A Filipino-Hawaii most celebrated couple, Leilani Malia Mendoza, gained media attention and worldwide fame after tying the wedding knot with celebrated gospel singer Brian Kelly McKnight, aka Brian McKnight. The gorgeous lady dragged the media’s eye just after her nuptials to a well-known person.

Further, her partner is an American musician, R&B singer, hip-hop recording artist, producer, songwriter, radio host, multi-instrumentalist, and actor who rose to notoriety for his strong falsetto plus belting ranger.

Moreover, her hubby is best known for his hit albums, including Genesis, and Bedtime Story, among many others. Also, the guy has hosted a late-night talk show, The McKnight Show, and was nominated for two NAACP Image Awards.

Likewise, the dude is from a musically inclined family in Buffalo, New York. Like him, his older brother, Claude McKnight II, had his band.

Besides this, the queen is a neuro specialist and neurosurgeon serving as a Pediatric Neuro physiologist with extensive experience in her field. Also, the diva is a social media influencer having exclusive power who is still actively involved in her profession.

Most of her fan’s followers have questions regarding them, including, How many kids do they have?, How wealthy are a rapper and his wife? Let’s dig into this article and get all the answers to her life queries. Till then, scroll down and stay tuned with this article.

Hails From Hawaii

The proficient radio host, Leilani, was born in Filipino, Hawaii, United States of America. However, the details disclosing her exact birth date are still under the rug as she lives a very-low key life and is a bit secretive type of person.

In the same way, the girl was born into a middle-class family, her father, Justin Kanoa Mendoza, and her mom Kailani Carolina Mendoza.

Further, she is of Filipino and Hawaii descent, as her daddy studied in the Philippines while her mom graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

She holds an American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnic background.

From a spiritual point of view, the diva is a faithful follower of the Christianity religion.

Professional Neuro Surgeon Leilani Malia Mendoza’s earlier pic with her lovely dad, Justin Kanoa Mendoza.
Image Source @leilani_211

Despite being famed as a celebrity partner, the host doesn’t have much media exposure. As a result, information detailing her siblings, relatives, and others is still unavailable. However, her parents raised her in an exceptional, caring, and lovely environment.

So far, Malia is also surely an educated lady, so there is, but she enrolled and completed her education at some prestigious school/college in the United States of America.

The star received her qualification after 12 years and then finished her bachelor’s at the University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA).

What Does Brian’s Wife Leilani Do For a Living?

The talented TV personality Mendoza has been working as a pediatric neurophysiologist performing at UCLA.

She has been involved in the medical field for a long time. Many of her fan followers previously thought she was a nurse after glimpsing her in scrubs.

Aside from this, the stunning lady is an active user of Instagram with over 146 followers, sharing lovely pictures with her darling partner and other work-related pictures.

Professional neurosurgeon Leilani Malia Mendoza on her work.
Image Source Inatsgram

Meanwhile, her life partner McKnight is better known for his falsetto voice and wide range. The hunk has won numerous Grammy Awards nominations over the course of his career.

Likewise, he has made his appearances on episodes of the television show Sister, Sister and led up in the 2009 comedy movie Black Dynamite.

Additionally, Brian’s self-titled 1992 debut album went on to sell over 1 million copies. Also, he released 12 more studio albums between 1995 and 2017.

His most successful album to date is 1999’s Back at One, which sold more than 3 million copies globally. In total, the singer has sold more than 25 million albums all around the world.

Is The Stunning Nurse, Leilani Malia Mendoza, Married Or Still Leading A Single Life?

Splitting some hot tea into her personal life, the charming and alluring personality Malia tied her wedding knot with her longtime boyfriend turned husband, Brian McKnight.

In the same way, the lovely duo’s intimate relationship started in 2014 after the two met at a fitness convention in Los Angeles, California, for the first time.

In one of the interviews, the love of her life said that it was love at first sight for them.

Later in May 2017, Leilani exchanged her wedding vows with her then-boyfriend turned now-spouse, Brian, after dating shortly for over three years.

Filipina-Hawaii Leilani with the love of her life, Brian McKnight, on their wedding night.
Image Source Instagram

Then after seven months, the romantic couple accepted each other as a husband-wife life partner on 29th December 2017, soon after their engagement.

Further, the lovebird held their intimate wedding ceremony in New York’s famed Oheka Castle in the presence of their family, friends, and close ones.

On their big day, the gorgeous star wore a gown covered in 50,000 hand-breaded Swarovski crystals by Sabrina Mannings that captured everyone’s eyes.

On the other side, her groom was in a black tuxedo suit, white shirt, and a bow tie which showed him extra among all the guests.

Fetched up as a Seventh-day Adventist, faith has played a central role for Brian and his family. Similarly, his grandfather was a flock pastor, while his mom sang in a gospel choir and played the piano at Emanuel Temple in Buffalo.

The hunk has also been noticeable in the African-American community and has been nominated for multiple NAACP Image Awards.

Leilani and her partner Brian were expecting a baby.
Image Source Instagram

Furthermore, the heaven-made pair reported their marriage on 1st January 2018 and posted a beautiful picture of their wedding ceremony on their respective Instagram handles.

Recently we had some good news that, the lovebird is going to be parents soon, we wish them for their good.

Since then, the romantic couple has lived a happy married life in the United States of America, with no news or rumors of separation or extramarital affairs.

Also, they share a strong bond, and there is no rumors or controversy between them about separation and extra-marital affairs.

