Emma Gretzky is an American actress, model, and tennis player who is famous for working in the Palo Alto drama series. She is famous as the youngest daughter of the ice hockey’s Greatest Of All Time Wayne Gretzky, a former ice hockey coach. 

Early Life And Education

Emma Marie Gretzky was born on March 28, 2003, in Los Angeles to father Wayne Gretzky, and mother Janet Jones. Her father is the legend of ice hockey and is one of the greatest players. He has been the greatest of all time and many sportswriters mentioned him as “The Great One. He is also a former coach of the national team.

Emma Gretka and her whole family
Source: Instagram: @janetgretzky

Her mother, Janet Jones Gretzky, is an American actress and was a very famous actress during her era. Emma got her high school graduation from Westlake Village School, California. 


The model has one elder sister and three big brothers. The eldest is Paulina Gretzky, born in 1988. She is a model and an actress who married to Dustin Johnson, a professional golf player.

Emma’s brother, Trevor Gretzky, who was born in 1992, is an actor. Other brothers Ty Gretzky is a former ice player born in 1990, and Tristan Gretzky is also an actor and youngest of the three brothers born in 2002.

Is Emma Gretzky In a Relationship?

Yes, the 18 years old model is in a relationship with Luc Yorkiso from New York. He is also a pro athlete of ice hockey. The couple shares a common passion for sports which might be the reason behind their strong bond. The pair has been together since 2021.  

Gretzky publicly posted pictures with Luc, and later on, she deleted the pictures from her Instagram. 

Emma Gretzky’s Net Worth

The net worth of Emma Gretzky is $1 million as per the multiple sources. The average income of an actress is $50 per hour to $91,041 per year. The major income source is through her profession as an actress. 

Her dad, Wayne Gretzky, is the richest player in ice hockey history, having a net worth of $250 million. He almost played 20 seasons of ice hockey in his career. His average salary was $6.5 million for a 48 game season. Furthermore, along with the endorsements and partnership, his annual income is $11.9 million. Now, Gretzky owns a restaurant and a wine business. 

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Emma Marie Gretzky
Job Title
model, actress and tennis athlete
Los Angeles, California, USA,