As we all know, behind every successful person stands a strong pillar of support, and in the case of rising star Ava Michelle, that pillar is none other than her loving mother, Jeanette Cota. Jeanette Cota, a woman of remarkable talent and resilience, has played a crucial role in shaping her daughter Ava’s career and life.

Moreover, her daughter is a prominent actress and model from the United States of America who has amazed the world with her incredible talent and charming personality. She is a rising young talent in the entertainment industry who gained notoriety for her role as the eponymous character Jodi Kreyman in the Netflix comedy, Tall Girl.

Also, she is recognized for her appearance in the third and fourth seasons of Dance Moms, where she played Anna in 2018’s short film Mamma Mia!

This article aims to unravel the narrative of Jeanette Cota, exploring her roots, the challenges she faced, and the enduring impact she left on her daughter, Ava.

Let’s delve into the fascinating life of Jeanette, exploring her bio, current life, family, net worth, her daughter Ava Michelle, social media presence, and more.

Chicago Native

The famous dance teacher, Jeanette Cota first landed on this earth on September 8, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Currently, sixty-years old lady is of American nationality and belongs to a white caucasian ethnic background.

Likewise, Cota may have spent her young days with her family in her hometown; however she hasn’t revealed much regarding her parents’ identifications and early life, and it is still unknown whether she has any siblings or not.

From an early age, the lady displayed a deep passion for dance, and this passion became the foundation of her career. Jeanette later began dancing competitively as a child and quickly established herself as a talented dancer.

Gorgeous Jeanette Cota’s earlier picture with her loving father.
Image Source @cookingwith_mamaj

Furthermore, her early career included performing with different dance companies, where she sharpened her skills and developed a strong work ethic. Further, her dedication to dance led her to establish her dance studio, the Broadway Dance Academy, in Fenton, Michigan.

As per some online sources, this studio became a supporting ground for young talents like Ava Michelle (her daughter), who would later achieve fame as an actress and dancer.

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What Is Jeanette Cota’s Current Relationship Status?

The brown-eyed Jeanette Cota’s family life has been an essential aspect of her journey. The TV personality has been married to her longtime partner turned-husband, Rick Cota, for several years.

Together, the lovebirds embarked on a journey that eventually brought them to the United States and they welcomed three children into their lives, including Ava Michell, whose early years were shaped by the love and warmth of a close-knit family.

Furthermore, the romantic couple has raised three children, with Ava Michelle being the most well-known among them; her son is Devon CotaIn the same way, Jeanette’s unwavering support and guidance have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Ava’s success.

Dance teacher, Jeanette Cota posing with her daughter Ava Michelle and son Devon Cota.
Image Source Instagram

It is important to note that Cota’s relationship with her daughter Ava is not just that of a mother and child but also a mentor and student. Her expertise in dance, along with her determination, has contributed significantly to Michelle’s development as a dancer and actress.

In addition to this, her daughter attended JC’s Broadway Dance Academy which was owned by Jeanette herself.

Ava appeared as a guest dancer of the ALDC “Select Team” in season 4 of Dance Moms. In contrast, her daughter is also a model and made her debut on the New York Fashion Week runway in 2017.

Additionally, her hubby played a pivotal role in the family’s life as a traveling preacher dedicated to missionary work. Constantly on the move, his commitment to his calling brought both blessings and challenges to the Cota household.

As of now, the family of five leading a happy family life.

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Who is Jeanette’s Daughter, Ava Michelle?

The dance teacher Jeanette’s daughter Ava Michelle Cota took birth on April 10, 2002, in Fenton, Michigan, as their eldest child. Under her mom’s tutelage and training at Broadway Dance Academy, Michelle blossomed into a remarkable dancer and actress.

Furthermore, the diva gained worldwide recognition for her recurring role as Jodi Kreyman in the Netflix movie Tall Girl, which catapulted her to stardom. Further, her success is a testament to her mom’s dedication and the strong foundation she provided through her dance academy.

Similarly, Cota not only nurtured Ava’s talent but also instilled in her the discipline and work ethic required for success in the entertainment industry.

