In this modern age of technology, who doesn’t love the American TV industry? Have ever watched the famous American mockumentary NBC sitcom The Office, you must know the character, Kelly Kapoor which is played by none other than gorgeous actressVera Mind y Chokalingam known by her stage name Mindy Kaling from 2005 to 2013.

Further, the gorgeous lady is also a prominent writer, comedian, producer, director, and voice artist whose notable works can be seen in Four Wedding And A Funeral, The Mindy Project, Champions, and Never Have I Ever.

Furthermore, Kaling is an American artist of Indian descent. Apart from her works, she is also well-famed for being a bold and brave lady who has become an inspiration to thousands of non-American ladies who are trying to make their careers in the United States of America.

Besides this, the queen has most of her traits, like braveness, from her late-mother Swati Roysircar Chokalingam. Yes! her mom is no more with us.

Does the list of obtained traits include acting as well? Was her mother Swati also into acting? What is the reason behind her sad demise?

Scroll down to know all the answers to your queries and explore more about her personal and professional life. In this article, we discuss the details of Roysircar’s early life, career, relationships, net worth, and overall achievements. Let us take a deep dive into her life.

Who Is Swati Roysircar Chokalingam? Her Bio and Wiki.

The Mindy Project star Mindy’s mom Swati Roysircar first opened her eyes on August 15, 1945, in a beautiful city in India, but later moved to the USA.

As per nationality, she is of American-Indian citizenship holder and belongs to mixed ethnic background.

Likewise, she was raised by her mother Amita Roysircar, and her father ( whose name is still a mystery to the internet) alongside three siblings Partho RoysircarGargi Roysircar, and Sreela Roysircar.

Similarly, the woman chose to pursue the medical field and had an MD in gynecology. Furthermore, after finishing her degree, Dr. Roysircar served in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton, MA, as a physician, for nearly thirty years.

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Married Life With Her Husband

The talented physician Swati was married to her longtime partner turned husband, Avu Chokalingam born Avupaiappan Chokalingam on February 14, 1945, in India who is an architect currently based in Massachusetts.

Her hubby loved the midcentury modern style of architecture, and that was reflected in the popular TV artist Mindy’s childhood home, which was furnished with Danish pieces.

In fact, her apartment in New York City is partly an inspiration from her dad.

Moreover, the lovely couple probably dated for some time before their marriage but the details about their relationship background are still under wrap.

Unfortunately, the heaven made-couple had kept their lips locked when the matter comes to revealing their personal details on when and where they first met, their marriage date, and their wedding destination as well.

Mindy Kalinga’s Parents, Swati Roysircar Chokalingam and Avupaiappan Chokalingam while appearing on the hit show The Office. Image Source Reddit

From their long blissful marital life, the twosome had given birth to two lovely children: Mindy Kaling, and Vijay Chokalingam.

Further, Mindy is one of the most renowned comedic voices of her generation with a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series and five times nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series while Vijay is an educational consultant and a life coach.

After the birth of their first child, they migrated from India to The US in 1979. Further, it was very tough for them to earn money before.

However, the lovebird raised a happy family together and also supported their kids despite all the hardships.

In addition to this, Swati’s kids, Mindy and Vijay being the only siblings each other, had a wonderful childhood together. The two spent lots of fun times together and appeared to adore each other until something happened between them.

In contrast, their daughter Mindy is the main reason why Swati and Avu became media as well as public highlights. The duo both had even appeared in the famous NBC sitcom The Office as the parents of Kelly Kapoor (Mindy herself). 

Furthermore, Mindy’s hit flick The Office Royalty has also been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.

But on the flip side, her brother, Vijay, is quite famous for faking his identity as a black man to get into medical school. Please continue reading the article below to find the reason behind the coldness in their sibling’s relationship.

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Swati’s Son Vijay Chokalingam Faked His Identity To Get Into Medical College

As mentioned earlier, the real-life Kelly Kapoor’s brother did not have a pretty competitive academic score (3.1 GPA) to get into medical school.

The guy had applied to dozens of universities, but he was turned down by all of them.

That’s why the chocolatey man came up with an idea in 1998. Since most of the medical schools at that time (even now) held affirmative action programs, Swati’s son Vijay decided to fake his identity- being a black man.

So far, the guy also added Jojo as his middle name, hooked a few black student organizations, shaved his head, and even trimmed his eyelashes.

After that, the hunk applied to 14 different medical schools using this technique and finally got one admission offer from St. Louis University’s School of Medicine.

