Are you a fitness enthusiast? If yes! Then Stephen Maxwell, professionally identified as Steve Maxwell is not a new name for you.

The dashing personality is a prominent fitness coach and physical educator from the United States of America who came into the limelight instructing various athletes in martial arts such as judo, karate, Thai boxing, and kung fu.

Further, the fitness trainer all sum up Stepehn in a single word; he has brought freshness to the fitness world by convincing people that a healthy lifestyle for feeling unstoppable. Also, the good-looking guy is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor who has beaten numerous titles teaming up with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Having such great physic and incredible way of training style, the fellow ensured his position in the Top Most 100 Influential Fitness Coaches in the United States of America by Men’s Journal.

Most of her admirers are curiously waiting to know whether Maxwell is Married or still single. Who is his partner? Do they share any kids? What is happening in his personal life?

Without wasting any time, let’s dig into this article below and know every single detail about the prominent internet influencer plus get all the answers to your queries.

Steve Maxwell is Pennsylvania Native

Five feet 8 inches tall personal trainer Steve first landed on this earth as Stephen Maxwell on December 3, 1952, in Erie, Pennsylvania, near Lake Erie, under the Sagittarius birth sign.

The guy holds an American nationality and exists to a white ethnic background.

Likewise, he was born to a catholic family, however, he lives a low-key life; that’s why Maxwell kept his family background a secret.

So far, as his growth is concerned, the fellow became an Instagram star and fitness coach who amassed a lot of fame and media attention which the boy uploads on his official Instagram handle.

As a school kid, Stephen used to play varieties of sports, including American football. But later, when he was 12 years of age, the lad understood his true passion was grappling while competing in a wrestling contest in his junior high school based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Fitness Guru Steve Maxwell’s earlier @personaltrainerconference @stevemaxwellsc at Atrium Hotel Mainz.
Image Source @stevemaxwellsc

After graduating from high school, the TV personality attended West Chester University (WCU) in Pennsylvania. During his assignment at the university, the dashing man reached the highest standard in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA D1)’s Division 1 while denoting his college.

Thereafter, the star graduated with honors after receiving a Bachelor’s in Physical Education degree at WCU. Since his childhood, Steve has been interested in fitness, so later, he chased his dreams.

Blog- Fitness, Nutrition, and Journey To The Fitness World.

Meanwhile, the fitness guru created the fitness blog, gym, and My Sweat Life to blog about his experiences. Further, he is very popular in fitness and a trained fitness coach.

Some of his popular blogs include Indian club swinging for mobility, Steve Maxwell 12-min metabolic conditioning, Steve Maxwell-Advanced Bodybuilding at Home, MaxwellSC events-back to Northern Ireland, Steve Maxwell: Yielding Isometric ebook, Steve Maxwell: Active Recovery Mobility in Oslo #3, among many others.

Personal educator Stephen Maxwell broadcasting at Port Townsend, Washington.
Image Source Instagram

Moreover, the charming star, Steve, felt better at staying fit and active in the gym after seeing his body advance from practice. Later, the dude began exploring more sophisticated nutrition subjects.

As a result, he revamped his diet, and that’s where the tremendous improvements followed. But as for now, because of weight training, his body composition was different; the handsome hunk looked much better than ever before.

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What Is The Current Relationship Status Of Steve Maxwell? Is Her Married Or Single?

Seventy years old Steve Maxwell has been a sensational fitness instructor out there. Most of his trainees from all around the world recognize him as a perceptive fitness coach.

With his contribution to fitness, the muscular gentleman grabbed the huge attention of his fan followers and well-wishers.

Millions of people often wonder why the guy has been single up until now. So let’s know, who is Steve’s current flame?

Well! Putting some highlights into his current relationship status, the good-looking man is enjoying his life as a single. Likewise, he spends his quality time tutoring martial arts lessons to his students or going out in nature to find peace.

Aside from this, the star has not disclosed his personal life due to his secretive nature or low-key life. It appears the fellow has become successful to keep a borderline between personal and professional life.

The good-looking man Steve Maxwell leads singlehood and is focused on his further career at the moment. Image Source Instagram

Scrolling down his I.G. posts, there are no cozy pictures of Steve with any girl. Instead, the hunk keeps posting photos of himself with his students related to his career.

Reportedly, the handsome hunk is an undisputed champion; a champion elite athlete, coach, plus mentor all rolled into one. He is the most hardworking, absolutely focused, and painstakingly dedicated athlete.

Additionally, his dedication, education, and concern for his athletes are true models of excellence. His all-out training, lifestyle, and nutrition method are at the summit of the industry and the heart of his victory.

More than that, the fitness instructor currently resides in a small city, Port Townsend, in Jefferson County, Washington, with his family.

Steve’s Married Life with His Ex-Wife, DC Maxwell.

Three times Pan American Champion, Mr. Maxwell’s love life has made quite a racket in the media, splitting hot tea into his personal life.

The media sensation had some exquisite moments with his estranged wife, Deborah Christine Maxwell, also known by her stage name DC Maxwell. In contrast, Deborah is also a black belt holder under legendary Saulo Ribeiro with several tournament titles.

Furthermore, the former couple first met one another during the top-level international sports competition, Pan American Championship, in 1999. Then, the twosome became good friends after contesting in the tournament.

Social Media Personality Steve Maxwell with his ex-spouse, Deborah Christine Maxwell.
Image Source Instagram

Though their relationship was bigger than a friendship, the ex-duo later found one another meant to be. After a while, the one-time husband and wife pair initially married in an intimate ceremony in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in front of their family, relatives, and close friends.

Additionally, the two enjoyed their fantastic nuptial journey for over three decades. Then, they often trained and hit the gym together. However, the former couple later separated and chose different paths in their lives, citing irreconcilable differences.

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Has a Son, Zak Maxwell, With His Former Wife.

Most individuals have seen Steve as a fitness instructor, and physical educator who is always focused on his career; it is not that easy to imagine him as the father of one kid. Nonetheless, he is a devoted father to his one son, Zak Maxwell.

Even though the ex-couple is not together anymore, they are the proud parents of their adorable son Zachary Maxwell, aka Zak Maxwell. The two welcomed their only juvenile, Zak, on February 8, 1989, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

From a very young age, their lovely son started learning Jiu-Jitsu since the dude followed in one of his parents’ footsteps.

From his hard work and struggle, the former husband and wife’s son, Zachary, has become a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the mentorship of Regis Lebre.

In 2009, their child became World Champion as a brown belt and also won the Las Vegas World Pro Cup Contests as a black belt in 2011.

Junior. Maxwell is a twice World Silver Medalist, four times American Champion, Bronze Medalist, and one-time Pan American Bronze Medalist.

Do You Know One Thing?

In the late 1990s, fitness coach Stephen entered a winner takes all grappling match with $100,000, and then the guy wrestled out with a wrestler who weighed 50 pounds more than him.

Fitness Instructor Steve Maxwell received $100,000 in a winner’s all grappling match.
Image Source MarriedCeleb

Nonetheless, the powerful man beat the match with a triangle choke lock and concession by tapping out after fighting for 45 minutes in a ruthless fight. From this match, the dashing man won $200,000 as a reward for the game rule offered by Rorion Gracie.

How Rich Is Steve Maxwell? His Net Worth and Earning.

Light brown-eyed, Steve Maxwell, is one of the rewarding and noted fitness coaches who run his online fitness club entitled Steve Maxwell’s Strength and Conditioning. There, the fellow instructs young aspiring athletes about martial arts.

Moreover, the powerful man has owned and operated a gym center, Exercise Gym, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for more than 16 years from where he also adds a fruitful sum of money to his bank account.

As of Feb 16, 2023, the guy has earned an astounding net worth of $ 14 million throughout his long successful career, while an American fitness trainer, Jentzen Ramirez‘s total fortune is less than that.

Fitness Coach Steve Maxwell enjoyed such a whooping sum of money throughout his professional career.
Image Source Instagram

As per ZipRecruiter, in the United States, the average salary is approximately $63,673 per year for a fitness trainer. So far, Maxwell’s salary might be similar to an American fitness coach. He has earned much as a trainer, which could fill up his all needs.

American bodybuilder, Steve, makes a handsome payroll from his ad campaigns and endorsement deals.

Also, the charming man promotes several fitness brands and extreme protein supplements on his Instagram handle, from where he makes a bundle of money like Sarah Schmidt.

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Earning From Social Media Platforms

Steve Maxwell is also a social media sensation who has a huge fan and following as he is active on social networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok, from where he might earn through her posts and live streams.

Social Media Personality Stephen is one of the most popular fitness enthusiasts and certified personal trainers who later became a social media sensation who has a huge fan and following as he is an active user of social networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok, from where the guy might earn through his posts.

Thus as per some online sources, he has an Instagram account with a fan following of more than 27.4 k and Instagram influencers can make $30,000 per post with up to 1000 followers.

Correspondingly, the fellow shares his daily workouts and transformation on his official Instagram page.

Fitness Guru Stephen Maxwell also adds a bunch of money from his YouTube channel as well.
Image Source Instagram

In the same way, the lad has amassed over 34.7K subscribers on his Youtube channel steve maxwell @maxwellstrengthcond, frequently posting shorts. Since Mar 17th, 2008, the good-looking man has been active on YouTube and has amassed 7,344,376 views.

According to, his channel earns between $2 to $37 as an estimated monthly earning making $27  to $439 estimated annual earnings.

With such an impressive income, there is no denying that the stunning coach lives an extravagant lifestyle with his family in the United States of America.

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