Kelsy Ully is a famous American internet personality, social media sensation, traveler, and WestJet crew scheduler, who grabbed international fame for being the ex-wife of Canadian television personality Jonathan Scott.

As the couple is no longer together, who is Ully dating? Has the former celebrity wife moved on? Scroll down to know everything about her professional career and personal life:

Kelsy Ully’s Married Life With Jonathan Scott

For your information, Ully and her former husband met back in 2002 while they were both in their mid-twenties. During the time, the former celebrity wife was working in a Canadian airline while Scott was learning to flip houses with his brother.

After dating for five years, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They tied the knot in 2007 in an intimate wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. After marriage, the ex-pair shifted to Las Vegas, where Ully started taking two jobs simultaneously.

As the social media influencer was busy with two jobs, they did not get a chance to spend quality time together, which brought rough patches in their relationship. Moreover, as per sources, her husband also fell into depression while shooting for the Property Brothers.

After all those bad experiences in the relationship, they could not hold their relationship longer. Thus, the ex-pair decided to call it quits. They mutually decided to end the relationship and separated in 2009 after being together for around three years.

The ex-duo’s divorce became a huge buzz and brought a lot of drama. They had a bitter experience over a legal document that Scott’s mother drafted. The legal documents were about the sale of the mansion they shared in Canada.

During the time, the traveler revealed that she only signed the documents because of duress and harassment. The traveler even spent many years trying to have an arrangement from the court. The court favored Scott.

An insider once revealed that the reality television personality was trying to work on the relationship issues, but the internet personality totally broke it off.

What Is Kelsy Ully’s Current Relationship Status?

After divorcing Scott, Ully has not disclosed anything regarding her personal life. She has yet to open up about her relationship and affairs. She maintains a private life and keeps her lips sealed when asked about her dating life and partner.

As of now, Scott is dating Zooey Deschanel. In 2019, many sources confirmed Scott’s dating relationship with Deschanel, who is an American actress. As per gossip mongers, the couple started dating after they met at Carpool Karaoke in September 2019 and instantly hit it off.

Jonathan Scott is currently dating Zooey Deschanel SOURCE: Instagram @jonathanscott

Both Deschanel and Scott found each other at the very right of their lives.

The main reason behind Scott and Ully’s divorce was claimed to be the latter’s profession as a waitress. As she was busy with her two jobs, she could not spend time with him, and things started drifting apart.

After that, Scott started dating Jacinta Kuznetsov. They were in a serious relationship that lasted for nearly three years. They broke up in 2018.

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