An American TV Personality, Dontay Banks became the center of attraction as a loving father of Hollywood’s top musical artists from Chicago, Illinois, Lil Durk, and DTHANG.

Moreover, his son Lil Durk also known as The Voice/Smurk is a multi-talented American musician, rapper, songwriter, composer, vocalist, and performer. The other son DTHANG is also an American rapper, musician, vocalist, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

Both of his sons are the founders and lead members of the record label and OTF rap collective (Only The Family).

Further, his sons collaborated on several projects as a team and have worked with renowned rappers and performers, including Cardi BXXXTentacionKing Von, JusBlow600, Hypno Carlito, DJ Bandz,  THF Zoo, Chief Wuk, and many others.

Additionally, Lil has amassed a large fan following over the years of his musical career. In addition, the prominent musician inspires the audience with his raps, songs, voice, and dance moves from award production stages such as billboards to Grammy, stadium tours, and concerts.

Throughout his long musical career, the hunk has not won any awards but has been nominated plenty of times, such as the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song and the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, among many others.

Getting notoriety on your own is an accomplishment, but getting famed because of your kids is nothing short of a privilege. Our Celebrity Father, Mr. Dontay Banks, the father of Lil Durk and DThang, is in a similar scenario.

But sadly, his son Dthang is no more with us, as he left this world at only the age of 32. Do You want to explore the reason behind his death?

Also, most of the fans’ followers eagerly await to know about Dontay’s personal and professional life. If you are one of them, please stay tuned to this article until the end.

When and Where Was Dontay Banks Born? His Bio and Wiki.

Lil Durk’s father, Dontay, first opened his eyes as Dontay Banks Sr. in the year 1950 in Chicago, the United States of America. However, he hasn’t opened up about his exact birth date in the media.

Dontay, on the other side, is the holder of American citizenship who follows the Islamic faith and belongs to an Afro-American ethnic background.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details available on the internet about him available right now. Most probably, the guy is at the age of 60s.

It seems that DThang’s dad is a very secretive person who has kept his lips locked when it comes to his family background and his early life.

American TV Personality, Dontay Banks with his two lovely sons, Lil Durk and DThang.
Image Source: VergeWiki

Like his early life, the internet star hasn’t revealed his academic qualification to the public but seems well-educated.

According to some online reports, ever since he was imprisoned, Mr. Durk, along with his brother, felt a strong sense of responsibility to the whole family. Since both children were young, their father has had a tremendous desire to learn more about music.

When and Why did Dontay Banks Get Arrested?

The TV personality, Mr. Dontay Banks, has a gloomy and tragic history of imprisonment. Furthermore, the fellow was a drug dealer with ties to several underground crooks.

On the other hand, Banks found himself encircled by tragic circumstances when he returned.

Further, the guy was sentenced to jail for a drug-related offense when he was just seven months old and was imprisoned in 1993 in Chicago’s South Side after being caught up in a crack distribution operation.

Prominent rapper Lil Durk stated his dad, Dontgay Banks received a life sentence in prison for not informing. Image Source: YouTube

Additionally, his son, Lil Durk, took birth as Durk Derrick Banks in July 1994 in Englewood, Chicago, Illinois, US, when he was sentenced to life in prison.

After that, the dude won his appeal after 22 years in prison and was freed in 2019 after almost 25 years. Even Lil Durk stated that his daddy was imprisoned for 22 years for d*ugs; the entertainer communicated with him daily despite his imprisonment.

In addition to this, Lil also claimed that under the new Chicago statute, his dad would be let free in a few years.

Also, the musician said his papa was not caught with d*ugs but was locked up because Dontay didn’t inform Larry Hoover.

Lil Durk’s Life After His Dad’s Imprisonment

The prominent and successful celebrity of America, Lil Durk, had a very difficult childhood, as the guy had to earn from a very young age for his family. Further, his dad was incarcerated when the star was just seven months old.

Moreover, his whole family lived in serious poverty, and they had to spend many days without food as well.

M. Durk began singing at a very young age, and the kid gained immense popularity via YouTube and MySpace.

The composer was passionate about rapping, and his popularity was even rising daily.

So far the dude began his professional career in 2011, releasing two singles named Sneak Dissin and I’m a Hitta; both songs received positive responses from audiences globally.

