Roan Joseph Bronstein is a media sensation and a star kid who is widely famed as the eldest adopted child or one of the adopted sons of Phil Bronstein and Sharon Stone.

His dad, Phil, is an American professional journalist and editor who works as executive chairman of the Center for Investigative Reporting. The guy is one of those journalists who has left an everlasting mark on journalism fields with his straightforward approach and bold presentation to reporting things.

Moreover, he rose to stardom after his work as an investigative journalist and war correspondent. Apart from this, the hunk also serves as Executive Chairman of the board for CIR (Center for Investigative Reporting). 

On the other hand, his mom, Sharon, is a Primetime award-winning actress, fashion model, and producer. She is well-recognized as a sex symbol after her incredible appearance as Catherine Tramell in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct.
Some of her other movies and TV series include The Mighty, The Muse, Martin Scorsese’s Casino, and many others.

Further, Roan doesn’t like to be referred to as just a celebrity kid and charming face; he is an American child actor, Instagram star, and model on the way to becoming the next generation’s greatest fashion diva. Besides, he has posed for several brands

Since both of his parents are big names in their respective fields, many are eager to know about these rising media personalities. So, today in this tabloid we will be talking about Phil and Sharon’s son, Roan Joseph Bronstein, who now goes by Roan Joseph Bronstein Stone in the section below:

Is It True That Roan, The Adopted Son Of Sharon Stone, and Her Ex-Partner Phil Bronstein?

Yes! It’s true that Joseph is the son of Sharon Stone and his former husband, Phil Bronstein. The estranged couple walked down the aisle on February 14, 1988.

His dad is now the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. They began dating and wed on Valentine’s Day of the year 1998.

The now-divorced couple met for the first time in 1997 while Sharon was filming the sci-fi thriller Sphere with Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson and instantly fell in love.

So, without wasting any time, the reporter proposed to her, and after dating for a while the two married on Valentine’s Day of the year 1998 or February 14, 1998, in a private ceremony.

Unfortunately, the ex-pair could not conceive a baby, and the actress went through three miscarriages due to an autoimmune disease. So, in 2000, they adopted a son, whom they named Roan Joseph Bronstein.

Their son, Roan, first opened his eyes on May 22, 2000, in Texas. However, his mama wishes him a happy birthday in June as the two adopted him then.

Celebrity Kid Roan Joseph Bronstein Stone’s Childhood pic with his younger brother Laird Vonne Stone.
Image Source @sharonstine

However, the handsome Joseph is in his twenties and with two successful parents taking care of him, he undoubtedly had a good childhood. Furthermore, the ex-duo was married for over six years before officially calling it quits.

While their marriage was not without its problems, no one expected the newsperson to file for divorce. So, what went wrong in Phil and Sharon’s marriage? Let us find out in this segment.

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His Parents’ Marriage Problems and Miscarriages

As mentioned above, his mom Sharon, suffered from an autoimmune illness that made it impossible for her to conceive children. However, after several failed attempts and three miscarriages, his parents chose to adopt rather than take any more chances. 

So, in 2000, they adopted a Roan, but, unfortunately, while the arrival of the new family member did bring happiness into their life, it did not last long. 

In September 2001, Sharon suffered a terrible stroke, resulting from a rupture in her brain’s blood artery, and in her own words, she was left to die alone.

Shortly after, Mr. Bronstein filed for divorce, while Stone was still recovering, and their divorce was finalized on January 29, 2004.

Gorgeous Sharon revealed she couldn’t function after losing the custody of her son Roan in 2008.
Image Source Daily Mail

The former pair initially enjoyed joint custody of their adopted child. Still, after the correspondent sued his ex-spouse for parental custody, a magistrate granted Phil full custody of their son.

Sharon only had visitation rights to these kids. But, later on, Roan began to live with his mom and her two siblings.

In August 2019, Phil’s first adoptive son filed papers to take his mama’s surname Stone to his moniker. As per some sources, the dude filed a petition to change his name from Roan Joseph Bronstein to Roan Joseph Bronstein Stone.

The handsome hunk even explained that he would like to take the surname of each of his parents.

The reason behind their separation is still unclear, but the ups and downs of their marriage may have played a big role. However, the editor’s love life was not over, and he soon discovered the love of his life.

