One of the most gifted artists of this time, Monami Frost, is a prominent tattoo model, entrepreneur, and social media star from Irena, Latvia. The bold lady is widely famed for her unorthodox appearance and lifestyle or her distinct all-tattooed look.

Moreover, she rose to stardom after launching her self-titled YouTube channel and Instagram account. The diva is frequently seen posting about topics relevant to her own life, such as family life, lifestyle, Vegan cooking, fitness videos, and fashion.

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When and Where was Monami Frost born? Her Bio and Wiki.

The Cali Tattoo Expo model, Monami-Frost was born on January 5, 1994, in Riga, Irena, Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, under the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Likewise, she is of Latvian nationality and belongs to mixed ethnic background.

Even though the name of her parents has not been disclosed yet, her father raised her as a single child in Latvia, a small grocery store owner, and a taxi driverMeanwhile, her mom served as a cleaning lady and a nurse at a local hospital.

However, her early life and parents’ information is still a mystery to the internet. Nothing much about it has been mentioned yet in the media.

Further, she grew interested in singing while attending elementary school, and her parents enrolled her at a music school where the diva learned how to play the guitar and the piano.

Beauty With The Brain, Monami Frost’s lovely pic with her cute family.
Image Source @monamifrost

After that, the girl completed a bachelor’s in music and arts. At the same time, she discovered her affection for music and chose to make a career in the same field.

Later, the star joined many singing competitions despite not winning any which prompted creating problems for her family when she enrolled at a public high school.

Then Frost started skipping classes and met her first boyfriend, whose name is still under review; to whom she became pregnant at the only age of 14.

Although her equivalents advised her to have an abortion, the singer decided to keep the baby and gave birth to her daughter Gabriella in 2009 at 15 years of age, like many other celebrities.

In addition to this, the artist is fond of adventure sports activities and desires to become a model early. During her childhood, the lady took part in many singing competitions.

Thus, it is widely believed that the internet sensation didn’t matriculate from high school but instead focused on raising her child.

Monami had Surgery; Her Professional Career As A Model

The multi-talented personality, Monami Frost, had her first surgery at the early age of three to improve an appendix problem. When the charming lady became ten years old, she underwent another surgery to remove a lump close to her right eyebrow.

Around this time, the princess realized she could use surgery to modify her appearance and soon had her first piercing.

Moreover, the tattooed model has done all of her piercings by herself and got her first tattoo at the age of fourteen. Now this time, the gorgeous lady is famous for her body modifications and tattoos that cover most of her body.

Popular Taboo model Monami Frost has stunning and unique photoshoots pic. Image Source Instagram

Because tattoos and piercings were taboo globally, the skillful media personality created her self-titled YouTube channel Monami Frost on December 2, 2012.

There, the icon uploads videos related to tattoos, including tips, question-ask videos, make-up tutorials, fitness, fashion, and cooking recipes.

In addition to this, Monami Frost is a raw vegan who utilizes her channel to promote this way of life sharing her tips and advice with her fans and followers.

Besides this, her YouTube channel is now subscribed to by over 673 K people, while all of her videos achieved more than 35,697,591 videos view.

YouTube Career

The charming lady Monami Frost began her YouTube career a long time ago in 2012, and she along with her hubby featured on the cover of Raise Vegan back in 2018 with their adorable daughter.

Among all, two of her most popular videos are, WHAT MY VEGAN DAUGHTER EATS IN A DAY, which has been seen over 3.60 million times since it was uploaded on October 25, 2017, and BLACK ARM TATTOO – Q&A – MONAMI FROST, viewed more than 3.2 million times since May 26, 2015.

Besides this, the diva is also an Instagram star with @monamifrst as her account which is followed by more than 1.5 million audiences interested in the over 4,256 pictures she has uploaded onto it. Also, she has a TikTok handle @themonamifrost with over 261.9k followers and 5 million likes.

Also, Monami Frost is an entrepreneur, having launched her clothing line – Frost Streetwear – which was created in the United Kingdom and denotes her style.

Additionally, the girl is in charge of designing the clothes, packaging them, and promoting them on social media networking sites receiving heavy paychecks.

Monami Frost
Image Source Instagram

Later in September 2018, she teamed up with The Vegan Kind, UK’s most popular subscription box for vegans to produce a customized beauty box.

Together with her husband, she has opened the vegan restaurant Frost Burgers in Liverpool, the UK. In contrast, the eatery has 4.9/5 stars on Google after nearly 500 people inspected the restaurant.

Apart from this, the princess is also a writer who had published her cookbook Vegan Home Cooking With Monami Frost and the book consists of 100 recipes, 72 of them, gluten-free.

Additionally, the star has emerged as one of the most successful tattooed models on the internet with over a million followers on Instagram, fighting against stereotypes and other body-shaming issues that tattoo lovers face through her distinct all-tattooed look.

Until now, the diva has not won any awards but hoping she will be awarded soon for her work and determination in the coming days.