The famous singer Lil Durk along with his mother, visiting his father Dontay Banks when he was locked up.
Image Source: Reddit

Then in late 2012, the star released a mixtape named Life Ain’t No Joke, as previously it also gained huge success, and by 2015, the album had been downloaded numerous times.

In 2013, the fellow formed a collective and record label named Only the Family, where he was the lead singer.

Later in 2014, the fellow released a series of mixtapes named Signed to the Streets that led him to massive success and popularity.

After that year, the rapper signed a record label with Def jam Recording and released his debut album, Remember my name(2015).

In 2018, Lil left Def jam Recording and later signed a record deal with Alamo Records; some of his hit singles include Viral Moment, Backdoor, 3 Headed Goat, The Voice, and many others.

Do You Want To Know The Main Reasons Behind Dontay Banks’s Eldest Son DThang Death?

Well! The well-known rapper Dontay Banks Jr also known by his stage name DThang didn’t have the same commercial success as his brother Lil Durk, but he was devoted to his profession, and his fans and followers also adored his songs.

American legendary rapperDontay Banks Jr aka DTHANG Passed Away at 36.
Image Source:

According to some media reports, Mr. Jr was shot and passed away outside a nightclub at 7900 South Loop in Chicago. At the only age of 32, he died tragically.

As per the inquiry, observers claimed that the rapper died on the spot. However, no sufficient evidence against the shooters has been discovered, and the police are also investigating the case.

Chicago rapper Lil Durk’s brother, DTHANG killed outside Harvey club in a shooting that also wounded a police officer. Image Source:

Other famous rappers and artists globally have acknowledged his sad demise. Besides this, Lil was also charged with assault for Shootout At Atlanta Mall, and the shooting left four individuals injured, including a young lad caught by a stray bullet.

Was Mr. Dontay Bank’s Son DThang Married At The Time Of His Demise? If Yes! Then, Who Is His Wifey?

Yes, the late businessman from Chicago, Illinois, Dthang was a married man at the time of his sad death sharing two children with his partner, although the hunk has never publicized anything about his partner in crime.

Nevertheless, if we know anything new about his spouse in the coming days, we will keep updating you.

American Late Musical Artist DTHANG’s pic with his darling wife.
Image Source: Instagram

Nonetheless, the legendary singer updates photos of his son and daughter on his official Instagram handle. Further, the guy had made great efforts to provide his children with a healthy and secure home.

Apart from this, a father with a tragic history is trying everything to provide a good upbringing for his juveniles until his death.

Is It True That Dontay’s Son Lil Durk Had Been Married Before? If Yes, Then To Whom Had He Been Married?

As we already know, that is where Lil Durk is in his work life and where the star is going. However, if you take a glance at his past life, you’ll go to notice that the dashing guy has had numerous women in his life.

Furthermore, the musical artist started dating Nicole Covone in 2008-2013 and then romantically involved with Dej Loaf for two years, from 2014 to 2016.

To date, the good-looking man dated many other women after Loaf, but their identities and personal information are still kept under the curtain.

One of the top musicians Lil Durk, with his gorgeous ex-wife and their kids.
Image Source: News Unzip

From an investigation, we got to know that he proposed to India Royale, whom he had dated for a while, in 2018.

Reportedly, there is also information that the lovebird later married in a secret ceremony.

Don’t Bank’s Son Lil Durk: Father Of Six Sons and Daughters

After doing research, we learn that the composer dated several women in his life, with some of whom he had children as well. Reportedly, the songwriter is the father of six children.

In 2008, the songster initiated dating Nicole, and three years later, the twosome welcomed Angelo Banks into their family, and his other kid, Bella Banks, made her debut in 2013.

I’m a Hitta singer, Lil Durk with his six adorable kids.
Image Source: BCK Online

Soon, the lovey-dovey couple parted ways, and only a few months later, Zayden Banks was born. In the same way, the twins Du’mier and Skyler Banks first stepped onto this earth in the year 2014. In contrast, Tameka Kute is Skyler and Du’mier’s mom.

On the other hand, their mothers are still unknown to the rest of the world. In addition to this, Mr. Durk and Miss. Royale welcomed Willow Banks, as their first child, in 2018.

