Magda de Faria Casemiro is best known as the mother of Brazilian professional footballer Casemiro. She was married to Servando Casemiro but has already divorced.

Mrs. Casemiro is the mother of three who she raised as a single mother. She had a casual life like every other Brazilian until her son Casemiro became a football star.

Casemiro recently joined Premier League club Manchester United after ending his 9-year stint with Spanish club Real Madrid. It was the Spanish Giants that made him Casemiro as he was a part of the club’s history that won the 5 Champions League.

With his recent transfer news which was first hinted at by his mother, football fans have been wondering- who Magda de Faria Casemiro is. Here we have all the details about her including her childhood, family, children, husband, etc.

Magda de Faria Casemiro Bio

Magda de Faria Casemiro was born Venancio Magda de Faria Casemiro in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil.

She is in her fifties and holds a Brazilian nationality.

She only came into the limelight through her son Casemiro in her adult age, so we have any information about her childhood, parents, and siblings.

Who is Magda de Faria’ husband?

Casemiro’s mother Magda got married to Servando Casemiro at a very young age in the 1980s. She was in her teens at the time of their wedding.

She gave birth to two children, both sons named Carlos Henrique Casimiro and Lucas Casemiro.

However, her husband abandoned Magda and her children and left home. She then took care of her children as a single mother.

Magda also has a daughter named Bianca Casemiro but the identity of the father is unknown. Bianca is a half-sister of Casemiro.

Magda de Faria Casemiro’s former partner with their daughter Bianca Casemiro
Source: Instagram@biancacasemiro

Who are her Children?

As aforementioned, Magda is the mother of Carlos, Lucas, and Bianca Casemiro. Carlos Casimiro popular as Casemiro who is also the first child of Magda is a professional footballer.

We don’t have information about what her second son Lucas does.

Her daughter Bianca was born on November 26, 2001. Some sources claimed that she is a former professional footballer and has also played for Real Madrid but there is no proof of this.

Magda with her children
Source: Instagram@biancacasemiro

She is a 2018 graduate of Universidade Paulista UNIP.

Bianca is married to Brazilian streamer husband Guilherme Mantovani. He is a Youtuber and is mostly seen streaming his Free Fire gameplay.

She doesn’t have any children.

Know about Magda’s son Casemiro

Her first-born Casemiro is a Brazilian football player who is currently signed to Manchester United and also plays for Brazil National Team as a defensive midfielder.

He was born on 23 February 1992, in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

He had a very difficult childhood as his father abandoned him at a very young age.

Magda de Faria Casemiro with her son Carlos Henrique Casemior
Source: Instagram@magdacasemiro

Casemiro started training with São Paulo’s youth system in 2002 and made his senior debut in 2010. He played on a loan for Real Madrid in 2013 and signed with the club permanently in 2013.

His transfer fee was reported to be R$18.738 million.

Carlos played the 2014 season for Porto on a loan and returned back to the club next season. He then was a regular member of the team and played a vital role during the club’s victory over four Champions League titles.

He formed a strong trio with Luca Modric and Toni Kroos which is often considered one of the best midfield combinations.

After 9 seasons with Real Madrid, Casemiro joined Manchester United in August 2022.

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Magda hinted Casemiro’s Transfer

Magda de Faria Casemiro, Casemiro’s mother first hinted his transfer to the Premier League side amidst his transfer rumors.

She followed Red Devils’s official account on her Instagram @magdacasemiro and hinted his possibility of movind to England.

However, she later unfollowed but the fans were quick to take a photo.

Casemiro later finalized his move to Manchester wit a deal worth £60 million (€70.7m/$71m).

Is Casemiro Married?

Yes, Casemiro is married to Brazilian make-up artist Anna Mariana Casemiro since 2014. The couple shares two children, a daughter Sara and a son named Caio, from their 8 years of marriage.

Casemiro with his wife and children
Source: Instagram@annamarianacasemiro

Anna is 32 years old. She was born in Brazil and has a degree in business administration from the Ceten Administration of Courses and Services Ltd. LVB Brazil.

She is also a social media star with over 300k followers.

Net worth and Lifestyle

Magda de Faria worked hard to earn money and give a better life to her children in her early days but has retired now. She enjoys her children’s earnings mostly of Casemiro.

She lives a lavish life and is often seen vacationing to different places.

Her son Casemiro will reportedly earn £350,000-a-week after signing a deal with a transfer fee worth £60 million (€70.7m/$71m). He will reportedly earn more than £18.2 Million in a year.

Earlier, he earned  £184,000 per week, £9,568,000 per year at Real Madrid and will be earning double of that now.

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