her dresses and costumes on all her social media platforms and on her website.

You can find her on Facebook as Leslie Hamel where she has 1.6 K followers. Similarly, she follows only one account, that is her daughter Daisy.

On the other hand, she is available on Instagram and Twitter as hamelwood and LeslieHamel. On Instagram, she follows 829 different accounts which include various celebrities, brands, TV personalities, families, friends, etc. And she has over 2.5 K followers on Instagram as of 2022.

Likewise, she has 401 followers on Twitter and follows 87 different accounts.

Her entire social media and website seem to be the platform where she promotes her costumes.

How much is Leslie Hamel worth?

Leslie Hamel’s net worth and properties is still unknown, but she is reportedly worth $500,000 as of 2022. She makes a good income as an outfit planner.

On the other hand, her father has a total net worth of $100 million. According to some sources, a Canadian network show host typically earns more than 50 thousand USD per year, therefore he makes enough money from his job to cover his expenses.

Some facts about Leslie Hamel

  • Hamel not only uses all her social media platforms such as it Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook but also her website to promote her costumes.
  • Leslie designs an excellent fit for children and very chic jeans. When it comes to costume designing Jean’s design is her specialty.
  • She is very private when it comes to her personal life. So, there is no information regarding her educational qualification, degrees, marital status, etc.
  • We might think stepmothers and stepdaughters can’t share a real bond and have a love for each other. But Leslie and Suzanne are here to prove you wrong. Leslie has posted more pictures with her stepmother than that with her mother, husband, and daughter. They seem to share a very strong bond.
  • Since, Suzanne Marie Somers is an American actress, author, singer, businesswoman, and health spokesperson. Leslie being her stepdaughter designs her dresses for every event.

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