Rolonda Rochelle is a rising American actress who has appeared in several movies and has gained fame for her amazing acting skills. Since 2021, she is active in the film industry mainly known as Grandma Tilda in the film named American Gangster Presents: Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story.

Rolonda Rochelle Age and Wiki-Bio

On September 5, 1967, Rolonda Rochelle was born in the United States of America, making her age 54 now. She is a native of Texas but made Atlanta her preliminary resident in July of 1993. The talented actress has kept every detail of her early life away from the limelight.

Also, Rochelle has not talked anything about her parents and educational background. She studied under the likes of Nevaina Rhodes, Kristen Shaw and Bill Duke.

Career Overview

Rochelle has been professionally active in the showbiz industry since 2021. She debuted by landing the role of Detective Jones in the television series The Bottom. In the same year, she appeared as Grandma Tilda in American Gangster Presents: Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story. Moreover, she is working as Connie in Why Women Trip, which will release in 2022.

Apart from her work in the film industry, Rochelle stepped away from the field for some time to focus on her Real Estate career and self-development. So, she also attended masterclasses, workshops and invested in private coaching. The rising actress has starred in very few movies, but we can expect more projects of her in the future.

On the other hand, Rochelle is also a social media influencer, brand ambassador and pro-aging advocate. During her spare time, Rolonda loves singing, listening to old-school music, traveling abroad, and organizing vintage handbags. Moreover, she is associated with Gill Talent Group, an agency that focuses on placing talent in front of the director to book the role & creators in front of the right platform to get the deal. 

Rolonda Rochelle Husband

According to her current post on social media, Rolonda is not married and does not have a husband. But some sites have speculated she has a daughter. So, she might have an ex-husband whose name is still a mystery.

Rolonda with writer Craig Stewart
Rolonda with writer Craig Stewart
Source: Instagram @rogirll

The Bottom alum has not talked openly about her love life, so we can say she is a single woman who is busy with her work. The real estate agent often shares pictures with Craig Stewart, an experienced writer. On the other hand, Rolonda is also known for her role in Kountry’s cougar girlfriend, which she did in multiple of his skits.

In addition, Kountry is a comedian on social media who is registered on Instagram as @kountrywayne. Moreover, Rochelle is not the real-life girlfriend of Kountry.

How Much Is Rochelle’s Net Worth In 2022?

Rochelle’s career as an actress and realtor gives her most of her earnings. 18live News says her net worth is over $800,000. An actress in the United States earns around $91401 a year, but payscale says their moderate pay is around $50782. Undoubtedly, Rochelle is making a fair sum of money from her acting job.

Apart from that, she has emerged in tv series like The Bottom, from which she must have received good profit. Moreover, she also has a background as a real estate agent like Mina Starsiak, and the average salary for the respective job is $89,502 per year in the United States. Furthermore, the actress also makes money from sponsorship and advertisement deals. Besides, she has a large fan following on Instagram, i.e., over 577k followers. As per the Influencer Marketing Hub, she earns around $1,726.5 – $2,877.5 per post on IG.