Susan Downey is a Hollywood film producer and businessperson. She is the former co-president of Dark castle entertainment and executive vice president of production at silver pictures. Among people, Susan is also famous as the wife of Robert Downey Jr.

Early life, Education, Age, And Height

Susan Downey was born Susan Levin on 6th Nоvеmbеr 1973, іn thе сіtу оf Ѕсhаumburg, Іllіnоіѕ to раrеntѕ Еllіоt Lеvіn аnd Rоѕіе Lеvіn. Неr fаthеr wаѕ а рrоfеѕѕіоnal businessman аnd Ѕuѕаn tоо gоt іntеrеѕtеd іn buѕіnеѕѕ, еѕресіаllу thе mоvіе buѕіnеѕѕ frоm а vеrу еаrlу аgе.

Ѕhe attended the Ѕсhаumburg Ніgh Ѕсhооl and aftеr thаt, dесіdеd tо рurѕuе a саrееr іn fіlm рrоduсtіоn. Ѕhе wеnt tо thе Unіvеrѕіtу оf Ѕоuthеrn Саlіfоrnіа аnd grаduаtеd іn ‘Ѕummа Сum Lаudе’.

Susan with her husband and kids
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The film producer is 5 feet 2 inches or 160 centimeters tall and is at the age of 47 as of August 2021.

Personal Life: Husbands And Children

Robert Downey Jr., aka Iron Man, is the loving husband of Susan. The couple first met on the set of the film ‘Gothika,’ in which the former was an actor, and the latter was the producer. 

Susan Nicole Downey with her husband Robert Downey Jr, source:@twitter(@SusanDowneyL)

Their relationship became public in 2003, and after two years. the lovebirds got married in 2005. The pair is blessed with two children; Exton Elias Downey and Avri Roel Downey.

How Susan Saved Robert From Addiction?

RDJ grew up with a father who was a recovering alcoholic, which impacted his young brain, leading to a life of difficulties and regret.

His years of struggles were finally coming to an end when he agreed to do the movie Gothica. It became the most important move of his life because it introduced him to Susan.

At first, Levin viewed the problematic actor as “strange,” and didn’t think anything remotely romantic with him. However, something drew Downey Jr. to Susan, and with his irresistible charm, he was able to secure a date with her, and then another, and the rest history.

The bright-eyed and innocent Susan was thrust into a strange world with Robert, who was still acting erratically. Before meeting him, Levin confessed that she had no prior experience with addicts and that a lot of things were going over her head:

“I had no idea what addiction was. I was completely unaware of the power it held on people.”

The Avenger star started working more on his addiction, following his wife’s request to leave him. He understood he had to do whatever it took to keep his spouse in his life. Susan had a grasp on him like no other, as if she was supposed to come into his life and save him; according to the Iron Man actor, Robert can’t seem to get enough of his wife.

Susan in an interview said: they fit together like pieces of a puzzle and weren’t complete until they met.

“I think he saw what we had. There was something magical there, something we couldn’t put our finger on. He always says that we became this third thing when we got together — something that neither of us could have become by ourselves — and I think that’s true.”

RDJ credit all his success to his partner and kids and accepts that his family saved him from the years of darkness.

Career Highlights

The Film producer began her career with Threshold Entertainment as a production supervisor for the company’s film and television slates.

Further, she also joined silver pictures as the vice president. Levin was also the head of Dark Castle Entertainment, the production house’s dark film branch.

Her first film as a producer, ‘Gothika,’ ($141.6 million) was a tremendous success. The movie was a big step for her, both professionally and personally.

She produced numerous hit films, including ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ($15.8 million),’ ‘House of Wax, ($70.1 million)’ ‘The Reaping ($62.8 million),’ and ‘Orphan ($78.8 million).’ The mother of two also came on board to produce the famous movie series ‘Sherlock Holmes’ starring her husband.

In addition, she produced films such as “Due Date ($211.8 million),” “The Book of Eli ($157.1 million),” and Iron Man 2 ($623.9 million). Furthermore, she and her partner also founded the ‘Team Downey’ production firm.

What Is Her Net Worth?

As a prominent movie producer in the industry, Susan has achieved great success. A run of successful films she’s produced has been the primary source of revenue for her.

A successful producer is estimated to have a net worth of more than $25 million.

Robert and Susan and their Sustainable Malibu Home Design,
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On the other hand, her spouse is one of the richest actors in Hollywood, with a net worth of $300 million as of 2021. Most of his riches were earned from his association with Marvel when he played Tony Stark, Iron Man, for over ten years.

The couple has invested in many real estates. The family of four resides in the 19th-century whimsical windmill house in East Hampton, NY, worth $12 million.

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