Has Two Adopted Siblings and Two Half-Siblings

The Celebrity kid, Roan Joseph, is not the only child of his divorced parents. After their divorce, his actress mother adopted two more kids.

She adopted a second son Laird Vonne Stone in 2005. After that, the queen took under her wings legally a third son Quinn Kelly Stome the next year 2006.

Roan Joseph Bronstein with his two brothers, who were adopted by his mother, Sharon Stone.
Image source Instagram.

Further, the lovely boy has a great relationship with both of his adopted siblings and loves spending quality time with them as well.

After the separation from Sharon, Roan’s dad got married to Christine Borders in 2006 and also shared two children together, but they have not disclosed any details, including their names.

Nevertheless, Joseph might also have a good bonding with his half-siblings from his dad’s side.

His Dad Phil Bronstein Married Thrice In His Lifetime

While reporter has had a long and successful career, they have not had the same luck in their personal life.

Many sites suggest that Phil has been married four times, but as per his IMDb, he has been married thrice. His personal life and high-profile relationships have made headlines many times.

As we already know, Phil married Roan’s mom Sharon Stone; however, this was not the first marriage and subsequent divorce for either of the pair.

The guy was previously married to Gillian Wallace but divorced her in 1984. On the other hand, Sharon Stone had exchanged her wedding vows with Michael Greenburg.

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His Mom Sharon Stone’s other Relationship

The gorgeous and highly talented actress, Sharon has won several awards for her acting talent. In 1984, the lady met TV producer, assistant director, and screenwriter Michael Greenburg on the set of the TV film The Vegas Strip War.

At the same time, Mr. Greenburg is the producer of the film and Stone is the lead actress. The queen became close to the director and married in the same year. After being in a married relationship for about three years it was all over between them.

Then in 1993, she met another gentleman called William J. MacDonald, aka Billy MacDonald on the set of the film Silver on which he was the co-producer.

The former couple fell in love and the producer left his wife Naomi Baca for her. They exchanged their wedding vows but broke the relationship within one year. Stone returned the engagement ring via FedEx courier!

Roan’s mother Sharon is pictured getting cozy with her rumored new rapper love interest Angelo Boffa aka RMR in LA.
Image Source Daily Mail

In the same years, the stunning lady got engaged to Bob Wagner who was an assistant director on the film The Quick and the Dead.

Like her earlier relationship, this also failed. The diva then went on to marry Phil Bronstein. Besides this, the star also dater actor Craig Ferguson from 2005 to 2006.

After him, she linked with Christian Slater in 2006 and with TV actor Rick Fox from 2006 to 2007. In 2008, the icon was involved in a relationship with Chase Dreyfous.

In 2014, the charming lady started dating actor-director David DeLuise, but it is still unknown when it ended. However, news outlets reported spotting her in 2018 with her new partner Angelo Boffa in Miami.

What Is The Current Relationship Status Of Sharon Stone’s Son Roan?

Twenty-two-year-old Roan’s current relationship status is still under review, and it is still unclear whether the hunk is married or in a relationship. Further, he has chosen to keep his life secret while bragging about his career achievements on the internet.

The dashing man is probably still young to have a serious relationship and is more focused on building his career. Therefore, the boy prefers to work rather than date someone at the present time.

Starkid Roan Josephe Bronstein Stone is leading a single happy life.
Image Source Instagram

Thus, the celebrity kid is a well-known model, actor, and social media personality featured in many films, television shows, and music videos, among many other ventures. As per his relationship status, he is not in a relationship and has kept his relationship status a secret.

Unfortunately, Joseph has kept his lips locked when the matter comes to his girlfriend and affairs on social sites. Though he has over a million fans because of his charming personality, it is still undiscovered his past relationships and affairs.

Hence, the guy is still leading a single life and appears to be more reserved about his personal life, focusing only on his dream. He does not talk or walk with any ladies but is often spotted with his female friends partying and enjoying.

He didn’t hesitate to share or flaunt a glimpse with them on social sites. We hope and have to wait to see if Roan finds a perfect partner whom he can call his girlfriend in the future.

Famous actress Sharon Ston’s son Roan is mostly spotted attending the red carpet or big events with his mother.
Image Source Hollywood Life

Besides this, the fellow enjoys taking improvisational classes in acting and loves dancing, singing, listening to music, and playing outdoor games in his spare time.

