Numerous people gained prominence as a result of the notoriety of their spouses or significant others. In this era, individuals usually get into trendy social media feeds not of their profession but of their romantic secrets. 

In the same way, Katherine Jane Robertson is one of them; she is best known among the public in the country as the wife of Francis Edward Paxton Whitehead, professionally known as, Paxton Whitehead, an English actor, theatre director, and playwright.

Moreover, her partner is well known for his incredible performance as Pellinore in the 1980 revival of Camelot for which he was also nominated for a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award. Also, he starred in numerous hit movies and television series giving outstanding Broadway roles including Thank You, Jeeves, and The Foreigner.

Also, the guy was known for his film roles especially to U.S. and TV audiences in general, for his many guest appearances on several U.S. shows, especially guest appearances on major sitcoms of the 1990s, such as 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Drew Carey Show, Frasier, Caroline in the City, Ellen, Mad About You, Friends, The Miser, Richard III, Sir Peter Teazle, Sir Anthony Absolute and Benedick, among many others.

Overall we can assume that she caught extreme media and public attention for being the spouse of a famous American TV star Paxton. 

Additionally, the gorgeous lady could garner the limelight for that reason, but even after such attention, Jane continued her normal lifestyle. Her fans and followers are wondering how their favorite celebrities are doing now. 

Additionally, people noticed her since she was the famous actor’s wife; the twosome have been in a married relationship for more than three decades but after her husband’s death she lives a low-key life.

So, are you curious to know the reasons behind her partner’s death? If yes! Then be with us and collect more information about their personal and professional life in the section below:

About Katherine Jane Robertson.

The beauty with the brain, Katherine first landed on this beautiful planet in the United States of America. However, the details regarding her exact date of birth and birthplace are still behind the curtains.

Observing her cute smile and charming face, she might be in her 60s and has the ethnicity of white Americans.

Likewise, the queen was raised in her hometown by her loving and caring parents, but she has kept all the details of her family identifications under the rug. Jane seems to be the secretive type of person who has successfully kept a borderline between her personal and professional life.

Similarly, Robertson was a charming girl since childhood and had acceptable behaviors as she made friends easily and always helped them in need. Reportedly, her parents were wealthy, so the diva did not face a major problem in her childhood.

So far; the TV personality attended and completed her early education and high schooling at the local school in her hometown, but information detailing the school is still under wraps.

In addition to this, she went to several universities to learn different skills like leadership skills, executive programming, and the future of food: scenario Planning training. Also, she has impressive university credentials, including sustainability studies plus food science degrees.

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Marriage Life With Paxton Whitehead.

Not to mention, when two souls and minds talk the same language, it is unavoidable for the couple to work together, either as partners or business partners. Or, like in Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead’s case, both.

Katherine and Paxton were active campaigners for sustainability and scrutinize American food culture, before her partner’s death. Although it is still unknown how the twosome began their relationship, however, their wedding was surely a high-end celebration in the USA.

Katherine Jane Robertson’s adorable picture with her beloving hubby, Paxton Whitehead.
Image Source Fandango

As per some sources, Mr. Whitehead married his second wife Katherine in the year 1987, a year after his divorce from his first wife, Patricia Gage.

Unfortunately, the skillful actor and his wife’s marriage details are not publicly available since the duo wanted their marriage to be held privately; as a result, the exact date of their marriage is still a mystery.

In addition, there is only a little information about Robertson, except for her identity. In fact, her professional life is also a mystery; the celebrity wife doesn’t like to speak about her personal life to the media.

Currently, the pair, Jane and Edward, lived happily in Virginia, the United States; they had a house in Arlington. 

Sadly, the loss of her darling hubby Paxton devasted her. As a matter of fact, Katherine and the whole Whitehead family receive several condolences and grief messages on the internet and social media platforms. Nevertheless, the lovely family would want privacy to grieve the loss of their loved one at this time. 

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Does Katherine Jane Robertson Shares Any Kida With Paxton Whitehead: How Many Children Did They Have?

From their long blissful married life, Paxton and Katherine were raring two adorable kids together. However, the information regarding the kids has been kept a secret or they had successfully kept their kids far away from the limelight. 

Moreover, their first kid is believed to be Francis’s daughter from his first marriage with Patricia. Meanwhile, the lovely couple Jane and Edward had a son together. and the son was given the name Charles Whitehead, but his exact birth date is unavailable at the moment. 

