An American billionaire businesswoman, film producer, and executive, Laurene Powell Jobs is the founder and chairperson of Emerson Collective and XQ Institute, an organization focused on harassing the potential of individuals from underserved communities to help them build better lives.

Moreover, the woman runs a non-profit organization that focuses on investing and philanthropic activities and advocates for policies concerning education plus immigration reform, social justice, and environmental conservation. Besides this, Mrs Jobs is the Co-founder of Terranera, a natural food company.

Further, the star is probably more famous for being the better half of the late chairperson, chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs.

Sadly, her partner died of complications from pancreatic cancer at 56 on October 5, 2011, in Palo Alto, California, United States.

The widow of Apple co-founder Steve, Laurene has become an influential presence in the investment world.

A philanthropist, Powell, 54, is one of the wealthiest women in the world, with a net worth of $20.7 billion. Following her hubby’s death in 2011, she inherited his fortune—namely Mr Jobs’s shares in Apple and Disney.

Currently, she resides in Palo Alto, California, with her three children. Now, we have set up a short article on Laurene from where you can grab all the required information. Along these lines, tune in to these tabloids to get more data about the celebrity wife. Take a minute to go through this capsule.

First Met Her Beloved Husband While She Was An MBA Student At Stanford

While observing a View From the Top lecture in October 1989 at Stanford, fifty-nine years old billionaire snuck to the front of the course and began a conversation with the man sitting next to her.

The guy then stood up and introduced himself as the guest lecturer, Steve Jobs. That same day, Mr Jobs skipped a vital business dinner to take Powell out on their first date. Also, he stated that:

“I was in the parking lot with the key in the car, and I believed to myself, ‘If this is my last night on the planet, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman?”

Also, the dashing man said, “I ran across the parking lot and asked her if she’d have dinner with me. Laurene said yes, we walked into town, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Laurene Powell Jobs and Steve Married At Yosemite National Park

Before her spouse’s death, the blue-eyed businesswoman was in an intimate relationship with her longtime boyfriend-turned-husband, Steve.

Sadly, little information is shared regarding them, but we know she has been dating him for more than two years. 

Furthermore, the twosome was very much in love and supported one another proudly; they often appeared or worked together professionally. After dating for a while, they accepted each other as a husband and wife on March 18, 1991.

Laurene Powell Jobs and her late husband, Steve Jobs
Source: Businessinsider

Additionally, Kobun Chino Otogaw, a Zen Buddhist monk, headed over to the wedding ceremony, which took place at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park.

From their happy married life, the heaven-made couple later had a son, Reed Paul Jobs, born in September 1991, followed by two daughters, Erin in 1995 and Eve in 1998.

Also, the star is the stepmother of Lisa Brennan-Jobs, born in 1978, a daughter from her hubby’s previous relationship.

Lauren with her late husband Steve and their kids

Besides this, the queen is not active on any social media. Presently, Powell maintains a shallow profile of herself, so other information is yet to be disclosed.

Unfortunately, the proficient TV personality is a widow lady at present. Moreover, her late husband, Jobs, passed away due to complications from a relapse of his previously ministered islet-cell neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011.

Apart, Laurene said in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams-

“His private legacy with me and the juniors is that of husband and father, and we miss him every day,”

Laurene Powell Jobs’- The Richest Woman In The Technology Field

An American billionaire, Powell holds a staggering net worth of approximately $19 billion, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Probably, she is best known for being the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

After her husband’s death, the lady inherited her husband’s fortune, including 5.5 million shares of Apple stock and a 7.3 percent stake in the Walt Disney Company, making her the third richest woman in the United States and the fifth richest woman in the world.

The lovely girl beneficially owned 64.3 million shares of Disney after Steve’s death and through to 2016, making her the company’s largest single shareholder until she eased her shares by half in early 2017.

In 2006 Mr. Jobs sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion. The guy received 138 million Disney shares in the sale, roughly 7% of the total shares outstanding, which drove him the largest individual owner of Disney stock.

At the time of his death, those shares were worth $8 billion. Further, his Apple equity was only worth roughly $2 billion at the time of his death.

In addition to this, their lovely daughter Eve has her own ranch worth $15 Million, where she trains in horse riding. As a matter of fact, her mom gifted her the farm.

Apart, the lady doesn’t take her family’s wealth for granted and works hard to mark her name and fame by competing in horse riding in the Amateur league.

Also, the kid won a $130,000 CSI 3 Grand Prix at the Split Rock Jumping Tour in May in Lexington, Kentucky. In August, the girl took home $100,000 as a reward in an event conducted in British Columbia, Canada.

More About Their Disney Shares

Not to mention, Powell inherited full rights to Steve’s Apple and Disney stakes.

According to some online sources, the diva sold roughly half of her Disney stake in 2017, approximately 64.3 million shares, for roughly $7 billion. Further, the sale renounced her with roughly 4% of Disney’s total outstanding shares.

Since the queen is no longer above 5%, Disney does not have to convey her transactions publicly. As of this report, if Mrs Jobs still owns the remainder of her stake, those roughly 74 million shares are worth $13 billion.

Besides, the star earns around $120 million in cash dividends yearly from Disney (technically $60 million semi-yearly).

Laurene Powell Jobs’ Apple Shares

When Laurene’s husband Steve died, the fellow passed 5.5 million shares of Apple on to Laurene.

When the stock divided 7-1 in 2014, that stake evolved to 38.5 million shares, and that stake became 154 million shares when the stock split 4-1 in August 2020.

