The celebrity kid Delilah Knightley Righton has grabbed huge media attention as the second-born child or daughter of Academy Award nominee Keira Christina Knightley a.k.a Keira Knightley. 

Further, Keira is an English TV, theatre, and film actress who has been renowned both in the British and American Hollywood industries.

Her mom is best known for portraying the role of Elizabeth Bennet in the romantic drama film Pride & Prejudice. In fact, she was nominated as Best Actress at the Academy movie.

Moreover, the kid enjoys her mom’s majestic amount which she accounted for throughout her successful acting career. Also, her mama was acclaimed to be the second highest-paid actress in Hollywood and was married to her dad James Righton, a musician sharing two daughters together.

Though Delijah has gained popularity from her mother, the kid is also no less than a celebrity. Let’s dig into the article below and explore more information about these aspiring TV stars. First of all, let’s start with her early life, parents, and professional career.

Who Is Delijah Knightley Righton? Her Bio and Wiki.

The celebrity daughter Delijah Knightley Righton was born and raised in Canonbury, Islington, London in the year 2019. However, her birth date is still under review. Observing her charming personality and cute face, she seems to be just four years old now.

Likewise, she is the second-born child of her parents; her dad James Righton and her mom Keira Knightley Righton.

Nicholas Righton is her paternal grandparent and Sharman Macdonald and Will Knightley were her maternal grandparents.

Delilah Knightley Righton’s censored pic with her mom, dad, and sister.
Image Source Daily Mail

Her uncle’s name is Caleb Knightley and she has got sibling small sister of Edie Knightley Righton. As per nationality, her nationality is British and follows the Christian faith.

Further, the child spent her childhood with her family and her siblings happily.

Furthermore, the girl is still a kid who is under the surveillance of her parents. So far, her parents might have kept her homeschooled or might be attending kindergarten. But the details about her education and university are not mentioned yet.

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Career Highlights

Delijah Knightley Righton came into enlightenment because of her celebrity mother Keira Knightley Righton. Her mom started her career working in commercials and small television roles.

Likewise, the lady made her first screen appearance in the 1993 TV film Royal Celebration. She had an early in the film Innocent Lies, starring Gabrielle AnwarStephen Dorff, and Adrian Dunbar.

In 2002, the diva acted in a British film about drug addicts, Pure, and performed an incredible role of Lara in the television mini-series Doctor Zhivago in the same year. In the film Love, Actually, her recurring role as a young bride acquired huge success at the box office in the release.

Moreover, her other film King Arthur was released in 2004, this film presents her playing the character of Guinevere, but sadly the flick flopped at the box office.

Also, she served as the ambassador of a number of well-known brands like Ausprey jewelers and Chanel perfume.

One of the hits Keira Knightley Righton’s movies is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.
Image Source YouTube

After that, her film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was released and even gained huge success. Then, her film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End was released in 2007.

In the same year, her movie Silk was released where the queen played the role of a silkworm merchant’s dedicated wife in love with another guy.

Then, she appeared in The Duchess in 2008 earning instant fame for her portrayal of the character of 18th Century English aristocrats.

After that, Delilah began giving one-by-one hit movies such as Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go in 2010, and A Dangerous Method in the next year. (this film is known for its outstanding performance as a patient)

In 2012, the actress acted in the comedy film Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and played the lead role in the romantic drama in the same year, Anna Karenina, plus her film Jack Ryan was released in 2013, and many others.

Apart, the lady has made incredible roles in TV series like A Village Affair, Screen One, The Bill, Coming Home, etc.

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Do You Know Delilah’s Mom Keira Knightley Uses Her Teeth as a Musical Instrument?

We have heard many superstars who are comprehended for their talents, but here we will mention an English TV personality Keira Knightley who uses her teeth as a musical Instrument.

In addition, she once also told that

” I can play my teeth!…. I can play anything you want”.

Check out the video to watch her video using her teeth as a musical instrument.

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Is Delijah Knightley Righton Single Or Dating Anyone?

As mentioned above, Delilah Knightley Righton is just a four-year-old and is too young to marry or date anyone. For now, the girl still needs her father and mother’s love, comfort, guidance, as well as care.

However, she shares a good and healthy bond with her lovely parents. At the moment, she is enjoying or experiencing her childhood happily in the beautiful city of the United States of America.

Perhaps in the coming days, her fans followers, and well-wishers will be able to know about his romantic relationships and connections.

In contrast, the cute girl is a very loving sister of her lovely sister Edie. In addition to this, Delijah often went on holiday with her family, spending their family quality time together with their friends.

Parents’ Relationship Status and Married Life

Splitting some hot tea into her parent’s love life, A Village Affair actress began dating James Righton, who is a musician by profession in February 2011.