Furthermore, Robertson and her kids are devasted by the death of The Drew Carey Show star Paxton Whitehead, who died at the age of 85.

In contrast, his son, Charles Whitehead, confirmed the news to The Hollywood Reporter. Even Paxton’s friends, colleagues, and fan followers shared his memories on social media sites. Know More About The Actor: Paxton Whitehead Obituary And Death Cause: Friends Star Dies At 85

Who Is Katherine Jane Robertson’s Husband?

Katherine’s husband Paxton Whitehead took birth as Francis Edward Paxton Whitehead on 17 October 1937 in Kent, England, UK. He was a highly talented and versatile English actor, director, and playwright; with an illustrious career spanning theater, film, and television, he left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, the talented man trained at London’s Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts starting at the age of only 17. After enrolling at the academy for two years Paxton went to work in stock companies starting with the weekly rep, small touring companies that rehearsed and portrayed a new play each week.

In 1978, the hunk received an honourary degree in arts from Trent University. Rance at the Boston University Theatre, March 5-April 4, 2004 for which Whitehead received the Norton Awards for Outstanding Actor, Large Company.

Also, the skillful man is a co-author of the books The Voysey Inheritance and The Doctor’s Dilemma published by L. A. Theatre Works.

Similarly, he was born in East Malling and Larkfield, Kent, the son of Louise (née Hunt) and Charles Parkin Whitehead. In contrast, his father was a lawyer and he did not have any siblings.

The guy seems to be an only child. Reportedly, the dude was survived by two children, Sarah Whitehead, and Charles Whitehead.

Katherine Jane Robertson Tony Award Winning Legendary TV Actor husband Paxton Whitehead. Image Source

In addition to this, the TV star was also the Artistic Director for The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company from 1971 to 1973. He was an Associate Artist of the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego and his appearances there include The Miser, Richard III, Sir Peter Teazle, Sir Anthony Absolute, Benedick, Heartbreak House, How the Other Half Loves and The Circle among many others.

Moreover, Jane’s hubby made his professional debut in 1956, and within two years was signed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Suzanne Grossman and Paxton translated plus adapted the plays by Georges Feydeau The Chemmy Circle in 1979 and A Flea in Her Ear in 1982, etc.

Besides this, he was nominated for Best Lead Performance at the 1988-1989 20th Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards for How the Other Half Loves. In contrast, Edward appeared in the June 1992 Tiffany Theatre production of Woman in Mind.

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Katherine’s Husband Paxton Married Twice In His Lifetime. Meet His First Wife Patricia Gage. 

As mentioned earlier, a Drama Desk Award-nominated TV actor Francis Paxton was first married to his wife, Patricia Gage. Further, his first wife was a Scottish actress. Since the middle of the 1960s, she has played parts in TV productions.

In the same way, the diva performed Dr. Roxanne Keloid in David Cronenberg’s horror movie Rabid in 1977 and also primarily took part in American as well as Canadian TV programs in the 1980s.

Reportedly, the former husband and wife couple walked down the aisle in 1971; however, the exact details of their wedding are unavailable at the present time. After enjoying delightful married life for more than a decade, the ex-duo decided to part ways.

So far, Paxton and Gage divorced in 1986 without revealing the reasons behind their separation. As per some tabloids, the two had one daughter together from their 15 years of marriage. 

Unfortunately, the Scottish TV, theatre, and film actress died of cancer in the hospital on January 31, 2010, at the age of 69. 

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How Wealthy Is Katherine Jane Robertson? What Is The Net Worth Of Her Husband Paxton At The Time He Passed Away?

Mrs. Whitehead has not been involved in any professional work until now. Nonetheless, her legendary TV personality husband Paxton Whitehead, an English actor, director, and playwright, is one of the most well-known and appreciated celebrities on the planet.

Not to mention the multi-talented personality, Francis, recognized for his incredible work in the Hollywood film industry. The hunk became even more popular throughout his professional career. Being noted as one of the famous TV, theatre, and film stars might have earned a decent amount of money until he died.

Mostly, the actor made a desirable sum of money via endorsements, product campaigns, fashion lines, businesses, and other online presence.

And with all these, Paxton used to have an exceptional net worth that used to swing around $5 million at the time of his demise. Reportedly, he had ensued such amount from his multi-professional vocation.

Hence, there is no denying that the gorgeous lady Katherine leads a lavish life with the amount her spouse earned for her.

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