Cicely Johnston is a well-known model and also works as a stewardess. Her full name is Cicely Loise Johnston. 

Personal Life: Married, Husband & Kids

From a journey starting from boyfriend, Demond Johnston tied the knot with Cicely Johnston on 3rd May 1974. Which changed the life of her. Demond Wilson is a well-known public figure. His stardom was at its peak. t’s easy to reach the top but much more difficult to stay on it so was with him.

Cicely Johnston with her husband Demond Johnston
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He was with his all luxuries. He was having a weekly income worth $40,000. Being a hit. Both of them were living in Beverly Hill.

She happily welcomed 6 children. They are Christopher Wilson, Demond jr. Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Nicole Wilson, Mellisa Wilson and the last was is still unnamed.

Was Hospitalized Which Gave A Shock To Her Husband

It’s hard to see someone in pain being our loved one and this happened when Cicely was hospitalized. Demond lost his control over himself as the relatives were also miles away. He enrolled himself in an illegal drug habit, he had already started taking Cocaine Worth $1000 per day which almost ruined both of his health and wealth.

He had to lose his Beverly hill. Being in a phase he was depressed and looking for hope to get back normal. A small faith and a strong will power are enough to turn a bad dream into a precious will. Like a drop of rain in drought he got a hope, he got his family back to normal. Both of them got a new chance to resume their journey together with a bit more excitement and curiosity. Now they are at home looking straight for a new comeback.


She wasn’t capable of running her livelihood. Accordingly, she had to work as a stewardess after being landed on a solid modeling contract.  She decided to quit her modeling career. It was one of her best decisions. Her professional life was not going impressive. on the other hand her personal life was smooth. This was the toughest stage of her life when she was only having regrets at all. She has lost her hope from almost every aspects but Cicely Johnston was brave enough.

Her life took a turn with her Boyfriend when Demond Wilson, decided to marry her. They were both in the relationship for a long and became her life partner to support her overall.  She has struggled a lot which she might remember until her last breath. She never gave up. She kept continuing and so is the reason she uplifted herself from each and every problem.

Her bad times got an end as her husband started helping in her professional life. She got support from both physically and mentally.

Short-Bio Of Cicely Johnston

She is an American citizen and belongs to the African-American ethnicity. She got married to Demond Wilson. She is blessed with 6 children. Cicely has saved a decent sum of money from her career.