The lovey-dovey couple means we come to the topic of Delijah’s parents James and Keira were introduced to each other by their mutual friend at a party back in 2011After that, the lovely duo is inseparable. 

Moreover, they were in a serious relationship right from the beginning and decided to take their relationship one step ahead by marriage. On 4th May 2013, the pair exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony in Mazan Vaucluse in front of their family, friends, relatives, co-actors, and close ones.

The queen wants to have an everyday life like other people, so she avoids public attention and media as far as possible. 

Delilah’s lovely parents, Keira Knightley Righton and James Righton attended some events. Image Source Daily Mail

Together the romantic pair shares two adorable daughters. The two welcomed their first child Edie Knightley on 2015 May 25th and just after four years the lovebird became proud parents of their second daughter Delilah Knightley Righton in the year 2019.

Since then, the romantic couple has shared a blissful married life and it’s been more than twelve years since the twosome is together, and their relationship is still growing strong.

Despite being busy with their work, Keira and James have maintained a balance between their love and professional lives. That might be the secret behind their happy matrimony.

So far, the two haven’t been part of controversies and rumors regarding their personal life. 

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Her Mom Keira’s Past Affairs

British Prominent actress, Delijah’s mama Keira is under the eye of several fan followers and well-wishers. The gorgeous lady has won millions of heartthrobs through her attractive looks and incredible personality as well as her outstanding acting profession.

Well, many of them are keenly waiting to know if Is she married? Who is her partner? and many more.

Let us imply you that, her mom decided to take a break from her work and started focusing to uplift her personal life in the year 2006. Talking with the press in July 2014, the Royal Celebration actress stated:

I had reached the end of the first stage of my career, and the 2014 film Begin Again was like “it’s beginning again”.

Delijah Knightley Righton with her ex-partner Del Synnott.
Image Source Twitter

Furthermore, the diva began a romantic relationship with actor Del Synnott in the year 2001. The former couple met during the shoot of the film Princess of Thieves for the first time.

Sadly, their relationship didn’t last long resulting in the two splitting up in 2003.

After separating from Mr. Synnott, her mother started dating model and actor Jamie Dornan in 2003 but like the previous relationship, it doesn’t work, and broke up in 2005. After Jamie, she was romantically involved with Rupert Friend from 2005 until December 2010.

Deliah’s Sister Gave Hilarious Reaction To Donald Trump Winning

As mentioned earlier, Screen One actress has two beautiful daughters, Eddie and Delilah. While the election was going on in the States, her elder daughter Eddie was just 18 months old. 

The actress said that she doesn’t sleep well; it was the first time Eddie had ever slept well. The lady was shocked to see that when she checked on her kid, she was sleeping fine. 

Keira Knightley’s daughter had a hilarious reaction to seeing Donald Trump on.
Image Source Insider

Furthermore, her hubby was checking the updates on the news and it was 5 o’clock in the morning. James expressed that Mr. Donald Trump had won the election; Eddie woke up, and Keira got on her bed with her. 

The two were watching his acceptance speech on the computer and their daughter was also watching the news with them, and she looked at Mr. Trump and rolled back, and said the f-word.

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How much is her Parent’s Fortune?

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, the celebrity child Delilah enjoys the wealth earned by her wealthy parents, and now, the girl is living a very rich lifestyle under her parent’s surveillance in the United States of America.

The kid is still very young to initiate her career, but if she follows one of her parents’ footsteps, there is a big chance to make an appreciable amount in the coming days.

The cute girl is too young and a student who is inactive in any profession. Junior Knightley is presently living the healthy lifestyle that her parents have provided. Undoubtedly, the star is a celebrity child and an internet sensation.

Like Janita Mae Killam stole the limelight after her birth as the single daughter of a famous Hollywood prominent actor and comedian, Taran Killam.

On the other side her mother, Keira makes an astounding sum of money throughout her long successful career. According to CelebrityNetWorth, she has an estimated net worth is $60 million as of 2023.

Reportedly, she was the famous second highest-paid actress in the Hollywood industry in 2008 despite being a non-American actress.

Celebrity Kid Deliah Knightley Righton lives a lavish life with her parents at their lavish mansion. Image Source India TV News

In addition to this, Delilah’s mother is one of the faces of Amnesty International who supported them in a campaign to support human rights.

Other organizations the diva has supported include the WaterAid, Comic Relief charity, the American Library Association, the SMA Trust, Oxfam, Women’s Aid, and the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

In 2007, The Bill and Coming Home actress filed a complaint with the Daily Mail about whether she had anorexia nervosa or any other eating disorder.

The queen won the lawsuit and was awarded £3,000 ($6,000) in impairments. Apart, the star appends more amount and donated £6000 to Beat, a charity for those who suffer from eating disorders and mental illness.

Without any doubt, we can assume that the family of four enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in their beautiful house located in a beautiful city in the U.S.

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