Greg Palkot is an Emmy winning reporter. He currently serves as a London-based senior foreign affairs correspondent for Fox News Channel.

Short Biography of Greg Palkot

Greg Palkot’s current age is not known at the moment. Nonetheless, his father, Edward John Palkot, is 106 years old as of now. Edward spent his early years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his mother Mamie and father John.

Greg Palkot

As a matter of fact, Greg’s father joined the centenarian club in August 2013 and celebrated his 100th birthday on Fox’s America’s Newsroom. Edward studied drama at Carnegie Mellon University and Columbia University.

On the other hand, Greg graduated from Garden City High School in 1972. The Emmy recipient was a student reporter for Garden City News and the high school newspaper. He has three older siblings.

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What is Greg Palkot’s net worth?

Palkot net worth is estimated at $2 million. He joined Fox News Channel as a correspondent in 1998 and currently serves as a London-based senior foreign affairs correspondent for the network.

Palkot covers international terrorism, emergency response, and investigations from Fox’s London bureau. He has reported on the grown tensions over North Korea’s banned nuclear and missile programs.

In addition to traveling to Pyongyang, North Korea, to provide in-depth coverage of the U.S. and South Korean military efforts to deal with the threat, Greg has traveled extensively throughout the Mideast. Moreover, he was the first reporter in the “spider hole” where the Operation Red Dawn found Saddam Hussein.

Previously, Palkot served as an anchor, reporter, and producer for PBS, CNBC, WABC, and CBS. Besides, he won Emmy award three times for reporting, news coverage, and feature stories. Greg has also received awards from the Associated Press and United Press International.

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Is Greg Palkot Married?

Greg is married as per various online sources. However, no information about his wife and children is available as of now. You can follow Palkot on Twitter at @GregPalkot. He joined Twitter in February 2010 and currently has over 5k followers.