Reportedly, gorgeous Ava Michelle made her acting debut in 2018’s short film This Is Me!. After that, the girl appeared in films like Mamma Mia!, and A Christmas Dinner. In 2019, she portrayed the role of Jodi Kreyman in the big hit Tall Girl alongside Sabrina Carpenter, Paris Berelc, Griffin Gluck, and Angela Kinsey.

In addition to this, her television credits include So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Dance Moms.

Besides this, the aspiring actress, Michelle is a fun-loving and cheerful-spirited girl. Currently, she is very young to date a boy as she just whirls into her twenties. Also, the icon often spends quality time with her friends and family. In addition, she is a travel freak and seems traveling in new exotic places.

For now, Ava focuses on her career, rather than being engaged in any sort of relationship. So far, we can assume that her current relationship status is marked as single.

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How Wealthy Is Jeanette Cota In 2024?

Unfortunately, the exact net worth figure of celebrity mom Jeanette Cota is not publicly disclosed yet, but her career as a dance teacher and owner of the Broadway Dance Academy, along with her involvement in the entertainment industry through her daughter’s career, has undoubtedly contributed to her financial stability.

It is safe to claim that the queen has a decent fortune and a comfortable plus lavish lifestyle.

For now, the stunning dancer is expected to have above $1 Million, her career as a dance teacher and studio owner has been marked by remarkable achievements.

Also, her Broadway Dance Academy has produced numerous talented entertainers who have gone on to have successful careers in the industry.

Beauty with the brain, Jeanette Cota attends some big events with her daughter, Ava Michelle who is a top model and actress.
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In contrast, her teaching methods, commitment, and passion for dance have made her a respected figure in the dance community.

On the other hand, her daughter, Ava Michelle has accumulated a breathtaking sum of money and her major earning source is her acting career. Although the diva is way too young, she has an impressive net worth of around $ 5 million. Similarly, she made an annual salary of $25000 per annum.

Nonetheless, the gorgeous internet sensation is not fully satisfied with her current status and is intent on increasing her career in the entertainment industry.

So far, her fortune is bound to increase with her growing career success. Ava is a brilliant actress and a charming model who gained wide fame in a short period.

In today’s digital age, social media plays a significant role in the lives of public figures, including Jeanette and her daughter Ava. While the dance teacher may not have a massive social media following compared to her daughter, she maintains a presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Jeanette’s daughter Ava is one of the richest TV celebrities from the USA.
Image Source Instagram

Besides this, Cota often shares updates about her family, her dance academy, and her experiences in the entertainment industry on her social media pages.

Also, she uses these sites to connect with her admirers, fellow dance enthusiasts, and parents who share her passion for nurturing young talent.

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What Is Beautiful Jeanette Cota’s Doing These Days?

The brown-haired Jeanette is currently busy with her professional life and also with her family life. Likewise, her life story is one of passion, dedication, as well as unwavering support for her daughter Ava Michelle’s TV shows, movies, and showbiz career.

From her early days as a competitive dancer to becoming a renowned dance teacher and studio owner, Jeanette’s journey is an inspiring one.

Her outstanding role in shaping her daughter’s career and her continued involvement in the Hollywood industry showcase her enduring commitment to dance and the arts.

As Jeanette continues to be a guiding force in the lives of young dancers and her daughter Michelle, her legacy as a mother, mentor, and dance enthusiast remains a source of inspiration for all who aspire to reach great heights in the big world of entertainment.

Jeanette Cota’s incredible picture with her daughter Ava on the cover page of the Celebrity Parents Magazine.
Image Source Celebrity Parents Magazine

As a mother and mentor, Jeanette has left an indelible mark on the dance world and entertainment industry. Further, her dedication to her family, her role as a teacher, plus her guidance to her kids have contributed to her legacy as a formidable figure in the industry.

Looking ahead, Mrs. Cota is likely to continue her involvement in the dance community and support her daughter’s career as it continues to flourish.

Additionally, her Broadway Dance Academy will undoubtedly remain a hub for rising dancers seeking to follow in the footsteps of successful alumni like her daughter, Ava Michelle.

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