As of this essay, 154 million shares are worth $20 billion, and those shares produce around $160 million per year in dividends (technically, $40 million per quarter). Over the years, she has earned well over $1 billion in cash dividends.

In addition to this, her late partner in crime, Steve, was an American inventor plus business magnate with a staggering net worth of $10.2 billion at the time of his sad demise in 2011.

Not to mention, Jobs was well recognized for being the co-founder and chief executive officer of the technology giant Apple Inc.

Also, he served as the chief administrator of Pixar Animation Studios, which the guy helped sell to Disney.

Assets and House

The businessperson Powell bought a minority stake in the parent of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and the NHL’s Washington Capitals worth over $1.1 billion.

Also, the queen owns stakes in several media outlets. In 2016, she launched the Emerson Collective Foundation, which values at $1.2 Billion, where most of the foundation stakes are captured by Disney.

Nowadays, her whole family resides in a $35 million mansionWithout any dilemma, the Jobs family enjoys a luxurious life with her kids in a lavish mansion.

New Jersey Native

One of the famous entrepreneurs, Laurene Powell, first opened her eyes on November 6, 1963, in West Milford, New Jersey, under the Scorpio zodiac birth sign.

Likewise, she holds American citizenship and belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background. At present, the lady is in her 60’s.

Similarly, she was raised by her middle-class family alongside a brother named Brad Powell and a sister named Tracy Powell.

Meanwhile, the girl hasn’t shared her parents’ names and backgrounds in the tabloids, so we are not accessible with the correct information.

According to Business Insider, when Powell was just three years old, her dad, who was a pilot by profession, left this planet in a plane collision, and her mom later remarried.

Regarding her academic qualification, she enrolled at the University of the Pennsylvania School of Arts and earned her B.A. degree in Political Science, followed by a B.S. degree in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1985.

After graduating in 1985, Powell spent three years working on Wall Street as a fixed-income trading strategist for Goldman Sachs.

Also, the diva worked for Merrill Lynch Asset Management and later on received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1991.

Laurene Powell Jobs’ Career Highlights

From the beginning of her career, Steve’s widow spent several years working in investment banking and later co-founded a natural foods company named Terravera in California, focused on developing organic raw materials such as grains and oilseeds.

Then, these raw materials are incorporated into the food and feed industries. Once Laurene had children, the business owner stepped back from Terravera to spend more moments raising her family.

Also, she handles the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust. Besides her work with the Emerson Collective and College Track, the lady serves on the boards of directors of NewSchools Venture Fund, Conservation International, and New America Foundation.

Also, the icon works as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Additionally, she frequently serves as president of the board of College Track; an after-school program Powell founded in 1997 to prepare underserved high school students for success in college.

Nonetheless, this non-profit organization still exists today and helps to prepare low-income students for college via tutoring and mentoring.

Initiated in East Palo Alto, College Track now has expanded to serve students in nine locations across San Francisco, Oakland, Aurora, New Orleans, Colorado, and Louisiana.

Founder of Emerson Collective, Supporting Social Justice

Putting her business, economics, and political science degrees to use, Mrs Jobs launched Emerson Collective in 2004.

Anointed after Ralph Waldo Emerson, the alliance based in Palo Alto, California, enables social justice and environmental conservation and advocates for immigration reform and procedures upsetting education.

Further, the private company operates grants and investments to advance modern-day education through the use of technology. Once Laurene stated that:

“So there’s Emerson’s opinion of self-reliance… I’ve always had this idea that you must make the most of things. And then collective because I wanted the idea that you accomplish your goals with people because good ideas come from many places.”

Primary Goals

Proficient lady Laurene has also greatly interested in education reform as a political activist and philanthropist.

Besides Emerson Collective and College Track, the billionaire launched a $50 million project called XQ: The Super School Project in September 2016 to create high schools with a new approach to study. Also, an entrepreneur is the chairwoman of the board of directors for XQ.

Furthermore, Powell is even on the board of organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and Conservation International, a member of Stanford University’s board of trustees.

Additionally, the girl is a founding member of the Climate Leadership Council alongside Ray Dalio and Michael Bloomberg.

Apart from this, her athleticism and love for sports have continued throughout her life.

In October, Job’s widow also acquired about 20 percent of Monumental Sports plus Entertainment, which owns the WNBA Mystics, the Washington Wizards, the Washington Capitals, the Capital One Arena, and many more.

Daughter Eve Jobs

After being born into a billionaire family, most people take it for vested and enjoy a splendid life. The girl was born in 1998 in California to her late father, Steve, and mother, Lauren.

Laurene Powell Jobs and her daughter Eve

Likewise, she grew up with her older siblings, Reed JobsErin Jobs, and half-sibling Lisa Brennan Jobs.

Similarly, the kid grew up in California, where she attended a traditional high school. Eve always wanted to become a horse rider, so she trained at Upper Echelon Academy.

Somehow the juvenile managed her studies and her love for horse riding. After completing high school, the girl attended Stanford University and is currently in her final year of the University.

Previously in an interview, her dad told Eve to be sarcastic and ambitious from her childhood, as her father even assumed his youngest daughter could run for US president in the future.

Also, she is concentrated on her studies and trains horse riding along with Bill Gates’ children-Rory, John gates and Jennifer Katharine GatesMichael Bloomberg’s daughter, Bruce Springsteen’s daughter-Jessica Springsteen, and Steven Spielberg’s daughter- Destry Speilberg.

Additionally, their youngest daughter is currently dating the famous Mexican horserider Eugenio Garza Perez, a Miami School of Business student.

Since the two follow the same passion for horse riding, they met during a horse-riding event in California and began dating in 2018.

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