Being a culinarian never appears like a job; it evolves a true passion, and a recipe has no soul; you, as the chef, must bring soul to the recipe. If you love cooking and enjoy eating delicious food, you have come across famous restaurateur Peter Culpo, a leading personality or big name in the food industry globally.

An American Statesman, Colin Powell, onetime said there are no mysteries to success. It is the outcome of preparation, hard work, and comprehending failure. Today in this tabloid, we are going to talk about one of the famous TV celebrities who rose to fame after his hard work and dedication to his passion. He is none other than Peter.

Well! Mr. Culpo is a restaurateur who is of Italian descent. As a restaurateur, the guy has stakes in several restaurants in the Boston area. Also, he is a man in his mid-sixties.

Moreover, Peter is a celebrity father best recognized as the father of the famous American fashion influencer and actress Olivia Culpo. His daughter won the title of Miss USA on June 3, 2012, after winning the 2012 Miss Rhode Island USA pageant on her first attempt.

Besides, the star is living a successful and happy professional life and is gaining enough prominence, love, and support.

But what about her personal life details? Is the girl dating anyone currently, or is she just living a single life? Do you want to know about it and more about Peter’s personal as well as professional life? Then read this article till the end.

About Peter Culpo

The dashing man, Peter, rose to stardom as the father of Olivia Culpo. However, he hasn’t revealed his exact birth date or place in the media.

But we know that his daughter first opened his eyes on May 8, 1992, in Cranston, Rhode Island, United States of America. Currently, the girl is 30 years old.

Nonetheless, the fellow might be the only child of his parents or might have siblings, but there are no details about it yet on the internet. Nonetheless, his early life and childhood information are still under review.

Anyway, his daughter was brought up in Cranston’s Edgewood section and is of Italian ancestry, with some Irish heritage on her mom’s side.

Furthermore, the fellow is the father of five kids PeterAuroraOliviaGus, and Sophia Culpo.

Unfortunately, the site is likewise unaware of his educational background or hasn’t shared any insights about her academic background. Nonetheless, his daughter has finished high school at St. Mary Academy – Bay View.

From a very early time, his daughter had a keen interest in fashion and also used to watch make-up tutorials.

Career Highlights

As mentioned before, Mr. Culpo is the celebrity father of a proficient American fashion influencer and actress Olivia Culpo, who won the title of Miss pageant USA on June 3, 2012.

Furthermore, the girl started her career after winning the Miss Rhode Island USA competition in 2012 and represented the USA in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant held on December 19, 2012. Thus, the star has won many other beauty pageants on several beauty programs.

More On His Daughter’s Career

After gaining a huge base of fan followers on Instagram and YouTube, Peter’s daughter developed a reputation as a social media personality.

As an influencer, the princess has worked with various fashion and beauty brands, including Kipling, L’Oréal, and Uberliss.

To date, she has appeared in the 2020 issue of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue alongside Kate Bock and Jasmine Sanders. Also, the star appeared in the reality series Model Squad in 2018.

Additionally, Miss. Culpo has starred in several hit films such as Reprisal, I Feel Pretty, The Other Woman, and many more. Also, the lady has been chosen to play the female lead in the upcoming film Venus as a Boy.

After gaining immense popularity in the Hollywood entertainment industry, Olivia and her whole family opened a restaurant in Rhode Island in August 2017.

What Is The Relationship Status Of Peter Culpo?

Putting some highlights into Peter’s personal life, Mr. Culpo is a married man. The good-looking guy exchanged his wedding vows with his longtime girlfriend turned wife, Susan Curran.

However, the information regarding their marriage date and venue remains hidden from the media.

Old photo of Peter Culpo and his wife, Susan

Since their marriage, the lovely husband and wife couple has maintained a good relationship between them. Additionally, the queen also posts many photos of her and her husband on her Instagram handle. Additionally, the two first met in an Orchestra at college.

Further, the love-Dovey couple has been married for more than three decades and still seems very deeply in love. The star often includes her hubby in her video, and it seems their chemistry is outstanding.

From their blissfully married life, Mr. and Mrs. Culpo are the proud parents of five children, including Olivia, who is a renowned American fashion influencer and actress.

Peter Culpo, his wife, Susan, and their children
Source: Distractify

Additionally, Olivia is the Culpo family’s middle child; Peter and Aurora are their older kids, whereas Gus and Sophia are their younger ones. As a matter of fact, all of them are musically talented.

Until now, there has been no sign of divorce, separation, and conflicts between heaven-made couples.

Peter’s Wife, Susan, Is A Professional Viola Player

From an investigation, we know that Mrs. Curran is a professional viola player. Further, her daughter Olivia also follows in her mother’s footsteps as she inherited her musical talent from her mother. 

Furthermore, Susan plays cello, and not to mention the queen credits her parents for her musical talents because they made her do the all-state orchestra, complete her high school orchestra, and take private lessons. 

At the same time, the woman thought that her parents were torturing her, but then the talented person realized that was not the case, as it was for her betterment. 

In addition, Olivia’s mom was always on stage playing cello and comfortable on stage, making it easy for her to get into pageants. 

Is Olivia Culpo Dating Anyone? Know About Her Current Relationship Status

The fantabulous stylist, Olivia, is currently leading singlehood. Even though the icon is such a gorgeous and wealthy woman, it’s hard to believe she’s still alone. Presently, the girl may focus on her work and profession; nobody has spotted her with any boys since 2022.

