Zach Kornfeld is a video producer and a famous actor of Try Guys, which has a lifetime views of over three billion. He is also a writer, screenwriter, podcast host, and internet personality. The multi-talented personality and his team own a production house 2nd Try LLC. He is also famous as a producer of Zadico Tea Co, which assists him in healing his invisible illness.

Early Life| Family, Education

The handsome YouTuber was born on Jul 26, 1990, in Scarsdale, New York, United States. He was born to father Adam Kornfeld, and mothe, Margo Kornfeld. He has a sister named Steffi Kornfeld

Kornfeld finished his high school at the local school of New York and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emerson College.

Who is Zach Kornfeld’s Girlfriend?

Zach Kornfeld is engaged to Peruvian fiancee, Maggie Bustamante. Maggie is a registered nurse and a health advocate. The producer revealed and announced his girlfriend on Dec 12, 2018, until he kept the secret of his love life.

Zach proposing his girlfriend Maggie for Marriage
Source: Instagram: @korndiddy

As per sources, the couple started dating in 2016 and is now engaged to be married. He proposed to Maggie in 2020. The internet personality revealed his personal information in one of his YouTube videos ‘My secret Girlfriend”. Now they are happily engaged and living their life.

Zach Kornfeld And Try Guys | Is He Still in Try Guys?

The Try Guys were formed at Buzzfeed in 2014 with the artists’ Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfeld. Henceforth they performed several comic videos and started to attract the audience, and as a squad, their first video was “Guys Try Ladies’ Underwear for the First Time.”

Their excellent and impeccable comic timings made the Try Guys excellent comedians. Then, The Try Guys left Buzzfeed company and started their own Youtube channel “The Try Guys.”

The Try Guys logo
Source: Youtube @The Try Guys

Age Of Try Guys Member

The eldest member of the Try Guys is Eugene Lee Yang, who is 35 years old; both Keith Habersberger and Ned Fulmer are 34 years old. The youngest of all is Zach Kornfeld, who is 31 years old. 

Zach Kornfeld’s Net Worth in 2021

The multi-talented personality has a net worth of $2 million. His primary source of income is through his screenwriting and acting profession. Each member of The Try Guys earns a handsome amount of $3 million annually.

The YouTube channel has more than 7.5 million subscribers. Try Guys owns the company 2nd Try LLC in which each member has specific roles. They are endorsing their merchandise and brands.

Zadiko Tea Co
Source: Instagram: @kornkiddy

The Youtuber and entrepreneur Zach owns a tea company Zadico Tea Co. As per the multiple reports on the first day of launch, tea sold out an almost a whopping amount of  $500k worth.


Zach was fond of movies and television series from his childhood and already niched his focus in the entertainment career.

Kornfeld started his career as a production assistant in the blockbuster movie Step Up 3D. Later, he wrote short comics and managed to write a best seller in New York. The producer joined Buzzfeed as a Try Guys member, where his talent got the required exposure. 

As a producer, he produced Squad Wars in 2017, The Try Guys in 2017, and Behind the Try: A Try Guys Documentary in 2020.

As an actor, he also has several credits such as Buzzfeed Video(2014-2017), Unsubscribe(2020), The Try Guys(2017), and Quinta VS Everything (2018).  

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Zach Kornfeld
Job Title
Youtuber,Actor and Writer
Zach Tea Co