As we all know, in this era, most people including kids, teenagers, and adults are addicted to social networking sites using various social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Among them, one is McKenzi Brooke, who rose to prominence after launching her TikTok account in January 2016.

Moreover, the lovely lady has garnered immense name and fame after uploading her lip-syncs, funny, dance, and entertaining videos on her self-titled TikTok account.

Currently, her self-titled TikTok account has amassed nearly 16.2 million followers and more than 697.7 million lifetime likes.

Besides this, the princess is also an actress who starred in numerous hit movies. In 2017, the lady appeared on-screen for the first time when she was portrayed in a film titled Celebration of Music and in a television series entitled Next Generation Role Model in 2020.

Further, her role as McKenzi Howey in Christmas on the Square was released in the same year.

In 2021, her big break is as the character of Sasha as an actress in the TV series Attaway General. In this series, she was featured alongside popular social media stars like Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson.

Also, the star has gained media as well as public attention through movies, including The ENT Bash, Celebration of Music, Attaway General, etc.

The queen is not only an actress, singer, and social media influencer but also a professional dancer who has seemed live with her brother in Playlist Live and with The Chainsmokers in 2020.

Even Brooke is an active user of other social media sites like Youtube and Instagram. The diva, along with her brother Reif Howey Brooke collaboratively run a joint Youtube channel entitled, McKenzi and Reif, where the two post different kinds of videos like Shots, dancing, Vlogs, pranks, and comedy.

Be with us furthermore and keep reading the article below to know all the details about this arising TikTok star in the section below:

What Is The Current Relationship Status Of McKenzi Brooke? Who Is Her Lucky Boyfriend?

A nineteen-year-old internet influencer McKenzi is a lovely person by nature. The stunning dancer seems to be a very private person who has successfully kept the borderline between personal and professional life.

So far, she has kept a spot in the limelight. The star keeps her status low-key. 

The chubby TikTok star might be hiding her relationship status from the public, or she might be leading a singlehood and concentrating on her further career right now.

So, isn’t it obvious that her well-wishers would want to know about her current relationship status as well as her romantic life?

McKenzi Brook is somewhere between living and dreaming in New York at Times Square
Image Source @mckenzibrooke

Unfortunately, the social media personality is one of those who usually keeps the things related to her relationship wrapped up without giving many details to the public.

She has barred her private life from public attention or the spotlight.

After digging into the web or searching her social media handles to find a clue; but, oh girl, Miss. Brooke has done a great job of keeping her personal life a bit secret.

Now Let’s Talk More About Her Connection

The professional dancer McKenzi is one of the most followed celebrities out there. Fans and followers from all around the world often want to learn more about her relationship status, despite being a notable celebrity.

The star prefers to keep her personal details to herself; she is rarely seen in the camera frame.

Only the charming girl can disclose the secret to her appreciated in the coming days. Also, there are no precise records of her past relationship or affairs yet.

The daring actress seems to be single at the moment but is ready to mingle. Maybe, the queen is waiting for the right person and the right time to be linked up.

The stunning media personality McKenzi Brook is single and loves spending quality time with her loved ones.
Image Source Instagram

Probably, the incredible performer wants to focus on building her career for now. So the answer to the quests is still a mystery or well-kept secret; we can wait or guess until she feels comfy sharing her info with us.

Besides this, the entertainer is a person with no rumors and presents her best on social media through her amazing content.

In addition to this, she is a person with positive behavior and has never been into any hearsay to date like other TikTok stars like Stephanie Buttermore and Caden Conrique.

What’s her Net worth?

Well-celebrated Social Media Influencer McKenzi Brooke is one of the most successful young talents out there. The star alone has over 16.2 million followers on her official Tik Tok account. 

After all the hard work and dedication, the gorgeous singer has put into her career, Brooke has made an enormous sum of money, and advertisers also pay a certain amount for the post she makes on TikTok handles.

TikTok queen McKenzi Brooke with her mom in Miami, Florida.
Image Source Instagram

Considering her latest 15 posts on TikTok and Instagram, the intermediate engagement rate of followers on each of her posts is 4.40%.

Thus, the average estimate of her charge from sponsorships is between $896 to $1340 and $731.5 to $1202.9, respectively.

As per the latest payroll, she earns $2.7 thousand to $4.2 thousand for sponsorship on TikTok. Nevertheless, those figures vary based on content and individual engagement.

Therefore, the princess must be earning thousands of dollars via TikTok and also makes $3.2 thousand to $3.7 thousand through her each sponsorship.

More About McKenzi Brooke’s Earnings!!!

Being one of the famous social media stars, McKenzi Brooke has earned a staggering amount of money throughout her multi-professional career.

Also, the girl adds a handsome amount to her bank account through her modeling. With all the hard work and struggles she has put into her career, the girl has accounted for a decent fortune.

Evaluating all of her income streams illustrated above over the years and calculating them, her total net value is around $2.5 million accumulated through her involvement in the internet world.

