Peter Artemiev is popular as the ex-husband of actress and model Julia Fox. Besides, Peter is an American professional pilot and entrepreneur.

Artemiev got the media attention after he tied the knot with Julia in 2018. His former wife is an Italian-American actress and model. Julia was nominated for the Breakthrough Actor Award for her debut role in the 2019 film Uncut Gems,

Peter and Julia tied the knot in 2018 but split after 2 years in 2020. Why did they divorce? Know everything about Julia’s husband, his profession, and their child.

Age and Family

Peter Artemiev was born in the late 1990s and is in his thirties. According to his family name Artemiev, he probably is of Russian origin.

He is a private person so, there is no information about his childhood and family. He currently holds an American nationality.


Peter gained recognition as Julia’s ex-husband. He is a professional pilot based in Brooklyn. Besides, there is nothing about him.

His former wife Julia is an Italian-American actress and model. She was born in Milan, Italy on February 2, 1990. She debuted in the 2019 film Uncut Gems and was nominated for the Breakthrough Actor Award at the 2019 Gotham Awards. Moreover, she also received several other nominations for her role.

Julia has starred in movies like PVT Chat, Acting for a Cause, and No Sudden Move.

She has also modeled a nude photo for the edition of Playboy in 2015. She has even modeled for Diesel and Coach New York.

Peter and Julia Fox Divorced after 2 Years of Marriage

Artemiev and his actress wife Julia Fox married in November 2018 in New York. However, there is no information about their wedding and love life.

Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox

After 2 years of marital life, Artemiev filed for divorce from his wife in February 2020. The former pair deleted photos from their respective Instagram and revealed that they have parted ways.

“We’re friendly, but we’re not together. He’s still my friend. I’m sure he would like it to be more, but it’s not happening.”

Fox told GQ in May 2020. “

The divorce was finalized in July 2020.

Co-Parents a Son with Julia

Julia Fox became the mother of Peter’s child Valentino on January 17, 2021, when the couple was already separated. Julia shared her pregnancy photos after the birth of their son and even accused Peter of making her pregnant intentionally.

“He 1000 percent intentionally got me pregnant, It’s a blessing. I’m happy about it. I would not change it.”

Peter Artemiev with his ex-wife Julia Fox and their son
Source: HuffPost

Julia Called Peter a ‘deadbeat’ dad and alcoholic

Some months after the birth of their son, Peter’s ex-wife Julia called him deadbeat dad” in an Instagram Story.

“Have you seen this deadbeat dad? I just don’t want my son f***ed up cuz he feels like his dad was absent or loved alcohol and partying more than him. “… This man left me with a 5-month-old and a dog and a home and ALL THE BILLS. It’s wrong!!! It’s not fair!!!”

Julia Fox’s accusation against Peter
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Peter later claimed that Julia made a false accusation. Talking in an interview, he said:

“I was saddened to learn of the utterly false statements made on social media by Julia Fox, my co-parent, who is clearly struggling. “Out of respect for her privacy and to protect our child, I will not comment further.”

The actress later admitted her mistake and said that she wanted him to be a good father which she did in a wrong way

“My son’s father and I had our issues and I wanted to scare him into being a better dad, but I went about it the wrong way. My son’s dad loves his son more than anything in the world. He just has some issues that I shouldn’t have made public.”

Julia even apologized to Peter after the incident. In the Forbidden Fruits” podcast, Julia talked about why she thought of accusing him and stated:

“You’re not a deadbeat, I know that you’re not, and I know that it wasn’t that you weren’t trying to see [son] Valentino, it’s that you weren’t trying to see me.” Fox went on to say that she lashed out at Artemiev at the time because she hadn’t heard from him in “a month or more.”

She added:

“Everyone had COVID. I had no help at all, whatsoever, and my friend was out and saw Peter out. Peter was saying something along the lines of, ‘That bitch won’t let me see my son.’ And when that was relayed to me … my blood boiled. I just snapped.”

Peter and Julia Re-united for Son’s Birthday

After Julia’s apology statement, Peter re-united with her in New York to celebrate their son’s first birthday. They were spotted with their son in the streets of Manhattan.

Peter and Julia reunited on their son’s birthday in New York
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Julia even posted some photos of her child with her ex-husband on Instagram and captioned them:

“My beautiful baby is 1 today!! Thank you so much for showing me what love is,” Fox, 31, later wrote in an Instagram post dedicated to the birthday boy. Thank you for humbling me and teaching me patience and hard work, Thank you for being my biggest blessing. My greatest accomplishment. My masterpiece. I don’t deserve you but somehow we’re here and I promise to love you unconditionally and accept you for who you are ♥️.”

Has Peter moved on with New Partner?

No, Peter is probably single after the split from Fox. He is enjoying his single life co-parenting his son Valentino. He lives a low life and hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life.

Who is Julia dating after Divorce?

Julia revealed her relationship with Kanye West, some months after her divorce from Peter. She said:

“The overall message is that if ur in a toxic relationship, get out of it cuz u never know who or what could be waiting on the other side.

However, they divorced only after a month of the relationship.