Rumors and Controversy

Grammy Award winner, Lil Durk, has been involved in several controversies over the years. The stage performer was involved in a rivalry between Chief Keef and Lil Jojo, the feud didn’t end well, and Mr. Jojo got shot in the head.

The musical artist has gotten into legal trouble and has paid compensation but has not served jail time yet.

OTF Nanu was shot to death; McArthur Swindle, the cousin of Lil Durk, was Killed on the 87th.
Image Source:  ABC Chicago

Moreover, Lil’s cousin, rapper McArthur OTF Nunu Swindle, was murdered on May 31, 2014. In the same way, on March 27, 2015, one of his mates and manager, Uchenna OTF Chini Dolla Agina, was also shot dead.

On November 6, 2020, the rapper’s close friend King Von got murdered in Atlanta.

How Rich Is Dontay Banks? Know His Income and Salary.

As mentioned earlier, Lil Durk’s dad Dontay has not yet been involved in any professional work. However, his loving son Lil Durk, an American rapper, is one of the most well-known, wealthies, and appreciated phenomenal rappers all over the world.

The aspiring rapper Lil has accumulated a staggering sum of money from his long successful multiple careers. Further, the dude has been active in Hollywood entertainment for a very long time, and now he has turned out to be one of the finest stars.

As a result, the handsome hunk is famous as the lead musician, rapper, songwriter, composer, vocalist, and performer in the United States of America. Also, his flourishing career has stimulated him to stockpile a massive fortune.

In addition to this, the fellow has appeared in several hit singles videos, which have done well in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Throughout his multiple profession, the lad has accumulated a staggering net worth. As per some tabloids, Durk holds an estimated net value of $10 million.

Until now, he has released plenty of albums and mixtapes, all of which have been tremendous hits giving him immense success during his early years.

The singer has signed a record deal with Def jam Recording and later Alamo Records; his projects have been inducted into the Billboard charts and have made a huge commercial success.

Every time the musician appears, his musical venues are nearly sold out. As a result, he deposits a sizable sum of money from tours and performances into his accounts.

Nonetheless, the lead vocalist earns over $1,50,000+ per month plus $ 1 million per year from his enterprises, concerts, and tours.

Additional Properties

Moreover, the dude has received a Gold rating from the Recording Industry Association of America as he has sold more than 500K individual units.

Additionally, the songwriter got nominated for the Grammys 2020 for the song Laugh Now Cry Later, which the star made in collaboration with Drake.

Through his popular videos, Lil gained huge media as well as public attention for his abilities. Even the performer had not received formal instruction and only practiced by watching films on television.

Also, the dashing guy had to go through many hoops because he was affiliated with acts that ultimately didn’t sign him, which contributed to developing his brand and label.

Proficient Internet Star Lil Durk showing his diamond accessories.
Image Source: Pinterest 

Additionally, as an artist, Durk does some of the live shows and gigs, from where his annual income is around $180,000 as of 2023. Also, the guy adds a handsome amount of money from endorsement deals, ad-campaigns, among other ventures.

Besides this, he is an active social media user from where the guy earns a fruitful sum of wealth and lives a sumptuous life with his family.

Also, Lil’s IG account has over 14 Million fans followers; there, he mainly flaunted his lavish lifestyle photoshoots, costly accessories, vehicles, and more.

Every post on his Insta account is liked, loved, and viewed by millions worldwide. Now, the dashing star is living his dream and quality lifestyle.

More On Assets, Houses, Cars, and More.

Like other celebrities, Lil Durk also likes touring and traveling. Reportedly, the good-looking man spent most of his time in America and has worked in the music industry in America.

Likewise, the dude lives in Chicago and sometimes in Florida, as he owns a house in both places.

In addition to home residences and assets, he has a substantial net worth. However, his net value is believed to be higher than that, though it hasn’t been officially assessed yet.

Besides this, the handsome hunk loves to drive cars and has always shown his love for them; he owns a beautiful Range Rover, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro GT, and many others.

Lil Durk’s $595,000 STUNNING Georgia Mansion.
Image Source YouTube

Meanwhile, his other son Dthang had accumulated significant wealth in the music industry. Before he died, the late rapper had amassed almost $800 thousand in net value.

He had access to such an astounding amount of money through his successful career as a rapper, musician, vocalist, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

However, the legendary entertainer does not have his business or other stuff that generates money for him rather than his career.

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