In her field, the gorgeous diva is a mirror of beauty and achievement. Nonetheless, the lady hasn’t made any statements or offered any information about her personal life to the mainstream audience.

Additionally, the star has successfully kept the borderline between her personal and professional life. It seems the superstar is a secretive type of personality who has kept her private life behind the curtain. Peter’s daughter might be seeking a long-term relationship.

As Parents, Olivia’s Mom And Dad Thought The Idea Of Doing A Beauty Pageant Was Terrible

When Olivia popped out with the concept of doing a beauty pageant, her parents Peter and Susan’s initial reaction was not supportive; they even thought it was a terrible idea and vain. 

Later, Mr. Culpo demonstrated that they knew nothing about the beauty pageant, and the main reason behind not being supportive might be because the two were never about make-up or hair. 

As for Mrs. Culpo, the woman never wore a beauty product, not even a face cream, so they were not into advertising beauty products, wearing revealing clothes, etc. 

Peter and his wife Susan with their celebrity daughter Olivia

Since Peter’s wife was so passionate about making it in the fashion industry, the woman managed to compete in Miss Rhode Island. 

Besides this, their daughter was exposed for stealing the cheque from her parents when the agency asked her to pay $30 since the girl had no money. 

At the competition, the diva wore a $20 rental dress with a hole in the back and won the title, winning Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012.

Peter Put His Daughter On The Diet When His Daughter Olivia Was 10 Years Old

While differing their childhood and upbringing on the Emergency Contact podcast, Olivia Culpo and her older sister Aurora Culpo recognized their childhood memories where Olivia conceded how she saw herself analogized to her sister. 

According to Olivia, the star felt she was really ugly with a different look and saw her sister as a Barbie doll and herself as an unappealing duckling.

The star was overweight and had to look herself in the mirror and say, Ok, you are distinct because the influencer felt she was different. 

Additionally, the Culpo sisters were unveiled to be on a diet when she was just ten. The actress said that her dad was exceptional but like Type A, who had run over a dozen marathons. 

Even the diva admitted to being put on a diet when she was just 10, but at the same time, it made her believe that when you set in the work, you get the outcomes. 

Though it might have been tough for a 10-year-old Olivia to go on such diets at such an early age, it allowed her to stay fit throughout the lengthy run.

Peter’s Daughter Olivia Got The Inspiration To Own A Restaurant From Her Dad

For Susan’s daughter, Olivia possessing a restaurant had been her dream since an early age. Born to a restaurateur father, the girl loved being a part of it, feeling the family vibe, and driving people happy and comfortable. 

In the year 2017, Olivia’s dream came true when she opened a new cafeteria in Rhode Island under the name Back 40 with her family, where she and her dad are silent financiers.

Olivia Was Requested To Cover Up Her Dress While Touring To Mexico

The internet influencer, along with her sister and her football player boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, was traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in January, but before boarding their flight, the gorgeous actress was anointed to a desk and asked to cover her dress. 

According to her sibling Aurora, the American Airlines officials asked her to put on a blouse to cover her sports bra; otherwise, they would not let her get on the plane. 

Additionally, the TV personality shared their story via her Instagram story with a video of her outfit where she was seen unraveling a sports bra, biker shorts, a long black Cardigan, and a face mask.

Later poking fun at American Airlines, Aurora’s sister posted a shot of her on her Instagram in open-sided clothes with the caption, 

Please use caution while using the aloft bins, as items may have shifted during the flight.

How Wealthy Is Peter Culpo In 2024?

Star, Peter has done exceptionally well in his career and earned a big name and fortune for himself. Also, the handsome hunk is a known brand across the country.

As per some tabloids, the dude has a breathtaking net worth of about $3 Million as of 2024.

So the dashing man might be making handsome cash from his career so far. Additionally, the king has made a tremendous increment in his earnings.

Also, the stunning TV personality has achieved a lot at this point, plus he is still active and doing his best to gain more fame and wealth.

Hence, the Culpo family now lives in a lavish mansion in their hometown.

His Daughter Olivia Culpo’s Net Worth and Assets

A very hard-working person, Olivia was able to collect a huge fortune throughout her long successful career; the princess might have inherited the enormous assets of her dad as well.

Further, her multi-professional career as an actress and social media influencer has provided her with a comfortable living.

Furthermore, the internet influencer also gains an impressive sum of money from her various endorsement deals with many top modeling agencies and famous magazines.

Also, her earnings are mainly from her social media handles, plus commercial agreements with top brands like L’Oreal, Uberliss, and Kipling.

As per the specialized website Celebrity Net Worth, she has an estimated net worth of approx $ 7 million.

As mentioned earlier, Olivia is also a businesswoman, owning many Cosmetics Companies or an online shopping center providing many helpful beauty and skincare products.

Being one of the prominent social media influencers, the princess has gathered all of her fortunes via her outstanding sensational internet career. She has more than 5.2 million followers on her Instagram account and is hugely known for her exceptional make-up career.

Apart from this, her transformation into various personalities via make-up has amassed a huge fan following worldwide. Hence, there is no denying that the superstar relishes a lavish life with her family.

The sweet and talented Olivia is one of the famous faces all around the world in fashion and beauty. Along with being a social media star, the princess is also a model, beauty pageant contestant, and entrepreneur.

Further, her Instagram account has more than 5.2 million fan followers. Being a fashion influencer, the lady also owns numerous glamour companies.

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