Who Is Leilani Malia Mendoza’s Partner In Crime, Brian McKnight?

In New York, Malia’s Hunny Brian took birth on 5th June 1969. Likewise, the dark chocolaty man completed his high school at Sweet Home High School, where he performed as a bandleader.

From his early teen years, the musician developed writing skills and learned different instruments as well. Further, the fellow had the golden opportunity to explore various genres of music worldwide.

Also, the singer became popular for his strong falsetto and belting range. Because of this work, Mr. McKnight has received 16 Grammy Awards nominations through his lifeline and many more of his upcoming projects. So far, there is no denying that he will gain many more honors and awards.

But, both partners have dated and married once in their lifetime. Let’s talk about this now.

Leilani Malia’s Husband, Brian McKnight’s Previous Marriage Or Relationship

Before R&B singer Brian wedded his second wife, Leilani, he was already in a marital bond with his first wife, Julie McKnight.

Moreover, the former duo was his high school sweetheart, and their love twisted into marriage, as the two got engaged or exchanged their wedding vow in 1990.

From their 13 years of marriage life, the ex-pair became proud parents of two adorable kids, Niko McKnight and Bryan McKnight Jr.

Leilani Malia Mendoza with her hubby, Brian, and his two kids, Niko McKnight and Bryan McKnight Jr.
Image Source Instagram

Despite being in a marital bond for more than a decade, problems began in their marriage, resulting in the former couple getting divorced in 2003. Surprisingly, their son Bryan McKnight Jr. blamed his father for leaving him and his mom.

Now, let’s have some buzz about Leilani’s ex-boyfriend.

Then, Who Is The Former Boyfriend Of Charming Leilani Malia Mendoza? Do They Share Any Kids Together?

Out of Mendoza’s intimate relationship with her former partner, Mrs. McKnight became the mom of two children.

Unfortunately, the charming girl has kept her lips locked when the matter comes to her past relationship or affairs, and also, we can say that her ex-boyfriend’s name plus other details are still under the ladder.

However, we know that her kid’s name is one son, Jack McPhee, who first landed on this planet on December 193, 1999, and one daughter, Julia McPhee, born on 9th September 2002.

Neuro specialist Leilani Malia Mendoza’s gorgeous daughter Julia McPhee graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara.
Image Source Instagram

Currently, her attractive daughter is grown and has already graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara. In the year 2021, her son Jack finished high school graduation.

In addition to this, her juveniles have a good link with her current spouse, Brian, and they seem to be happy about their mom’s new relationship.

Besides this, Malia is also a stepmom to Brian McKnight’s kids from his past relationship.

Holds Millions Of Net Worth

As mentioned above, Leilani is a neuro specialist who may not be as well-famed as her life partner, but the queen has successfully marked her name and fame in the medical field or has been able to establish herself in this tricky business.

She diva began her career-long time back and is still one of the biggest names all over the world.

Throughout her long successful professional career, Mendoza has been accumulating a staggering fortune.

As per some reports, her estimated total net value is around $1 Million, including all her salaries and earnings. Further, her social media channels are another good source of passive income for herself.

Furthermore, the star collects hefty sums of money through advertisements, endorsements, and sponsorships of several fashion brands and companies.

Hence there is no doubt that her net worth and salary will rise higher in the upcoming days.

Additionally, Malia seems to be the secretive type of person or lives very lowkey as she has no social media account, so there is no clue regarding her house, cars, and other properties. Also, the data revealing her private properties remains unveiled.

With such a breathtaking sum of money, Leilani relishes a lavish lifestyle on her own with her family and loved ones in the beautiful city.

More About Leilani Malia Mendoza’s Spouses, Brian McKnight’s Net Worth, Assets, and Income.

Not to mention, her darling Brian Kelly McKnight, known by his stage name, Brian McKnight, is a leading American musician, R&B singer, songwriter, hip-hop recording artist, producer, radio host, multi-instrumentalist, and actor who has successfully marked his name and fame in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Moreover, the dashing guy is among the wealthiest media personality in the Hollywood entertainment field, and his monthly salary is more than $236,000 per episode.

Further, the actor has amassed a hefty income via his long successful career, movie contracts, songs, album sales, concerts, social media royalties, and many more.

Also, the handsome hunk has invested in the business and earned from sponsorship deals.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Brian’s total net value is approximately $10 million from his working career, and the musician’s average salary is around $44K.

Leilani Malia Mendoza and her whole family live a happy and luxurious life.
Image Source Instagram

In addition to this, Songwriters enlisted with Broadcast Music Inc accept royalty payments, which should be 200 percent. Later, a 100 percent share is received by the writer, and the publisher acquires another 100 percent.

Besides this, the composers’ average salary is around $43K in the US per year, and the music producer’s annual remuneration is $89K annually.

He paid a little under $ 1.3 million for a mansion in Chatsworth, California, in 1999, and later, he sold this home for a little under $ 1.8 million in August 2019.

Her Hubby Brian’s Financial Problems

In February 2014, it was announced that Mr. McKnight was the alleged victim of a large-scale scam perpetrated by his former accountant.

The guy sued the former associate for forgetting to pay his taxes for more than ten years in a row and, after that, wracking up $1.5 million worth of back taxes and penalties.

Because of all these financial troubles, the fellow claimed at the time that his bank had placed a lien on his home, and the IRS had even frozen his music royalty payments. Not only this but his driver’s license was also suspended for failing to pay back taxes.

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