Jazz Smollett is an American actress and producer known for her role in several movies and TV series such as ‘I Want You’ (2007) and Always With You(2009). Also, she appeared in an American sitcom, On Our Own (2009) along with her siblings.

Besides, Jazz is also an author, chef, interior designer, and lifestyle expert who serves as the lifestyle guru and cooking expert on Living By Design.

Jazz Smollett Age, Parents, and Siblings

Jazz Smollett was born on April 1, 1980, in Northern California, The United States. She is the daughter of Joel Smollett (father) and Janet Smollett (mother). Her mother is African-American whereas her father is Jewish. Her father kicked the can due to infection. 

Moving from various European parts like; Poland and Russia, The Smollett family lives in New York City. Imagined among genius kinfolk, she has five siblings including Jurnee Smollett Chimewho is an entertainer, and Jussie Smollett, Jo Jo Smollett, Jocqui Smollett, and Jake Smollett are the rest of the siblings who are on-screen characters and media identities.

What Is Jazz Smollett’s Relationship Status?

Jazz Smollett is a married woman and in a relationship with fitness and fashion model Troy Warwell since the 2000s. Troy and Jazz have tied their knot in 2012. He is also a writer and producer, who is known for his video shorts like Amanda’s Return, Always with you, and One Test Two Trust. In 2014, she had a baby, a girl whom they named Nylah.

Jazz Smollett with her husband
Source: Instagram

The couple keeps uploading romantic and beautiful photos with the family via their social media handle. She spends quality time with family and friends and lives with her family in Queens in the city of Elmhurst. She has no record of separation.

As of 2021, the couple is also a parent of their child. They are blessed with their daughter named; Nylah who is in her kindergarten stage. 

How much does Jazz Smollett earn?

As of 2022, Jazz Smollett has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars. She has made all of her earnings from the movie industry and also from brand endorsement.

Career of Jazz Smollett

In 1994 Smollett started her acting career performing in the sitcom of the Smollett family, All Alone. The program was broadcast-ed in ABC from 1994 to 1995. After that she has featured in the  2007 short motion picture, I Need YOU created by Lennox Jones

Alongside this, She has been in the short movie Reliably with you which was released in 2009. The movie was made and conveyed by her significant other, Warnwell

Jazz has worked with a couple of skilled creators in most of the film adventures. She has conveyed films, for instance, 2009 movie In Silent Spaces, 2013 video The Reel story: 12 Years as a slave and 2009 film Amanda’s Landing which was also composed by Warnwell. Later on, she has appeared in various reality shows with her siblings such as ‘The Family Table’.

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