Korina Harison is an American who is popular as the ex-wife of Correy Harrison, an American Reality TV star. Her former husband Corey is a businessman and TV star who was the cast member of the History TV series Pawn Stars.

Korina and her TV star husband were married for a year and are divorced now? Why did they separate? Do they have children together?

Korina Harison Bio and Childhood

Korina grew up in San Diego but has not shared her birth details. Her date of birth and birthday is still unknown. Her exact age is unknown but could probably be in her early 30s.

She was born in a suburban home with deep Hispanic roots in the USA to her American parents. She holds an American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

Her Korina is primarily a female name of Greek origin that means Maiden.

Height and Weight

Korina is a tall woman but the height details is not available. Her former husband Corey stands at the height of 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m). His bodyweight is 90 kg now. Corey was around 400 [pounds] but later dropped 200 pounds.

Why is Korina famous?

While Korina’s profession is still unknown, Korina Harrison has already gained huge popularity throughout the world. It’s obvious for people to be curious about their favorite celebrity and their partners.

Likewise, Korina also got people’s attention for her encounter with TV personality Corey Harrison. She is mainly popular among the people that watched Pawn Stars and liked Corey from the show.

When did Korina Harrison Marry Corey?

Kiki and Corey first began dating each other around 2016. After dating for a year, the couple got married in a private ceremony on May 26th, 2017, in San Diego, California.

Only their family, relatives, and some close friends were invited to the wedding. The couple hasn’t shared any further details about their wedding.

The couple has one child

Korina and her celebrity husband share a child for their relationship. They first told Las Vegas Review-Journal in April 2018 that they were going to be parents.

The couple became parents in October 2018 with the birth of their son, Richard Benjamin Harrison.

Korina and her former husband Corey revealing pregnancy
Source: Twitter

Their child was named after Corey’s grandfather Richard Benjamin Harrison.

Korina shared her happiness after her son’s birth and wished that the child would have Corey’s eyes while Corey said he was nervous about becoming a father for the first time.

Why did they Divorce?

The couple had everything in their short-term married life, but in the end, they had nothing. Despite becoming the parents of their child within a year of their marriage, Korina and Corey planned to raise their child in difficult circumstances.

The duo decided to end their marriage just a year after their wedding. They revealed that their divorce was a mutual understanding and cited their busy schedule as the reason for divorce.

“Karina and I love each other very much. With our competing work schedules, we just weren’t able to make the marriage work but remain good friends and want only the best for each other.”

Corey said.

Corey filed for divorce in August 2018 in Nevada. The couple already had an agreement on child and spousal support. Korina also deleted her Instagram account @realkikiharrison after their divorce.

Kiki and Corey briefly Reunited in 2019

Korina and Corey reportedly were back together in 2019 for a short time. In November 2019, Corey shared a photo of his ‘Harrison’ tattoo on his wrist and tagged his former wife on the photo where he captioned:

“Sometimes you need that girl that will ride for you and a year and a half after you leave to make you realize it’s time to come home. I love you @kikinejo #harrison.”

Korina and former husband Corey were briefly together in 2019
Source: realcoreyharrison

Corey even shared several other romantic photos of the former couple on Instagram and hasn’t deleted them.

Her husband has a new Girlfriend

Her husband Corey still has their romantic photos on Instagram, however, he has now moved on with his new girlfriend. The TV star is dating Tara Pasley and constantly shares photos with her on Instagram.

Corey’s new girlfriend Tara
Source: realcoreyharrison

The couple is together since early 2020.

Former Husband Corey is a TV Star

Korina’s ex-husband, nicknamed as Big Hoss, works at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas shop since the age of 9. The shop was opened in 1989 by his father Rick Harrison and Richard ‘Old Man’ Harris.

Corey is the manager of the shop and is head of 30 employees. Corey is the best-selling employee in the shop.

In the show, he often argues with his father and grandfather to give him a 10% partnership. However, he will get a raise in salary and only 5% partnership.

Korina Harrison’s Earnings, Net worth, Source of Income

While Korina’s profession and other income-generating source is not available, she probably is living a life with the spousal support money which she gets from her former husband Corey. She might have received some amount and properties as a part of alimony during the divorce.

She lives a very private life raising her only child. Earlier, she worked as an executive assistant before her marriage. Her net worth and earnings is under the radar.

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