Astrid Menks is a former cocktail waitress and philanthropist who is married to billionaire businessman Warren Buffett.

Early Life Infromation Of Astrid Menks

Menks was born in 1946 in the city of Latvia (Northeast country). She later moved to the US and stayed in Omaha, Nebraska, and found a job at the local cocktail bar / French Cafe. Her education detail is still unrevealed.

With whom she married?

Menks was raised in Latvia, with normal parents. She is still spending her life normally. After the death of Susan Thompson (Ex-Wife of Warren Buffett), she got engaged with Buffet. All of Buffett’s children hold Menks in high regard and she always takes care of Warren Buffett’s children as her own. 

The biggest coincidence is that both of Warren Buffett’s wives including Menks used to work in the same bar, where Menks was a waitress and Thompson was a nightclub singer. In some years, Buffett, Thompson, and Menks shared a very complex relationship.

While on the other side Buffett never divorced Thompson but had a relationship with Menks as well. As Buffett owned as the richest man in the world, Thompson took the charge of his charitable foundation and other hand Menks worked as a housewife. After sharing three decades together Menks and Buffett get married.

Net worth of Astrid Menks, How rich is She?

Menks is a simple woman who spent her entire life as a normal person. The whole drama took place after she got engaged with the multi-billionaire Warren Buffett. She hasn’t mentioned her net worth anywhere, just because she wants to keep it private. 

Talking about her husband Warren Buffett he is a multi-billionaire with $84.9 billion net worth as of 2019. She involves in her own charity works and active in various social works and still seen shopping in the thrift shops and doesn’t go to luxury stores and boutiques. 

Warren and Menks are said to be the third wealthiest couple in the world. Warren has promised to give 99% of his wealth to the charity foundation and he has donated $35 billion till now.