Michelle Rotella is an American meteorologist working as a senior broadcast Meteorologist for the Accu Weather Network team in HMTV6, the U.S. Previously, Rotella was associated with the popular news television channel Fox5. She has continued working on forecasting television for 12 years, such as WNEP Scranton, WCCB Charlotte, WTTG Washington & many more.

How Was Michelle Rotella’s Childhood?

Senior Meteorologist Michelle was born on October 8, 1987, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the U.S. Her parents divorced in 1998 when she was only eleven years old. She has two older biological brothers and four stepbrother-sisters as her father-mother remarried.

The 33 years old meteorologist was always fascinated by the weather and following her passion for weather and kinds of stuff. She enrolled in Florida State University and has a Bachelors Of Science in Meteorology with a minor in Maths.

Michelle Rottela at HMTV6 for the Accu Weather
Source: Instagram: @mrotellawx

Also, Michelle got her CBM from the American Meteorological Society in 2016. She has spent more than twelve years in the field and worked for NEP Scranton, WCCB Charlotte, WTTG Washington & many more. Rotella has managed to track down significant hurricanes, Floods, blizzards, and other weather phenomena.

Who Is She Married To?

Michelle Rotella is married to a news producer from Pennsylvania, Micheal Ki, on July 24, 2020. We can say it is a dream wedding that everyone wants to have. Micheal is from Pennsylvania, and Michelle is from Maryland. Although the distance was too far from the lovebirds, where miles do not matter, and love won against all odds.

micheal Vojtko and Michelle Rottela wedding
Source: Instagram: @mrotellawx

There is an exciting fairytale story of the couple’s proposal. It was in the Bahamas as they were spending their quality time seeing the views of the ocean and sea lions. Mike proposed her in a very traditional way.

It was sunset time; he asked her to close her eyes and take a seat. Then he handed her a beautiful book titled “Michelle & Mike,” where she was flipping through their precious moments which they had cherished with each other.

As Michelle reached the book’s last page, she saw a beautiful diamond ring when she turned around, and Michelle found Mike on one knee holding that same beautiful ring. In that perfect and excellent setting, Mike popped the question. She, without any hesitation, accepted the proposal. They started their new venture of life together with an everlasting promise to be together.

The duo does not have any kids yet.

How Much Michelle Rotella’s Net Worth?

Michelle Rotella’s net worth is $1 million as per the reports. The meteorologist’s annual income for her senior Broadcast meteorologist is around $100k -$696k. Her primary source of income is through her profession as a meteorologist.

She has been in the field for more than 12 years, and recently she was hired by HMTV6 as a chief meteorologist.

Beautiful personality maintained by Michelle
Source: Instagram: @mrotellawx

In addition, she loves to keep her always attractive; that’s why she keeps her attire of high quality and uses one of the makeovers for her show.

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