Dara Kushner is an American lady born to high profile Kushner family. She came to the limelight because of her family business. All Kushner’s family got all the media spotlight after the marriage of her brother, Jared Kushner, with the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump‘s daughter Ivanka Trump.

Dara Kushner’s Family Details and Childhood

Dara was born on Feb 12, 1979, in Livingstone, New York, to her parents Charles Kushner and Seryl Kushner. Her father, Charles Kushner, is an American billionaire real estate developer and the founder of the multi-billion  Kushner Companies since 1985.

He was a top-notch real estate developer. Back in 2005, the billionaire was found fraud, since then his son took over his business.

Dara Kushner Orbach and her children
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Her mother had given birth to her two young brothers and one young sister. 

The Billionaire’s daughter was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in Livingston, a suburb of Newark. Her grandfather Yossel (Joseph) Kushner and her grandmother Rae were Belarusian.

Dara’s Siblings: Where are they now?

Her brother, Jared Kushner, took over the multi-billion real estate business after the scandal over his father.

Jared is an American Investor, real heir to the real estate developer, landlord, and newspaper publisher. He is the son-in-law of the former President of America, Donald Trump, and husband of Ivanka Trump.

Joshua is the former senior advisor of the President of the USA. The 34 years old personality is a co-founder of Oscar Health, founded back in 2012, a health insurance startup. 

The youngest of the Kushner siblings is Nichole Kushner Meyer, who is 32 years as of now. She is married to the CEO of Observer Media and a hedge funder. Nichole did not join the Kushner company, and she turned for fashion and worked at Ralph Lauren for more than ten years. Furthermore, she has worked as senior director of creative services for global fashion until May 2015.

Who is Dara Kushner’s husband?

43-year old Dara exchanged the wedding vows with David Orbach in 2015. Furthermore, she updated her name in 2015 to Dara Kushner Orbach. Her husband was an investment banker and is the CEO of the New Jersey Regal Bank.

The lovely couple has two kids, both daughters together. They still enjoy around six years long marital life without any divorce or separation issues.

Dara Kushner’s Net Worth and Properties

The net worth of Dara Kushner is yet to be revealed. However, his father has a net worth of $1.8 billion. She is currently co-partnered with her brothers in Kushner Companies. Kushner Family has reportedly donated more than $100 million to needy hospitals, charities, and universities all over the US. 

Moreover, her brother Jared also holds a whopping amount of net worth of $800 million. And his wife, Ivanka Trump, also holds a staggering amount of $300 million of net worth to her name. Both Ivanka and Jared had previously made more than $85 million in last year’s project.

Her husband, David Orbach, has a net worth of $10 million.

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