Ana Maria Shorter was the celebrity wife of Wayne Shorter and an American actress who is famous for 1976’s In MacArthur Park.

Wayne Shorter was an American jazz saxophonist and composer. His compositions are jazz standards, and his music earned worldwide recognition, critical praise, and commendation.

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Ana Maria Shorter’s Wiki, Bio, and Age

In 1953, Ana Maria was born in Portugal to her wonderful parents whose identities are not available on the internet.

She was born and raised as a Christian alongside her siblings, whose identities are also not available on the internet.

Ana rose to fame when her marriage with Wayne Shorter was public.

Before marrying Wayne Shorter, Ana’s maiden name was Ana Maria Patricio.

Ana was a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism and a member of Soka Gakkai International.

As a child, Ana dreamt of being a public figure. And when she grew up, she pursued a career in the exact same direction.

At the age of 43, In 1996 while flying to Italy to visit her husband, Wayne, on TWA Flight 800, Ana was found dead due to an airplane crash.

Who is Ana Maria Shorter’s husband?

Ana was in a happy marriage with Wayne Shorter for almost twenty-six years.

In 1966, Wayne and Ana met at a private party. The couple started dating right after they saw each other.

After dating each other for four years, Wayne finally proposed to Ana and promised to spend their life together forever.

In 1970, Ana and Wayne walked down the aisle in the presence of their family and close friends.

Ana Maria Shorter
Wayne Shorter
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The couple was very happy in their relationship and enjoyed spending time together.

Apparently, the couple explored the world together. They would go to a new country every two months.

Before Ana, Wayne was married to Teruko Nakagami, a fashion designer.

In 1961, Wayne married Teruko. Their marriage lasted for only three years.

During these years, the couple had their first child, Miyako.

After Ana’s death, Wayne again got married to another woman, who was a very close friend of Ana, Carolina Dos Santos.

He did not have any children from his third marriage.

Wayne Shorter’s Wiki and Professional Career

On August 25, 1933, Wayne Shorter was born in Newark, New Jersey to his mother Louise, and father Joseph Shorter.

He grew up reading comic books and science fiction. He also had a huge interest in music.

His parents encouraged Wayne to take clarinet lessons at age 16 and later switched to tenor saxophone prior to enrolling at New York University.

As a member of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and later as their main composer, Shorter rose to fame in the late 1950s.

He first played in Miles Davis’ Second Great Quintet in the 1960s before co-founding Weather Report, a jazz fusion ensemble. As a bandleader, he produced more than 20 albums.

His music has received recognition from all over the globe as well as praise from critics and has many compositions that have evolved into jazz standards. The 12-time Grammy winner Shorter.

He began a prolonged reign as DownBeat’s annual soprano saxophone poll winner in 1970 after switching his focus from the tenor in the late 1960s.

Likewise, He won the critics’ poll for ten years in a row and the readers’ poll for eighteen and received the Polar Music Prize in 2017.

Shorter was referred to as “probably jazz’s greatest living small-group composer and a contender for greatest living improviser” by Ben Ratliff of the New York Times in 2008.

With pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci, and drummer Brian Blade, Shorter established the first long-lasting acoustic ensemble bearing his name in 2000.

This four performed his original compositions, many of which were reworkings of songs from the 1960s.

Alegra, Shorter’s 2003 studio record and his first since High Life, won the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Jazz record.

How did Wayne Short die?

On March 2, 2023, Wayne Shorter died in Los Angeles, California.

At the age of 89, Wayne Short took his last breath in his hospital bed due to old age.

Ana Maria Shorter
Wayne Shorter
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Alisse Kingsley, his publicist, verified his hospital death. No immediate information was available regarding the reason.

Ana Maria Shorter and Wayne Shorter’s Kids

Ana and Wayne had a daughter together named Iska. At the age of 14, she died of a grand mal seizure.

Before marrying Ana, Wayne had a daughter named Miyako, with Teruko Nakagami.

Wayne showed his affection toward his firstborn issuing his compositions copyrighted as “Miyako Music” and dedicating the pieces “Miyako” and “Infant Eyes” to his daughter.

After the death of Iska, Wayne did not have children anymore.

How rich is Ana Maria Shorter?

Since it has been a long time since Anna’s death, there are no information available on the internet.

So, her current Net Worth and income sources remain a mystery.

On the other hand, Wayne Short is estimated to have a total net worth of $5 million as of 2023.

His lengthy and accomplished work as a jazz musician, composer, and bandleader has allowed him to amass this wealth.

Some facts about Ana Maria Shorter

Ana Maria Shorter
Wayne Shorter and his wife Source: Getty Images
  • When Ana lost her life in an air crash, she had her niece named Dalila with her.
  • Tina Turner, a singer, and actor stayed as a refuge for six months at the Shorter’s house when she fled her abusive husband Ike Turner.
  • Turner wrote about it all in her autobiography ” Happiness Becomes You.”