Russell Neal is an R&B Singer and a former Member of the Popular Band Hi-Five. He is famous for his many songs such as ” I Like The Way (The Kissing Game), I Can’t-Wait Another Minute and I Just Can’t Handle It.

Russell rose to fame after being a part of the band, “Hi-Five”.

People also knew about him after being accused of the murder of his wife. So, who is Russell? Scroll the article till the end to know more about him.

Russell Neal’s Wiki, Bio, and Age

In 1974, Russell was born in Waco, Texas, United States to his wonderful father Neal II, and his Mother Dr.Evelyn T. Neal.

His father was a lawyer and his mother was a doctor. Russell was raised as a Christian alongside his two brothers, Rodney Neal and Ronald Neal.

He attended Local High School to complete his schooling and California University to get his Bachelor’s Degree.

Neal holds American citizenship and is now 48 years old.

With his wife, Russell has two kids named Raphael and Diego. Raphael was 3 years old and Diego was 5 years old at the time of the death of their mother.

Russell Neal’s Career

Russell Neal played a significant role in the R&B ensemble Hi-Five in 1989, which went on to enjoy significant commercial success.

In 1990, the group’s fame soared as a result of a run of extremely successful releases that featured numerous Top 10 hits.

The number-one song “I Like the Way,” which was published in 1991 on the RCA records label, was one of these hits. His band consists of five members.

Russell Neal
Source: WikiPedia

One is himself, Tony Thompson as a Lead Vocalist, Marcus Sanders, Tristan Irby, Shannon Gill, and Tarrell Carr as Vocals.

Throughout their run, the boys charmed both young and elderly with their timeless music.

Even though each member of a group contributes, these guys will agree on one thing, Tony Thompson will always be the center of Hi-Five.

In June 2007, when the group was reconciling, Thompson lost his battle with addiction and died of an overdose.

However, Thompson’s death was not the only thing that led the group to break up.

In 2009, Irby was shot five times, an innocent bystander outside a Connecticut nightclub, and was shot five times, causing his death on the spot.

According to reports, Irby, Sanders, and Gill began reviving and modernizing the sound of the brand through Irby’s independent label, Bronx Most Wanted, in order to fulfill Thompson’s final request.

Who was Catherine Martinez?

Catherine Martinez was the wife of Russell Neal.

She was a rising fitness model and social media personality, and mother of two.

Her murder was one of the saddening crimes. When she was killed by her husband, their children were actually present in the same house.

The case of Catherine Martinez, the wife of R&B performer Russell Neal, will be examined in the upcoming episode of Death by Fame.

In her Houston, Texas, residence, she was discovered dead after being brutally beaten and stabbed.

The program will shed light on the events that took place in her Houston residence on the day of her death in July 2014.

Her husband voluntarily went to the police that tragic day and reported their argument, claiming she required medical attention.

She suffered numerous stab wounds as well as blunt force injuries to the head, according to the authorities.

Russell’s claimed abuse of Catherine’s wife was made public by Catherine’s family after her passing.

They also disclosed that Catherine had to take on the role of the family provider due to her husband’s money difficulties.

She covered her bruises with makeup on several instances.

After some time, her spouse was taken into police custody and accused of first-degree murder.

Later, it was discovered that he had a psychiatric illness, and Rusk State Hospital in Texas has since admitted him to a mental hospital.

Russell Neal
Catherine Martinez
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Where is Russell Neal now?

Russell Neal was accused of homicide, charged with first-degree murder, and granted release on a $100,000 bond.

But two months later, after Russell claimed to be insane and even went so far as to say that his name was “Jesus Christ,” his bond was canceled.

The prosecution rejected Russell’s insanity defense and refused to withdraw the charges because they thought he was competent to act at the time of his wife’s alleged murder.

Nevertheless, he was later determined to be incompetent to face trial and was consequently admitted to the mental hospital Rusk State Hospital for treatment.

Russell Neal claims that he was momentarily insane at the time of the alleged homicide and that he is still being evaluated while he awaits trial.

In spite of this, Russell will probably still have to go to court to answer for his actions.

How rich is Russell Neal?

As of 2023, The American singer is able to accumulate a total net worth of $10 million.

His major source of income was his singing career when the band still existed.

However, we have no information what he does to earn money.

Russell comes from a very good family. Both of his parents were educated.

Russell Neal
Russell Neal Source: Twitter @Russell Neal

Some facts about Russell Neal

  • While he awaits trial, Russell Neal is still having mental evaluations and claiming to be temporarily insane.
  • Ronald Neal, Russell’s younger sibling, is also accused of killing Stovyne Magee, his wife.
  • Both Russell’s parents are attorneys.
  • The platinum-selling R&B group’s original members in 1989 included singer Russell Neal.
  • He performed many hit songs, earned a spot on RCA’s best records list, and enjoyed enormous popularity in 1990.

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