Matt Stonie is an American competitive eater and YouTuber. He is ranked #3 in the Major League Eating competition and has held many world records in eating. Due to his eccentric talent and charisma, his YouTube channel has garnered over 13.7 million subscribers, as of March 2021.

Competitive Eating Career

Matt Stonie started his competitive eating career started as a teenager and bagged his first win at the 2010 lobster roll eating competition held in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

At 18, Matt Stonie became the youngest participant at a Major League Eating competition at the 2011 Stockton Deep Fried Asparagus Championship held in Stockton, California.

Matt Stonie dethroning the eight-time defending champion, Joey Chestnut, at the 2015 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
Matt Stonie dethroning the eight-time defending champion, Joey Chestnut, at the 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
Source: ABC News

On July 4, 2015,  he defeated the eight-time defending champion, Joey Chestnut, at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest edging out Nathan’s 60 with his 62.

He has consistently ranked in the top 5 in the competition since then. Despite finishing near the top, he never reached the top as he did in 2015.

Furthermore, he has also held numerous world records by eating mountains of food in record time.

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YouTube Prominence

Since becoming somewhat of a celebrity for his ravenous eating accomplishments, his popularity on YouTube has skyrocketed. His official YouTube account has over 13.7 million subscribers to date with over 1.8 billion lifetime video views.

The channel caters to the same niche audience that competitive eating caters to. His most famous videos are of him attempting to speed-eat various food items. (Ambien)

Age, Height & Ethnicity

Matt Stonie was born Matthew Kai “Megatoad” Stonie on May 24, 1992, in  San Jose, California. Born of Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian heritage, the 28-year-old studied at  Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, California.

He weighs 130 pounds (59 kg) and stands at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters).

He has a younger brother, Morgan Stonie, whom he often collaborates with on his YouTube channel.

What is Matt Stonie’s Net Worth?

As of early 2021, Matt Stonie has a net worth of $700 thousand. While he may have racked up prize money by consistently finishing at the top echelon of competitive eating competitions, the primary source of his income is his YouTube channel.

Matt Stonie posing with his National Doughnut Day Championship
Matt Stonie posing with his National Doughnut Day Championship
Source: Mashed

According to, he makes anywhere between $19.5K – $311.9K monthly, which roughly translates to $233.9K – $3.7 million yearly solely from his YouTube channel.

Who Is He Dating?

It seems like the competitive eater is madly in love with foods. Matt has never been linked with anyone. Neither, he made any appearances with anyone who can be claimed as his girlfriend.

As of now, Matt is currently single and is busy with his YouTube career.

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