Eva Gardos is an award-winning Hungarian film director and editor known for her work in An American Rhapsody, Apocalypse Now, Mask, etc. The talented figure initiated her professional career as a teacher in New York City’s hardest schools.

Personal Life: Gardos Parents and Sister Details

Eva Gardos was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1950. The 72 years old figure was born to her parents, Leslie and Vera Gardos. And she has an older sister named Vera. The director spent her high school years at a good English boarding school anointed Chilterns in Buckinghamshire.

Talking about her early life, her parents and older sister escaped from Communist-controlled Hungary by sneaking over the heavily armed border. During that period, Gardos was an infant. Further, she was taken away by a family friend but was uprooted from family when she was 7. So, Gardos moved and went to join her parents and sister in Canada.

Gardos Began Her Career As A Teacher

The award-winning film director, Gardos, was formerly a teacher. She first got into the showbiz industry after getting a job working in Francis Ford Coppola as a production associate on Apocalypse Now in the Philippines. And she went on to establish a career as a film editor working with various experienced directors like Barbet Schroeder and Peter Bogdanovich.

Eva Gardos giving an interview
Eva Gardos giving an interview
Source: Twitter @MenemshaFilms

Furthermore, Gardos’ screenwriting and feature film directorial debut were An American Rhapsody, released in 2001. The film was based on the true-life events of her family escaping from Hungary in the 1950s and being compelled to leave their infant child (Éva) behind. Likewise, she has served in The City Girl, Prince: Mountains, Under the Cherry Moon, Bastard Out of Carolina, etc.

She has directed several movies such as Budapest Noir, Too Young to Be a Dad and Che’s Revenge. She also served in a casting department in Apocalypse Now, released in 1979. Her last project, The Truth About Lies, was unleashed in 2018. Since then, she has not arisen in any movies, so she must have taken a break from this field.

Eva Gardos Husband and Children

Diamond Heist editor is hitched to her husband Rex Weiner, with whom she has a son named Carlos Laszlo. Her spouse, Rex, is a media consultant. She is close to her family and loves spending time with them.

Further, her son, Carlos, is a production designer and actor. He has worked in eclectic movies such as Black is King, Spree, Desolate, etc. He has also appeared in An American Rhapsody, which also stars Tony Goldwyn.

What Is She Doing Now? Her Net Worth Details

According to her Instagram Bio, Gardos is a teacher at NYFA. So, she must be making her living from her job as a teacher. Apart from that, she has worked in various movies from where she must have earned a fair sum of money. According to the Net Worth Post, Eva’s net worth is over around $950,000.

The editor has worked in Hear No Evil (1993) that had a budget of $10 million and it collected the box office of $5.68 million. With involvement as a director and editor in the showbiz industry, Gardos worked on numerous projects. Not to mention, the moderate salary of a director is $183,000, but it may range from $146,400 to $219,600.