Also, he likes to try new fashionable clothes, travels to different places, analyze the beauty of nature, plus spend quality time with his family and loved ones.

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Why Is The Fashion Model Roan Famous?

Phil Bronstein and Sharon Stone’s son, Roan Joseph, is currently a student. Observing his Facebook, the guy started his high school at Eagle Hill School on September 13, 2015.

Thus, the boy has already completed high school. However, he has not disclosed which university he is attending and what his major is.

Reportedly, the good-looking man Roan is a model who has posed for several brands. In February 2020, his mom uploaded a picture of his first-ever magazine cover where Joseph has done modeling for Odda Magazine especially.

Famous Roan Joseph Bronstein is on the cover page of this magazine. Image Source Instagram

Besides this, Bronstein is set to make his acting debut in the movie, What About Love starring her own mom Sharon and Andy Garcia; it hit the screens in 2022.

Going through his IMDb profile, one can see that he has appeared in several other projects. It seems like the dude has inherited his mum, Stone’s modeling and acting skills.

Let’s hope that his upcoming movie receives good reviews and becomes a huge success in the Hollywood industry.

How Wealthy Is Roan Joseph Bronstein?

Despite his young age, Roan must have earned a decent sum of money throughout his multi-professional career as an actor, model, and social media personality. Though the exact net worth and wage of this model are not estimated, it is obvious that his entire fortune must be in six digits value.

Reportedly, the guy has worked in the modeling industry from a very early age. Also, he is collecting a bulky sum of money from his professional life and seems to enjoy it more than another social media star, Rome Flynn.

He receives a bunch of money from his other works, including advertisements, endorsements, etc., making his wealth plentiful.

As a model, the dashing guy has worked for various fashion brands and modeling for several popular magazines from where he might receive some paychecks from the photoshoot. However, the models’ earnings and revenues depend upon their experience and popularity.

Additionally, they can earn an average between $45,000$200,000 per annum. So, Also, the star makes a lucrative salary in the same range or more than that. However, world-famous models can charge up to millions of dollars for just one show.

Famous TV artist Sharon Stone attended the 75th Golden Globe Awards with her son Roan in 2018. Image Source 75th Golden Globe Awards

Observing his monthly salary or contract with some production companies is a little difficult. Knowing his total assets, the fellow seems to live in a lavish mansion with his family.

Additionally, he has also worked in commercials and also embark on the movie industry. Accordingly, he might build her fortune shortly.

As Roan is running successfully with his prolific career, there are some interesting projects where we could see him. Bronstein is still in the initial phase of his career and dealing with his talent, dedication, and upcoming projects; there is no uncertainty he will achieve more fame and money in the coming days.

Hence, these projects will undoubtedly increase his assets along with his income and probably amass an enormous sum of money from numerous sources of revenue. Yet, he likes to live a modest lifestyle in the United States of America with his family.

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His Parent’s Net Worth

His mother Sharon Stone has collected abundant fortune from her long successful career; the diva has more than a hundred film credentials under her belt.

Besides acting, she is the president of Chaos Productions, Inc. Thus, combining all the sources, her net worth amounts are estimated to be around $60 million according to CelebrityNetWorth.

In 2018, his mama Sharon resides with her three sons in West Hollywood, California, in a home once owned by the actor Montgomery Clift.

The actress bought the property following her breakout role in Basic Instinct, as she needed somewhere more secure than her previous home due to her sudden fame. In 1995, the diva bought the 10,537-square-foot home for $3.2 million.

Sharon Stone’s mansion in Beverly Hills Estate.
Image Source Gawker

Once, his mom lived in a mansion in  Beverly Hills; the bungalow measured 6,500 square feet and had four bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, a suite for live-in staff, a massive living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, and a library with a fireplace.

Furthermore, their guest house has two more bedrooms, a private gym, plus a media room. Likewise, there are eight and a half bathrooms spread out between the two designs.

Her house features a spa, a tennis court, a large swimming pool in the backyard, plus a covered parking area that can adjust up to 14 vehicles. The actress took an almost $4.5 million loss when it sold for $6.575 million.

On the other side, his dad Phil holds a total fortune of $5 Million which he accumulated throughout his professional career as a journalist.

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