Autumn Snyder was the late adopted daughter of Zack Synder and wife Denise Weber. Her doting father Zack is highly regarded as one of the most successful film directors, producers, and screenwriters. The Synder family attracted huge media attention following Autumn’s tragic suicide at age 20. She was an aspiring actress and an avid philanthropist. 

Who Were Autumn Snyder Parents? 

Autumn Snyder was born on 27th November 1996, in China. She had a dual citizenship Chinese and American. She came in the light after Zack and a former wife Denise Weber adopted her during their visit to China.  

Denise was Zack’s first wife. The two also have four- a son named Eli Snyder and a daughter, Olivia Snyder. Two of them were adopted including a daughter Willow Snyder

Following their divorce, Denise went on to marry Chris Weber. The two were also cast in Watchman. Zack for the second time married producer Deborah Snyder in 2004. The two met for the first time in 1996 but wouldn’t ready to start dating until 2002. 

Autumn Snyder with her parents and siblings
Autumn Snyder with her parents and siblings
Source: Glamour Fame

The two also have two adopted kids, a daughter Sage Snyder and a son, Cash Snyder. Prior to his two marriages, the director was also in a brief relationship with his line producer  Kirsten Elin. They have two more children named Ezekiel and Jett.

Autumn Snyder Education and Career 

After Autumn accomplished her basic education in California went on to enroll at Sarah Lawrence College. She also appeared in her father’s film Man of Steel sharing the screen along with many prominent faces like Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe

Besides, Snyder was a prolific writer.  

Was a Passionate Philanthropist

In 2014, Autumn Snyder came with her charitable project, Write-A-Thon Charity. It aimed to help destitute mother and their children. 

Autumn also became an active member of the well-known charity organizations The Elizabeth House. It helps needy people across the United States.   

What’s The Reason Behind Her Suicide? 

On March 20th2017, Autumn Snyder committed suicide in Los Angeles, California. Following her tragic death, the whole Snyder family devastated. Meanwhile, Zack was busy with the shooting of the movie Justice League (2017).

After getting the horrific news, the director quickly made his way to L.A., transferring his duties to Joss Whedon, his assistant.  

However, the reason of Autumn’s death is still a mystery

Autumn Snyder Net Worth

The exact amount of Autumn Snyder’s net worth at the time of her demise never disclosed. On the other side, her father Zack Synder has $40 million net worth as of 2020. 

The movie Justince League (2017) also became the huge hit at the box office grossing over $657 million against the budget of $300 million. The film starred Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams