Herwig De Bruyne is a businessman best known as the father of Belgian football player Kevin De Bruyne. He is currently married to his wife Anna De Bruyne and has two children.

Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian professional football player who is regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world and of his generation. He currently plays for Premier League club Manchester City and Belgian National Team.

In this article, we present you with all the details about Herwig including his childhood days, educational qualifications, families, children, wife, etc.

Herwig De Bruyne’s Wiki, Bio, and Age

Herwig was born in Drongen, Belgium in the early 1970s. Likewise, His exact date of birth is not available yet. However, he is now a 50-year-old grown-up man.

He holds Belgian citizenship.

Moreover, Herwig is a businessman by profession. He also manages his son’s matters regarding his football career.

He is a proud grandfather to three of Kevin’s children.

Herwig De Bruyne’s Partner

Herwig De Bryune is happily married to his soulmate, Anna De Bruyne. Apparently, Herwig and Anna met in the 1980s when he used to work in oil factories where Anna was a petroleum Engineer.

She now manages her father’s petroleum company is various parts of Africa.

Herwig De Bruyne’s wife Anna on the frame

They wedded in the late 1980s after dating for some time. He was just 18 years old at the time of their marriage.

Likewise, at the age of 18, Anna gave birth to their first child Kevin De Bruyne on 28th June 1991. He is now 31 years old and has established himself as a footballer.

Herwig De Bruyne with his wife Anna and son Kevin

Likewise, they also had their second kid, Stefanie De Bruyne who is probably in her late 20s.

Father-Son Relationship

Since childhood, Kevin was so passionate about football that he left his home to be a professional football player at the age of 14.

Likewise, He was allowed to see his parents only once a week. Those days taught him to manage his money and be independent.

Despite not knowing much about football, Herwig always supported and motivated Kevin to pursue his career in football. Now the tables have turned and he manages the best deal for Kevin’s career.

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Who is Kevin De Bruyne’s Wife?

Kevin is currently married to the love of his life, Michelle Lacroix. She is a model.

Apparently, Kevin first saw her on Twitter. And after some courage, he finally asked her out. They had their first date in 2014. After having affair for three years, the couple had a luxurious wedding in 2017.

Herwig De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne and Michelle on the frame
Source: Instagram@lacroixmichele

Kevin proposed to Michelle for marriage on their vacation to Paris, France. The two were strolling around the Eiffel tower one day when he popped up a question with an engagement ring.

Michelle then accepted the proposal and the couple spent the entire six months organizing their major wedding together.

They had entire three days planned for their wedding. They married in a lavish ceremony in June 2017 in Sorrento, Italy.

Earlier, he dated Caroline Lijnen who later cheated on him with another football player Thibaut Courtois. She later revealed that De Bruyne had cheated on her with her former best friend due to which she moved on with Courtois.

In his book, Kevin says that it was so difficult for him to be with the same person who betrayed him in a team and trust him for a win. Despite all the chaos, he remained a good team member with Thibaut.

Kevin De Bruyne’s Children

Herwig De Bruyne is a grandfather to Kevin’s three kids with his long-term girlfriend and wife, Michelle Lacroix. Their first child was born before their marriage.

Kevin and Michelle welcomed their first child, Mason De Bruyne March 10, 2016. He is now six years old.

A year after the wedding, the s couple welcomed their second son on 31 October 2017. They named him Rome De Bruyne. He is now four years old.

Similarly, after four years of the birth of their second child, On 5 September 2020, they welcomed their third child, a daughter Suri De Bruyne in the world. She will turn 2 years old in September 2022.

Herwig De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne and his family celebrating Christmas
Source: Instagram @lacroixmichele

How rich is Herwig De Bruyne?

Even though his total net worth is not available on the internet, with all the business deals that he handles for Kevin, Herwig is assumed to have accumulated a total net worth of $1 million as of 2022.

His major source of income is his businesses and his role as his son’s manager.

On the Other hand, his son Kevin has a total net worth of $60 million as of 2022. His major source of Income is his football career. He also earns well from brand endorsements, Sponsorships, Businesses, etc.

De Bruyne’s weekly wage is £400,000. He earns £20,800,000 is a year as his salary.

Herwig De Bruyne Social Media

Herwig is not available on any social media platforms. You cannot find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

On the other hand, you can find Kevin on Instagram as @kevindebruyne. He has over 18.8 million followers on Instagram. He also follows over 421 different accounts. Kevin is already verified as a celebrity on Instagram and has a Wikipedia page written about himself.

Some facts about Herwig De Bruyne

Herwig De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne and his wife on the frame
Source: Instagram @lacroixmichele
  • Anna was raised in a highly affluent family where she was born. She is thought to be related to Africa in some way. A petroleum corporation that her father owned was present throughout Africa.
  • On Kevin’s wedding day, the bride wore a strapless mermaid dress that featured twisted lace on the sweetheart neckline.
  • In 1997, Kevin began his professional career with the KVV Drongen youth squad, his hometown club. He joined Gent and relocated to Genk after two years.

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