Tied The Wedding Knot With The Love Of Her Life, Anrijs Straume

Twenty-nine-year-old charming model Monami Frost has been in a married relationship with her longtime boyfriend-turned-husband, Anrijs Straume, a Tattoo artist since 2012, and is currently living happily together.

Moreover, the romantic couple walked down the aisle on August 25, 2012, in a private wedding ceremony in a small Church in London. Only a few family members attended the wedding ceremony.

Additionally, the mommy from both sides and daughter Gabby were in the Church with the newlywed husband and wife couple.

Monami Frost with her husband Anrijs Straume, a Tattoo artist
Image Source Instagram

Likewise, the lovey-dovey couple met through a familiar friend for the first time in London in 2011. In contrast, her spouse is one of the most recognized tattoo artists who has successfully marked his name and fame in the entertainment field.

In 2018, the cute girl announced that she was expecting a baby from Mr.Straume and the lovebird welcomed their daughter Neo on April 13, 2019.

Do you know? One of the first gifts the charming social media star received from her life partner when the two began dating was a mixtape that had the song Mark Frost (MonAmi) by Solaris on it. Further, she was inspired by the music to choose Monami Frost as her professional name.

Monami Frost and her hubby welcomed their daughter Neo on April 13, 2019.
Image Source Instagram

At the moment, the happy family of four is enjoying a happy and beautiful life in Liverpool. Also, the Straume duo spends most of their leisure time with their kids taking good care of them from an early age, and also love traveling together plus clicking many pictures outdoors.

Do You Know Monami Frost has One Daughter Named Gabby From Her Past Affair?

As mentioned above, attractive lady Monami Frost was already in a relationship with a person before meeting the talented artist Anrijs.

However, the internet influencer has not revealed any sort of information about him on any of her social media sites.

From her previous relationship, the beauty queen has a daughter named Gabby. Further, her adorable daughter was born when she was only Fifteen years Old.

Additionally, the star was in a relationship with her daughter Gabby’s biological father for many years. Later on, the former couple decided to split sometime in the early 2018s.

The Tattooed model Monami Frost with her daughter, Gabriella, from her ex-partner and her now hubby.
Image Source: Instagram

Shortly before the separation, the social media personality was in London meeting up with some of her close mates, and it was then that the entertainer met Anrijs Straumer, a somewhat famous tattoo artist.

Nowadays, their daughter Gabby lives with her step-father Anrijs and her half-sister, Neo, in London. More to that, it is widely believed that an Instagram star already broke up with her baby’s dad so that she could date Anrijs.

In the next five years, the mystery man was responsible for nearly all the tattoos, which can be seen inked onto Monami Fost’s skin today.

Monami Frost, A Tattoo Lover

The brown-haired tattoo model, Mrs. Frost is a Stigmatophile, meaning tattoo lover, who has covered from head to toe.

Similarly, the queen has enormous figures in her tattoo, and her artistic body art has been an inspiration to many other art lovers.

As a matter of fact, most of her dark tattoos are done by her lovely hubby. One of Monami’s favorite tattoos is the trademark snowflake on her forehead.

The bold lady Monami Frost and her life partner Anrijs Straume are avid tattoo lovers.
Image Source: Instagram

Apart from this, her body art design is colorful and aesthetic. Besides, the stock model’s partner is also a tattoo admirer who has also got multiple tattoos on his whole body as well. 

On May 26, 2015, Monami posted a YouTube video where she explained the story about her black arm tattoo. Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking two major physics characters, inked on her left arm.

Monami Frost Net Worth: $1 million

The hazel-eyed media personality Monami has an eye-catching fortune. Her estimated total net value is approx $ 1 million, which is equal to another tattoo artist, Nikki Simpson.

Further, the lovely girl has been stockpiling decent profits through her social media platforms. Furthermore, the lovely diva earns between $4,330 to $6,551 per post on her Instagram.

What is more, Frost makes about $71 to $1.1K as an estimated monthly earning and $855 to $13.7K as an estimated yearly earning from her YouTube Channel as per

Moreover, the star also added a decent amount from modeling, commercials, brand promotions, advertisements, endorsements, and many other ventures.

Also, the queen has merchandise that includes a clothing line called Frost Streetwear and is living an opulent lifestyle along with her kids and darling spouse.

Stunning Media personality Monami Frost Promoting Clothing Line and Restaurant.
Image Source Instagram

In addition to this, the stunning model owns a clothing line and a vegan burger restaurant in Liverpool. Also, she has also written a cookbook that provides vegan and gluten-free recipes.

Further, she has emerged as one of the most successful tattooed models, entrepreneurs, and YouTubers on the web, similar to Casey Patridge.

Back in 2018, MSN publicized a piece of news about the beauty queen Monami Frost extending a Vegan Burger restaurant, and the lady along with her family moved to their new house last October in the middle of Liverpool.

Apart from this, the arising internet influencer is involved in different businesses from which she receives an ample sum of money. Hence, there is no doubt that she lives a luxurious life with her family in London.

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