After a lot of struggle, the fellow managed to get himself accepted to one of the medical schools, but he soon realized that it wasn’t his metier.

Only after a year at med school, Vijay decided to drop out. Then, then star received his B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Chicago, where he shared the same classes with Tucker Max, the academically adept founder of the fratire literary genre.

While his life had gone downhill at some point in time, the fall made the artist stronger instead; he became a CFA charter holder, which is an advanced accreditation in Finance.

Without posing as a black man, Mindy’s brother even managed to get into UCLA Anderson School of Management, a tier-one business school.

Do You Know Swati Roysircar Had Appeared In One Episode Of The Office With Her Spouse, Avu Chokalingam?

Not to mention, Vera’s mother, Dr.Swati, and father Avu appeared in one episode of The Office. At the same time, the series was in Season 3, where the two lovey-dovey couple starred as the parents of Kelly Kapoor (played by their daughter Mindy herself).

Likewise, the episode was associated with Diwali, an Indian festival of lights, where Mindy’s on-screen partner Ryan tries to impress her parents.

But like stereotypical Indian parents, the two try to set her up with some Indian guy, who is a doctor.

Mindy Kaling reveals how her parents ended up on an episode of The Office.
Image Source Showbiz Cheat Sheet

However, Vijay’s mama Swati was not into acting before this. The gynecologist and her partner were, of course, not prepared for acting in one of the most famous TV series of that time.

This talent of her parents was discovered accidentally when the lines of auditionees were full of outliers. Not to forget, her parents did a pretty good job there.

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What Are The Main Reasons Behind Mindy Kaling’s Mother, Swati Roysircar Death?

On May 2011, the famous physician Roysircar was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Soon after 8 months of diagnosis, the legendary TV person left this planet on January 30, 2012, at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, where she used to work.

In contrast, those eight months were very tough for Swati herself and her family. 

Furthermore, Swati’s daughter Kaling also took leave from her work to spend time with her ailing mama. Reportedly, her death left an unfillable void in the hearts of her family, friends, relatives, and close ones.

In addition to this, the Never Have I Ever actress was devastated after her mom’s death, and it took her some time to continue her job and life. After the great loss, the voice artist decided to help others influenced by pancreatic cancer.

So far, the queen helps raise awareness and advocated for more research on this cancer.

Also, the comedian teamed up with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) as a brand ambassador and also honored her mum by naming her daughter Katherine Swati Kaling devoting her mother’s name.

Know About Mindy Kaling’s Relationships

The Indian-American pioneer Mindy Kaling is allegedly dating B.J Novak. Likewise, the lovely duo met on the sets of The Office and performed an on-again, off-again couple in the show.

Ironically, the lovebird began dating in real life after a couple of episodes of the first season aired.

Nevertheless, neither Vera nor B.J. made any statements to approve of their relationship. Besides this, there is no further information about them on the internet to date.

Mindy Kaling reveals B.J. Novak is her daughter’s Godfather.
Image Source E! Online

After an investigation, we got to know that Mindy Kalinga became the proud mother of Katherine Kaling; but these kids’ father identification is still under review.

Many of her fan’s followers speculated that Novak might be Mindy’s baby daddy as well.

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How Rich Was Swati Roysircar At The Time Of Her Death?

Dr. Swati might have raised her net worth from her work as an obstetrician and gynecologist. The queen earned a significant portion of her income from her company St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton, MA, where she worked as a physician and gynecologist for nearly a decade.

According to the record, the estimated salary of an OB-GYN ranges from $270,000 to $300,000 per annum. Additionally, the prominent and highly qualified employee is also paid up to $420,000 yearly.

Moreover, the woman gained fame and wealth on the NBC sitcom The Office in addition to her professional career. Also, she rises to stardom because of her popular daughter.

Now talking about her, Swati’s daughter has been one of the most successful, and wealthiest actresses in the USA.

The Office Actress, Mindy Kaling is estimated to have a total net value of $35 million as of Feb 27, 2023.

Additionally, her multi-professional career as an actress, comedian, writer, and producer definitely helped her to amass her worth to what it is now. In addition to that, her own comedy project The Mindy Project also added a bunch of money to her worth.

In addition to this, the cast members of The Office make up to $100,000 per episode and The Mindy Project accumulated a huge amount of $2 million. 

Also, she earned $40,000 for her incredible role in The 40-year-old Virgin.

Adding all these amounts, we can easily calculate her net worth; she successfully amassed a big fat number in her bank account as well as gained love and support from her fans-followers and well-wishers.

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