A British comedian-actor, David Earl, is best known for his comic character Brian Gittins from the popular short film Brian and Charles.

Likewise, the actor appeared in numerous of Ricky Gervais’ projects, most notably Kevin “Kev” Twine in the comedy-drama Derek. David also played a supporting role in various TV series such as Extra, Afterlife, and the movie Cemetary Junction.

Short Bio: Age And Height

David Earl was reportedly born in the early 70s or the mid-60s, somewhere in England to father Harry Ashby. His mother’s identity is missing.

As of August 2021, the actor is assumed to be in his early 50s and stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches or 170cm.

He lives a very private life, and almost nothing is revealed about his life before fame except that he used to be a gardener and a van driver.

David Earl Relationship: Does He Have A Wife?

As mentioned earlier, fan-favorite Earl aka Brian Gittins is a very private person and nothing is revealed about his marital status.

He is a father of 3, however, their mother’s identity and even their gender and name are not revealed to the world. He has a private life and hasn’t shared any details of his wife and children. Earl is not active on social sites.

How Much Is His Net Worth? (Earnings, Charity)

Brian and Charles star Earl’s net worth is under review as of August 2021, however, as per the sources, his annual income is $500k.

His main income sources are his acting and comedy career. Sources suggest English actor and comedian on average earns £26,000 and £19,500 per year respectively.

Along with that, he also earns from stand-up gigs, tours, and brand endorsement.

Source: The Cricketer

He is involved with The Children’s Society. When the foundation was affected because of the lockdown, he along with gamer Kurt Yoy raised funds to help kids in need.

“It really affected me. I’ve got three children and I was thinking about other children and their situation during lockdown.

“Having read about the charity it upset me to think that there are innocent children suffering during these times. I wanted to do something about it, however small.”

Social Media Presence

The actor cum comedian is not much active on any social media. However, he uses Twitter @DavidEarlTweets time and again.

Though low-key, it’s pretty evident this British actor and comedian is fond of creating characters on Twitter.

One of his famous characters on Twitter was Dr. Peter Thraft – a claimed “sex therapist” with more than 5,000 followers.

While the person behind the account was anonymous for some time, in 2011, it was disclosed that Earl created Dr. Peter Thraft’s prominent Twitter account.

Gossipmongers Podcast
David Earl and Joe Wilkinson
Source: Twitter (@ Gossipmongers podcasts)

The actor is also active on Twitch, and another podcast channel called Gossip Mongers with his friend Joe Wilkinson.

Career Highlights

The father of 3, started his entertainment career after his character named Graham was noticed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The duo loved his performance and offered him a role in an episode of Extras which officially started his career as an actor.

Around the same time, he also played Tony Queen in the movie The Penalty King. Besides, the British comedian also created a number of online videos with the character Brian Gittins. Later, in 2010, he played that character in the movie Cemetery Junction.

David, however, gained international fame in 2012 after appearing in the comedy-drama Derek as Kevin “Kev” Twine for 14 episodes. Next, he reprised the role of Brian in the show Afterlife (2019).

Earl is also a writer and sitcoms such as Rovers (2016) and The Cockfields (2019) are some of his projects.

Other Facts

  • The comedian is a huge cricket fan. On one of his shows, he talked about how he lied to get free tickets to watch England play their game.
  • The lockdown became an opportunity for him to sharpen his Cricket skills.
  • Earl’s mother once baked him a “cake that looked like a labrador on wheels” which is apprently the funniset meal he ever had.
  • He finds number 54 funny.
  • His favourite comedian is Harry Hill and a TV Show is The Day Today.

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