Gorgeous McKenzi Brook’s Paid Partnership with @4:25 with @totinos & @flighthouse 
Image Source Instagram

Moreover, the icon made this money by writing many record-breaking songs and adding her vocals to many songs. But, her wage is still under review. \

As an American Dancer, the charming lady has a salary in five figures; as per the source, McKenzi has stocked a decent fortune.

Additionally, the professional dancer endorses different brands via her media page and is also an official ambassador to many leading online portals. Most of her sponsorships include clothing outfits, makeup products, eateries, and many others. 

Apart from this, the star has locked her lips regarding her assets, income, and other ventures. Still, she lives a moderate life with her family in the United States of America. Another TikTok star, Aaliyah Mendes, holds a net value of $300,000.

Income From YouTube

The internet influencer was a dancer growing up and would participate in school assemblies. In the same way, the mesmerizing personality Brooke has two YouTube channels amassing over 100,000 subscribers.

After an investigation, we know that one of her self-titled YouTube channels, McKenzi Brooke, has 1.36K subscribers, 30 uploads, and 41,656 video views which she created on May 1st, 2022. But, it makes $0.03 to  $0.46 per month and $0.34 to $5 annually yet.

On the other side, her other YouTube channel, McKenzi and Reif, has 482 uploads, 265K subscribers, and 73,786,732 video views; they launched their channel on Mar 10th, 2015.

According to, their YouTube channel earns $8.9K to $141.6K as estimated monthly earnings and $106.2K to $1.7M per annum.

The bold lady McKenzi Brooke’s Paid Partnership partners with @puma sneakers
Image Source: Instagram

Besides this, this internet sensation is acquiring a bundle of money from brand promotions, ad campaigns, business ventures, modeling, sponsorship, and many other ventures on YouTube as well.

Recently, McKenzi received both silver and gold play buttons from the YouTube community for achieving 100k subscribers on her both YouTube channel. 

Even though the TikTok star lives a modest and happy life with her lovely family in the United States of America.

About McKenzi Brooke.

The ENT Bash actress Brooke first opened her eyes on Saturday, December 27, 2003, somewhere in the beautiful city of the United States of America. Her birth sign is Capricorn.

Concerning ethnicity, the queen is Irish, and her citizenship is American. She follows the catholic religion.

Likewise, the girl was born to her parents, Mark and Arianne. Her mom served as a school teacher. But, there is no detail regarding her dad’s profession yet.

Also, the lady is blessed with a supportive brother, Reif Howey Brooke, who is also a proficient dancer with whom she spent her whole childhood.

TikTok Influencer McKenzi Brooke with her younger brother, Reif Howey Brooke, and their dad.
Image Source: Instagram@mckenzibrooke

Further, Brooke did not face any difficulties in her childhood for quality education and a good life because she is from a well-established family background. However, there is no further data regarding her academic background and the schools she attended.

The lady is well-educated and finished her early education at a private school in her hometown, Glasgow.

After that, she might probably attend her higher education in one of the renowned schools in her hometown and got a college degree from a private American University or reputable college in 2021. Nevertheless, the star has not disclosed her major subjects.

Besides, she gained massive fame at such an early age through her incredible acting skills and her passion for entertaining people on TikTok through her amazing video content.

Career Highlights

The multi-talented media personality McKenzi started her devotion to social media from a hotel room, and the lady posted her first video in 2016. From then on, she initiated getting popular due to her unique personality, incredible style, and vibrant, fun-loving nature.

Moreover, the singer also gained notoriety from her role in Attaway General as Sasha, who loves to act and dance, and is a full-time social media influencer and Tiktoker now.

Are you aware? Brooke’s career on other social media sites, including Youtube, is also skyrocketing alongside her brother.

Further, they have joined their self-titled channel to upload funny Q/A challenging, videos and even learned many new things like editing their videos, cloning, making new content, and many more.

In addition to this, the lassie loves dancing and singing in her spare time; she is an avid camera lover and even likes to come into the light whenever possible.

McKenzi and her brother Reif’s IndiKids Multi-Talent Covers.
Image Source Instagram

Most of her videos comprise her funny and tender moments along with her family and close friends. Going through her personality, Brooke is very loving-sweet by nature and likes mingling with everyone.

McKenzi Brooke’s Social Media Profiles

5 feet 6 inches tall, McKenzi is a popular social media personality, so far she has an immense fan base on her social media accounts. But the star isn’t active on her Twitter account.

And on Instagram, the diva has a username @mckenzibrooke with 2,880 followers, and @itsmckenzibrooke with 1820 followers on Facebook.

TikTok influencer McKenzi Brook uploads numerous entertaining videos with her brother, Reif Howey Brooke on their respective YouTube channel McKenzi and Reif.
Image Source: Instagram

As mentioned above, the queen is famous for her lip-syncing and vlogging videos. So, On TikTok, the lady has a username @mckenziebrooke with 454k followers.

She also has two official Youtube accounts, McKenzi and Reif, with 265k subscribers, and McKenzi Brroke with 1.3k.

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